What is the dialogue from the deleted Fairie Dance sequence found on the DVD?

Here is a transcript of the deleted "Fairie Dance" sequence as it appears in the "Lost Scenes" supplementary section of Disc Two of the "Legend" DVD. This was compilled by hiphats@attbi.com.

You can compare this to the scripted version of the scene as found in the article LEGEND - What's wrong with this picture?.


The whispering stops. All eyes are on Jack. He writhes with guilt under their scrutiny.

JACK (deeply ashamed)

Oh God, Gump, she touched him....

A GROAN rises from the crowd of faeries. They are outraged. Gump is maddest of all. His face darkens. His eyes glow. He trembles with banshee fury.


Touched it! A mortal laid hands on a unicorn? Jack!

Jack begins to feel nervous.

GUMP (screaming with wrath)

Squawk! Squawk! No more talk.... Do you think you can upset the order of the universe and not pay the price?


We meant no wrong.

GUMP (sarcastically)

Meant no wrong...meant no wrong...we'll teach you right by rite of song.

Brown Tom produces ancient bagpipes, Screwball a tambourine. The other wee folk tune up an incredible variety of oddly-shaped instruments: seashell trumpets, acorn cellos, gossets, serpentines, blossom-bell horns, bone flutes, all manner of drums and rattles.

A wild and haunting overture begins. The rhythm is compulsive. Jack cannot control his body. His feet move against his will.

Gump leers demonically. Playing his fiddle, Gump is possessed, demonic.Screwball beats on a log with a pair of shin bones. The faerie orchestra breaks into an other-world melody. Jack leaps and jumps like a zombie.

BROWN TOM (chanting)

Circle and circle, riddle-biddy-riddle,
Time-is-a-time-go wringle, wrangle...

The tempo increases. The musicians leap and cavort.Jack twists and capers, dancing against his will.

BROWN TOM (chanting)

Life is a puzzle, life is a riddle,
Run-yiddy-yango, wringle, wrangle..

Gump leaps wildly, fiddling like a demon. Jack is a prisoner of the frenzied music.

BROWN TOM (chanting)

Wringle-is, wrangle-is, like the others,
Wringle is this way, wringle is the opposite...

Gump hops into the fire, dancing and playing as sparks leap about him. The music grows wilder. Jack will never survive.

BROWN TOM (chanting)

If you've seen wringle, you've seen wrangle too,
Dance you fairies, the one and the two of them,
Wringle-wrangle, wringle-wrangle...

Jack's face is a mask of agony. With a supreme effort, he hurls himself onto the ground, his body jerking spasmodically to the music.

JACK (screaming)


BROWN TOM (chanting)

Wringle-wrangle, wringle-wrangle that'll do...

The music continues at an increasingly frantic pace, with Jack dancing furiously, the other fairies laughing at him.

JACK (screaming)

Gump! Gump!


Dance, Jack, dance, Jack, dance!!!

Gump continues to play his violin off-key.

JACK (screaming)


GUMP (screaming)

Dance, Jack, dance, Jack, dance!!! Dance!!!

The other fairies continue to laugh at Jack as he continues to dance furiously, the music ever increasing in tempo.

JACK (screaming)

Gump! Gump! Gump!

The music continues to increase in tempo, faster and faster, as Jack sweats.

JACK (screaming to the top of his lungs)

Stop, Gump, stop, Gump!!! Gump, stop!!! Gump, stop!!!

Still the music increases in tempo, Jack unable to control himself under Gump's powerful spell.

JACK (screaming)

Stop me, Gump! Gump!!!

The music finally comes to a halt as Jack crashes to the ground, trying to catch his breath. The faerie orchestra falters, their tempo broken.

GUMP (angry)

Is my music not to your liking?

JACK (gasping)


Jack still tries to catch his breath.

JACK (boldly)

What I did is done, but I did it for love!

More chattering among the faeries.



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