What other proposed BB TV series concepts not involving the original creators were considered?

For a short time it seemed that Frank Darabont was interested in making a Buckaroo Banzai TV series without contacting or consulting original creators Earl Mac Rauch or W.D. Richter.

The first hint that there even was a Frank Darabont TV project in the works was when it was announced as not happening.

The following information appeared on the Aint It Cool News website (http://www.aintitcoolnews.com/display.cgi?id=13838) on 11/18/02 :

Buckaroo Banzai TV series: NOT HAPPENING. Due to "corporate needs" this show will not go forward. MGM, which owns the rights to the property, wanted a 2 hour pilot, but Darabont believed that because it needs to be fast paced, a 1 hour pilot would suffice. MGM didn't think so.

Several queries were made to the official Banzai Institute Bunkhouse message board about the Darabont proposed TV show (http://www.banzai-institute.com/0602bkar.html) on 11/18/02 since people were confused and thinking it was the W.D. Richter backed Buckaroo Banzai TV show that was not happening :

Dear Reno; Ain't It Cool News (http://www.aint-it-cool-news.com/display.cgi?id=13838) is running a blurb quoting screenwriter/director Frank Darabont as saying the Banzai television series is dead. Please tell me this isn't so. Love the web site, by the way. -Galveston Gal

Dear Gal; Thank you for your concern, but as Rawhide would be quick to point out, there is no such thing as "dead" in Hollywood. The web site reporter quotes Mr. Darabont as saying the project is not happening due to "corporate needs." In my long association with W.D. Richter and Earl Mac Rauch, I have learned that what the film industry "needs" (or thinks it needs) can change as often as Perfect Tommy's hair color. I myself am confident that certain eyes will be opened when they see the latest and greatest novel/adaptation from Rauch and Pocket Books (and the sales numbers it is sure to generate). Are you and Galveston Guy coming this way for the turkey-day film festival and tai-kwon-do kick-off? We can talk more then. -R


Hey Reno, Just noticed a report about Frank Darabont from the 2002 Creative Screenwriting Expo in L.A. So here's my question. What did Frank Darabont have to do with the BB TV show? -Sean

Dear Sean: Let's just say that MGM was sufficiently impressed with the sales of the BB DVD (plus the Pocket Boosk reprint of the novelization) that more than one party has expressed an interest in doing a television version of the good Doctor's adventures. Which one will ultimately make it to the production stage is still anyone's guess, although we expect interest in such projects to become even greater as the new novel approaches publication. -R

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