What information is there about the Buckaroo Banzai comic book called Big Size - Wild Asses of the Kush (2009)?

This one issue Buckaroo Banzai comic was published by Moonstone Books (http://www.moonstonebooks.com) in 2009 and is called Big Size. The story is called Wild Asses of the Kush. The issue is 40 pages, in color, and there are three different covers.

Story: Earl Mac Rauch
Art: Paul Hanley
Colors: Renato Guerra

From the Moonstone site: "In a race to save the famed wild asses of the remote Kush mountain range, Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers uncover a large-scale World Crime League operation led by a shadowy figure from the Cavaliers' past. Asses wiped out for their aphrodisiac properties? Who is the mysterious Blind Sheik? Perfect Tommy in an all out revenge duel to the death…with knives or guitar solos? A Hong Kong Cavalier breathes his last while another has turned to the dark side?"

Cover by Michael Stribling

Cover by Paul Hanley

Cover by Paul Hanley

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