What were the contents of the LEGEND press kit in Europe?

All LEGEND images on this page were provided by Antony Jackson (ajackuk@mail.btinternet.com)

How did Antony acquire the LEGEND press kit?

According to Antony, "Well a few years before the Legend movie came out, I was very interested in the Disney movie Tron before it opened in the UK. I wrote to Disney and asked about the movie and to my surprise they sent me a press kit. I had never heard of them before so was very pleased to get one! A while after that I saw an ad in the back of a UK movie magazine, for someone selling press packs for all the latest movies. Over the next few years, when there was a movie out I liked I bought a press pack from him. I have them for things like ET, Return Of The Jedi and other movies around that time. This is where I bought the Legend press kit from. The button, fold out poster and t-shirt (alas, I no longer have that) were all bought via mail order from an ad on the poster magazine I think".


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