Is there a hint file for the Buckaroo Banzai Text/Graphic Adventure game?

Yes. The hint file was provided by Scott Adams (

This hint file goes from suggesting things to do all the way to giving you the flat out answer to the question. If you want to use this a hint at a time, I suggest you print this page out and then cover the answers you don't want to see with a piece of paper. You have been warned.


Can't go down the stairs? 


Can't get gas at the station?


Can't make the car go?


Can't get the radio to work?


Can't find a battery?


Can't get radio to work even with the battery? 


Still having problems with the battery? 


Can't find a container for the gasoline? 


Can't find the quartz? 


Can't get above the ledge?


Can't get the phone line? 


Found the quartz, but can't get it? 


Car explodes when you press the starter? 


Did you replace the fuel hose after using it to pump the gasoline?


The car just idles when I start it! 


Can't seem to get the battery charged?


Can't seam to make the radio do anything except countdown? 


After driving into the mountain, everthing goes dark?


Can't figure out how to turn off the rfi shield?


Can't find the catalyst?


Can't find the safe? 


Can't open the safe?


Flashlight runs out?


Always get killed on the freeway?


Don't understand why I'm here? 

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