What are the complete cast and production credits for the film?

"The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai: Across The Eighth Dimension"

Produced by: Sherwood Productions, Inc.

Directed by W.D. Richter

Cast (in alphabetical order) :

John David Ashton .... Highway Patrolman
Jonathan Banks .... Lizardo Hospital Guard
Ellen Barkin .... Penny Priddy
Raye Birk .... Reporter
Gary Bisig .... Radar Blaze
Clancy Brown .... Rawhide
Rosalind Cash .... John Emdall
Matt Clark .... Secretary of Defense
Mariclare Costello .... Senator Cunningham
John Walter Davis .... Star Surgeon
Jesse Lawrence Ferguson .... Black Lectroid Commander
Leonard Gaines .... Artie Duncan
Jeff Goldblum .... New Jersey
Robert Gray .... Radar Blaze
Laura Harrington .... Mrs. Johnson
Dan Hedaya .... John Gomez
Bill Henderson .... Casper Lindley
Damon Hines .... Scooter Lindley
Robert Hummer .... Kolodny Brother
Robert Ito .... Professor Hikita
James Keane .... Duck Hunter Bubba
Ronald Lacey .... President Widmark
Francine Lembi .... TV Anchorwoman
John Lithgow .... Doctor Emilio Lizardo/Lord John Whorfin
Christopher Lloyd .... John Bigboote
Carl Lumbly .... John Parker
Kenneth Magee .... Duck Hunter Burt
Sam Minsky .... Kolodny Brother
Read Morgan .... Exhibitor
Kent Perkins .... Mission Control
Gerald Peterson .... Rug Sucker
Radford Polinsky .... Marine Lt.
Jane Marla Robbins .... Reporter
James Rosin .... John Yaya
Michael Santoro .... Billy Travers
Vincent Schiavelli .... John O'Conner
Pepe Serna .... Reno Nevada
Yakov Smirnoff .... National Security Advisor
Lewis Smith .... Perfect Tommy
Kevin Sullivan .... John Gant
William Traylor .... Senator Catburd
Billy Vera .... Pinky Carruthers
Peter Weller .... Buckaroo Banzai

Cinematography by Fred J. Koenekamp
Music by Michael Boddicker
Written by Earl Mac Rauch
Production Design by J. Michael Riva
Costume Design by Aggie Guerrard Rodgers
Film Editing by George Bowers and Richard Marks
Produced by Sidney Beckerman (executive), Neil Canton, Dennis Jones (associate) and W.D. Richter

*Other crew*
Mic Rogers (stunts)
Alan Olney (stunts)
Gary Hymes (stunts)
Tom Huff (stunts)
Justin Derosa (stunts)
Mike Deluna (stunts)
Jerry Segal (stunts)
Chuck Cooper (stunts)
Frank Sparks (stunts)
Michael Runyard (stunts)
Dan Lupovitz (assistant to Mr. Canton/Mr. Richter)
Kathryn Newbrough Sommer (assistant to Mr. Beckerman)
Bari Dreiband (maku-up supervisor)
Michal G. Nathanson (executive in charge of production)
Maggie Guerrard Rodgers (costume designer)
Bones Howe (music supervision and sound design)
Richard Carter (art director)
Stephen Dane (art director)
Tom Cranham (production illustrator)
Tom Southwell (production illustrator)
Sherman Labby (production illustrator)
Doreen A. Dixon (ADR editor)
Brian Ralph (negative cutter)
Gary Daigler (first assistant director)
Katterli Frauenfelder (second assistant director)
Linda DeScenna (set decorator)
Virginia Randolph (set designer)
Erik Nelson (property master)
David Newell (assistant property master)
Eddie Marks (costume supervisor)
Linda Hendrikson (costumes)
Radford Polinsky (costumes)
Edward Morey, III (camera operator)
Tony Rivetti (first assistant camera)
William G. Clevenger (second assistant camera)
Bruce McBroom (still photographer)
Gordon Ecker Jr. (supervising sound effects editor)
Michael Evje, C.A.S. (production mixer)
Jim McCann (sound boom operator)
Chris Collins (physical consultant to Mr. Weller)
Salvatore Orefice (gaffer)
John J. Murray (key grip)
Michael Fink (special effects supervisor)
Wayne Fitzgerald (title design)
Bones Howe (music supervisor)(sound)
Dennis Jones (unit production manager)
Terry Liebling (casting)
Anthony Milch (supervising sound effects editor)
Arne Schulze for Bodifications (special synthesized sound effects)
Alan Howarth (special synthesized sound effects)
John T. Reitz, C.A.S. (re-recording mixer)
David E. Campbell, C.A.S. (re-recording mixer)
Gregg C. Rudloff, C.A.S. (re-recording mixer)
Bryan Denegal (DGA trainee)
Judi Rosner (production coordinator)
Zeiderman, Oberman, & Associates (production accountants)
Selma Brown (production accountants)
M. James Arnett (stunt coordinator)
George Stokes (construction coordinator)
Michael Neale (location manager)
Anne Thompson (unit publicist)
Gary M. Hellerstein (transportation coordinator)
Steve Hellerstein (transportation captain)
Thrust Racing (jetcar manufacture)
Dena Fischer (production assistant)
Rober Steloff (production assistant)
David Gross (production intern)
Mark Homer (production intern)
Roberto Terminelli (John Lithgow's dialect coach)
Linda Fleischer (visual effect coordinator)
Richard L. Thompson (electronics effects and props)
Robin Dean Levden (electronics design)
Stephen Grummette (computer video consultant)
Judith Herman (computer graphics consultant)
Robert Wilcox (video engineering consultant)
Dream Quest Images (motion control photography)(matte paintings)
Hoyt Yeatman (motion control supervisor)
Scott Squires (motion control supervisor)
Michael Bigelow (motion control animator)
Fred Iguchi (motion control technician)
Thomas Hollister (motion control technician)
David Hardberger (motion control technician)
William Reilly (motion control technician)
Eric Guaglione (motion control assistant)
Scott Beattie (motion control assistant)
Mark Freund (optical cameraman)
Glenn Campbell (matte cameraman)
Keith Shartle (production coordinator)
Rocco Gioffre (matte artist)
Henry Millar (special effects)
David Blitstein (special effects)
VCE, Inc. (animated visual effects)
Peter Kuran (VCE effects supervisor)
R.J.Roberston (VCE animator)
Rick L. Taylor (VCE animator)
James Belohovek (VCE animator)
Stephen Burg (VCE animator)
Lavne Borugoyne (VCE animator)
Chris Casady (additional effects animation)
James Hagedorn (VCE optical effects)
Beverly Bernacki (VCE optical effects)
Colette Emanual (VCE optical effects)
Jacqueline Bigelow (VCE administrator)
Greenlite, Inc. (8th dimension sequence)
John Scheele (effects supervisor)
Thomas R. Polizzi (effects management)
William L. Hayward (effects photography)
John Van Vliet (effects animation and design)
Rick Heinrichs (stop motion animator)
Mike Beard (SEM photography)
Christopher L. Keith (composite photography)
Mark Stetson (miniatures supervisor)
Gregory Jein (miniature construction)
Ron Gress (model maker)
Mike Hosch (model maker)
Dennis M. Schultz (model maker)
David Schwartz (model maker)
Wayne Fitzgerald (title design)
Modern Film Effects (opticals)
Compact Sound Services (re-recording services)
John Vigran at The Record Plant (electronic music recording supervisor)
H. Bud Otto (script supervisor)
Stephen Robinette (hair stylist)
Jane Schwartz Jaffe (first assistant editor)
Cheryl Bloch (assistant editor)
John Bracken (assistant editor)
Larry Fallick (apprentice editor)
Kenneth Karman (music editor)
Alexandra Leviloff (assistant music editor)
John Roesch (foley)
Joan Rowe (foley)
The Burman Studio, Inc. (special makeup design)

-Special Thanks To-
Goodrich Tire & Rubber Co.
Monroe Shock Absorbers
Ford Motor Company

-Lens and Panaflex (R) Camera by Panavision (R)-
Color by Metrocolor (R)
Recorded in Dolby Stereo (R)

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