What information is there on the soundtrack's composer Michael Boddicker?

Team March (compiled by ArcLight from info supplied by Relayer, BBS#23, the BB presskit and Michael Boddicker)

The music played over the ending credits is generally referred to as the "Team March" and was composed by Michael Boddicker, who did the soundtrack for TABB, his first complete motion picture score.

He composed and performed the music in his extraordinary state-of-the-art recording studio, which is full of all the latest in digital and analog synthesizer equipment. Many of Boddicker's "instruments" are so advanced they aren't yet available on the open market.

Besides composing the catchy theme and score for the film, Boddicker provided many weird sound effects, most notably for the arrival of the alien thermopod on Earth.

Boddicker is a composer (formerly a studio keyboard/synth player) and played synth on many pop, R & B and jazz LPs, among them those of Celine Dion, Joao Gilberto and Flora Purim. He also won a Grammy in 1983 for his song "Imagination" on the soundtrack to "Flashdance" and was a player on "We Are The World."

Boddicker has a stellar reputation as a synthesizer performer for Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, Sheena Easton, Manhattan Transfer, Donna Summer, Al Jarreau, Earth, Wind & Fire, Randy Newman and Quincy Jones, among many others.

Boddicker has also contributed many original compositions to films, including the original score for "Get Crazy" and songs and compositions for "Flashdance," "Outland," "Xanadu" and "Battlestar Galactica." His recordings include the Grammy-winning "Imagination" on the "Flashdance" soundtrack, "Starscape" on the "Get Crazy" soundtrack and contributions to albums by Patti Austin, Lani Hall, and John Ford Coley. Boddicker has also composed music for television shows, advertising and advertising for film.

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