Banzine (Buckaroo Banzai Fanzine)


Editor : Jeff Morris

"BANZINE 1 and BANZINE 2 were multimedia, the main three being Doctor Who, Blakes 7, and Buckaroo Banzai. Honestly, there wasn't much Banzai, but some is better than none, I always say. I still run the occasional copy for anyone who's interested; they can write me at this email addy for details.

I am working on a website (my new eternal task) which will hold some of my Banzai fanfic. For now, interested parties can check, where they can find "The Substitutes", a crossover between Banzai and The Real Ghostbusters.


Banzine 1 (1989)

Table of Contents



Banzine 2 (1991)

Table of Contents


Do you have copies of any issues? Are you the editor or do you know how to contact him? Drop Sean a line at

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