March 18, 2003


Dear Fellow Institute Members:

I sat down with Dr. B. Banzai last night after the president's speech and reflected with the good doctor about the unusual decision that he, Buckaroo, made recently to let his own feelings be known in his statement on this website. Buckaroo expressed no regrets for having done so and, indeed, lamented that some Blue Blaze Irregulars actually felt it inappropriate that he exercised his rights of free speech. Buckaroo does not think that any individuals seriously involved with the Institute feel that they have any less a right than he to do so and feels that they should, at once, post their thoughts for all to consider.

It was his fondest hope that by stating his own position, a debate might be started that could, perhaps, shed light on both sides of this difficult and dangerous issue. "Whenever a lot of people might die, it is imperative to speak out one way or the other," he said. He worries that if only our elected leaders have the privilege of speaking out at momentous times such as these, democracy is profoundly threatened. The Institute, Buckaroo reminded me, was not founded to turn its back on the implications of the "strategic information" it accesses. Debate is central to Buckaroo's philosophy. He has gathered around us here a collection of divergent thinkers primarily to foster such, not to create a cocoon that insulates us from the harsh realities of this or any other planet. The times are too serious for mere game-playing. No important dialogue can take place unless somebody challenges the thinking of somebody else in an environment where an equal exchange of ideas is encouraged. The Banzai Institute has always been that place. Buckaroo says, "Don't follow me blindly. Challenge me boldly. We'll all arrive someplace better for it."

-Mrs. E. Johnson




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