What information is there about the Buckaroo Banzai story called Buckaroo Banzai: Mysterium (2012)?

The Buckaroo Banzai: Mysterium (http://www.moonstonebooks.com) prose story is found in the Full Moon: Phases of the Moon hard cover collection! The collection is in color and 78 pages.

From the Moonstone site:

FULL MOON: Phases of the Moon

Story: Steven L Frank, Paul D. Storrie, CJ Henderson, Earl Mac Rauch
Art: Nathan Stockman, Glen Fernandez
Cover: Andy Black
78pgs, PC, $29.99

This is Moonstone’s big team up adventure, but with our own spin on that kind of concept. The overall plot is about a serial killer... and that story flows through three time periods. First, there are the individual comic book short stories, each spotlighting one character with some have characters acting in unison as well. These stories are broken down into 3 different time eras:

Era: the 1930’s: The Spider & Domino Lady
Era: the early 70’s: Honey West and Kolchak
Era: current day: Sheena

After these stories, come 2 prose stories, one featuring Buckaroo Banzai (written by Banzai’s creator Mac Rauch) and Kolchak. The Kolchak prose story is the official story ender, as the final truths are revealed. Years after the fact, more startling revelations are uncovered by Kolchak, with a wild twist ending! Written by Kolchak scribe CJ Henderson!

What started with The Spider, Domino Lady, Honey West, Kolchak and others…ends here!
*Plus the unseen final chapter starring SHEENA!
*Plus a recently uncovered BUCKAROO BANZAI part of this tale!
*Plus a never before seen epilogue starring KOLCHAK, as years later he uncovers the even more startling truth behind the lies!

We wanted a big team up story... without the story being too cosmic, because these characters are not all-powerful superheroes, but ones that really put it all on the line... WITHOUT powers.

Artwork from the book by Amy Tidwell

Cover by Andy Black

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