Where can you find a Banzai Institute ID and "reserved" character names?

The following information is taken directly from the Strike Team Renegade Web site which houses the Banzai Institute ID and the Reserved Names List.

Banzai Institute ID - http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/gernsback/207/bbids2.html

This is where you may pick up your Banzai Institute ID. It is assumed that you have read and complied with the articles and codes of the Institute and are ready to assume your duties as a Blue Blaze Irregular. This includes, but is not limited to, being ready and able at any time to assist Dr. Banzai, the Hong Kong Cavaliers or any Institute member in any way (s)he might require, meet the yearly Education Advancement Goals (EAG), assist the community in times of natural or unnatural disaster and strive to uphold the standards, ideals and personal codes of the Banzai Insitute.

The card is set to 3.5" x 2" at 300dpi in GIF format. You may open it with any image editing program, add your information and photo, and print it out for lamination.

The Banzai Institute releases the copyright on any original artwork provided the IDs are not sold or used for any commercial purpose.

The two files total approx. 300k zipped, and may be downloaded by clicking on the picture of the ID. Enjoy.

BBI Kronos also created a "new" BBI Id, and is located at: http://www.worldwatchonline.com/graphics.htm. It's close to the bottom of the page.

Reserved Names List - http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/gernsback/207/names.html

Use this if you're looking for a name to use for yourself, just to avoid stepping on anyone's toes. (Fanfic authors: if you want permission to use someone else's personae, ask them, not me. Try ArcLight's World Watch Online if you need to make a contact request. Always get permission before doing someone else's character in, folks. Anything else is mean, and like Buckaroo says, "We don't have to be mean.")

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