What are some other Buckaroo Banzai adventures mentioned in the novelization?

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Extradition From Hell

Reno applies himself to the evidence surrounding Buckaroo Banzai's wife, Peggy (killed by cyanide gas directly after their wedding). The trail of mortal suspects cold, a series of seances is scheduled. The last one, on 5 November 1981 at the Banzai Institute, was led by well-known psychic Georgianna Albricht of the Duke University Department of Parapsychology The complicity of Captain Happen, due to, as an autopsy later reveals, a tiny transmitter implanted in his brain, is uncovered. Before throwing himself out of a window to his death, Captain Happen makes the shocking statement "No! It's not Peggy! Peggy's alive!"

Buckaroo Banzai goes to Sabah under the protection of the beautiful zombie La Negrette, introduced to him by Seth. Seth told Buckaroo that his wife, poisoned by Xan, was not dead but alive in Sabah, having been injected with the nerve poison Talava which destroys the mind and soul but actually improves one's health. Buckaroo Banzai fails to find any trace of her and barely escapes Xan's Nautiloids at sea.

Bastardy Proves A Spur

Pecos and Reno declare their love for one another and agree to marry at a future date, provided they escape the yak skin in which Xan's cat's paw, the Pasha of Three Tails has stitched them. Includes a chapter entitled Perfect Tommy and the Argentine Miss and chronicles Tommy's testimony before Congress on limiting the nuclear arms race.


The Strange Case of Mr. Cigars

About a big, huge, King Kong-size robot, some big secrets, some exotic locales and Hitler's cigars.

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