Why are there different versions of LEGEND and how many exist?

LEGEND went through 15 rewrites before a final script was settled on. According to Cinefantastique (Vol. 15, # 5), Ridley Scott's first cut of the film ran a total of 125 minutes. He considered this a work print and edited it down to a more manageable cut of 113 minutes. The 113 minute cut was shown to a preview audience and the results were unsatisfactory. The film was again cut, to 98 minutes and then 94 minutes.

LEGEND was slated to be released in U.S. theaters in June, 1985, but MCA/Universal then canceled and rescheduled the date for November 8, 1985. At this time, the film was released in the UK and other parts of the world with the Jerry Goldsmith score and a running time of 94 minutes.

In the Summer of 1985, the film's trailer with the Goldsmith score ran in U.S. theaters. This trailer/teaser was very short and consisted solely of the unicorns and the title presented in glass lettering on a black background.

When November, 1985, rolled around, Ridley Scott and producer Timothy Hampton's only response to the film's continuing delay was, "Universal will be releasing the film." The film was then cut to 89 min. and the Goldsmith score was replaced by the more Pop/Synth orientated sound of Tangerine Dream.

The studio decided that the film's new release date would be in the Spring of 1986 and yet in May 1986 MCA/Universal makes plans to cancel the film's release yet again, this time citing that audiences would not accept Tom Cruise with long hair. They feared the film would be laughed at, so they considered an August release. Instead, the Spring release went ahead as planned and the film opened and remained in theaters for a short while. Critics found the film empty, characterless and possessing a simple and weak storyline.

In March, 1989, MCA/Universal prepared the film for syndicated television on it's "Universal Debut Network", the same that ran the extended version of "DUNE". This slightly extended version of the film was shown on March 1st, 1989. This version contains the Tangerine Dream score except for the extra scenes which contain the Jerry Goldsmith score.

In March, 1990, the film is released in Japan on laserdisc with the Goldsmith score and a running time of 91 min.

On May 21st, 2002, Universal released the Ultimate Edition DVD of LEGEND with the 113 minute cut presented as the Ridley Scott's Director's cut.

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