What information is there about the Buckaroo Banzai comic book called Hardest of the Hard (2010)?

This two issue Buckaroo Banzai mini series published by Moonstone Books (http://www.moonstonebooks.com) in 2010 is called Hardest of the Hard. Each issue is 32 pages, in color, and there are two different covers for each issue.

Story: Earl Mac Rauch
Art: Shawn Van Briessen
Inks: Mark Stegbauer
Colors: James Brown

From the Moonstone site: "What was Lady G like before this exquisite and bad ass bass player joined the Hong Kong Cavaliers, and how did she join up? Join Buckaroo as he uses stealth, a Gatling gun, Reno’s head, and some squishy mutates to extricate her from her trouble, as well as mop up a sloppy mess! What is her hush-hush all-seeing connection with the World Crime League? Was it a love connection at first sight with Perfect Tommy and Lady G?"

Issue #1 Cover by J. Anthony Kosar.

Issue #1 Cover by David Easterly.

Issue #2 Cover by Malcolm Mclinton

Issue #2 Cover by J. Anthony Kosar

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