What is the Buckaroo Banzai Institute?

(The following information is quoted from the Institute's brochure by Reno in the Buckaroo Banzai book.)

"The Banzai Institute, an independent, non-profit, research organization of ranking scientists, is located an hour from New York City in Holland Township, New Jersey. Overlooking a truly panoramic expanse of the Delaware River Valley, it is a one-hundred-and-twelve-acre haven for scholars of all disciplines, but the sciences in particular.

Founded in 1972 to fulfill a need of the scholarly community for greater continuity of research.

If a candidate is approved by the board he is given a key, a small monthly stipend ($500 in 1984), and a Spartan cell without electricity or running water, where he sleeps on a straw at atop a wooden bunk. He arises at 4 AM, washes in cold water..."

As Reno aptly points out in the novel, it is not a place for everyone, yet they continually receive more applications than they have space for.

The official Banzai Institute is located at http://www.banzai-institute.com.

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