Is there a LEGEND "Making of" documentary?

Yes. The new Ultimate Edition DVD of LEGEND contains the "Creating a Myth: The Making of Legend" documentary that is well worth watching.The 9 minute 40 second "Making of"

However, there are also a few verified and unverified mini-documentaries on LEGEND from the 1980s. This is the information we've been able to to dig up although we still have not seen the last two featurettes mentioned below personally.

Verified - Documentary on LEGEND from Nickelodeon has been FOUND!

This "Making of" featurette on LEGEND was produced by Nickelodeon and was part of the series called "Standby : Lights, Camera, Action" hosted by Leonard Nimoy. This particular episode aired in the Fall of 1985 and the special included pieces on LEGEND, E.T., prosthetic makeup effects, STAR TREK III, and SPLASH.

Special thanks to for the above information and DravenSen ( who wrote the following information :

"The special began with a LEGEND movie trailer consisting of glass cut-out versions of the letters that spell LEGEND and intercut with scenes from the European version. The trailer features the following voice over :

There is a balance to the universe. The struggle to maintain that balance is the stuff of legends. For there can be no good without evil. No love, without hate. Life needs death. Innocence feeds lust. There can be no heaven without hell. No light, I am Darkness. (demonic laugh follows)

During the voice over there are scenes from the movie corresponding to what he's saying. It was pretty intense. An amazing trailer. The special could have ended right there for me. But it then went on to talk about the construction of the set, the Andalusians (I hope I spelled that right) used as the unicorns (featuring the scene from the European release where Lili sings "My True Love's Eyes"), the filming of Jack's battle with Darkness, and brief interviews with Tim Curry and Mia Sara (talking about working with Ridley Scott). It ended showing the choreographer with the dancers in rehearsal and then on the set in full costume, but that certainly wasn't the focus of the special. It gave equal time to the various aspects of production it discussed. Anyway, I just wanted to write and set the record straight. Nickelodeon did a good job on their "Legend" documentary and deserved credit."

What follows are most of the credits for the Nickelodeon "Standby : Lights, Camera, Action" show with the LEGEND segment. This information was provided by DravenSen ( as well.

Producer - Kerry Sparkle Edwards
Director - Stan Swan
Executive Producers - Roger Yager, Michael Baumohl
Co-Producer - Ritamary A. McMahon
Location Segment Directors - Roger Yager, Michael Baumohl
For Nickelodeon - Andy Bamberger
Writing Consultant - Lydia Wilen
Writer - Joan Wilen
Assistant Producer - Harriet S. Mauro
Assistant Director - Jeannine Roberts
Lighting Director - Dikran Hazirjian
Additional Writing - Kerry Sparkle Edwards, Jennine Gallo
Editor - Bob Lefcovich
Music - Louis Garisto
Graphics - Bob Clarke
Assistant Lighting Director - Bruce Ferri
Film Post-Production - John Abbott
Location Cameraman - Chris Goodger
Location Sound - David Wheatley
Location Editing - Ron Blythe for Ron Wrights and Assoc.
(Sorry. Here is where the credits cut off.) - Does anyone have the rest of the credits?

Not Verified - The 5 minute Stars/Encore mini-documentary

When Legend showed on Stars/Encore there was five minutes of background info on the film, featuring info about the dance scene and set designs. I'm not sure if they're showing this currently, but they always repeat their programs and there might be some more info in that. Thanks for Rachel ( for this information.

Not Verified - A 10 minute HBO mini-documentary

This "mini documentary"has interviews with Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry, and the director Ridley Scott. They talked about the sets being mostly shot indoors, and potentially showed a behind the scenes look at of the climax. This segment probably did not contain any information about the dance numbers or any of the singing. Thanks to Patrick Matzke ( for this information.

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