A Perfect Ending

By Ratbag


It was a dark and stormy night. The lightning flashed and the rain beat down even harder as Tasy ran from where she parked the Saab to the front door of the Institute. Of all the nights to rain it had to happen on the night she'd had a flat tyre and then the Saab had run out of gas. As soon as she found him, she was going to kill Perfect Tommy! Opening the door she was surprised to find all the lights off. It wasn't that late at night. She tried the light switch. Nothing happened. Power must be out she thought as she groped her way for the stairs and up to the bunkhouse.


Travelling down the hall to her room she noticed that there were no sounds coming from any of the rooms. Not even Tommy's, which was very unusual. Must be later than I figured she thought, then looked at her watch. Quarter after nine! Something was definitely going on. She knocked on Bama and Opus's door as she passed. No answer. Mind you they were newly-weds. Reaching her own room and lighting the one small candle she could find, she didn't see the note on her dresser until after she'd changed out of her wet clothes.


'Meet me in the dining room as soon as you get in. Urgent! B.' Wonder what this is about she thought and which B is it? Buckaroo, Bama, Billy, Big Norse? The possibilities were endless. Well, better get on my way, she thought as she finished drying her hair and bundled it into a ponytail. She gathered her measly little candle and took the back way down to the dining room.


As she reached the dining room a sudden draught blew out her candle and she was left in the dark once more. When she reached into her pocket to grab her spare matches a hand reached over her shoulder and wrapped around her face.


The lights went on. Everyone yelled "SURPRISE!' as they jumped from their hiding places to surround her. 'Happy Birthday, Tasy!' Tommy said as he took his hand away from her mouth. She turned around and caught him with a left hook. He landed on his perfect backside on the floor.


'Don't you ever forget to fill up the Saab again!' Tasy said. Everyone stood in stunned silence and then broke into laughter.


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