Articles about the different LEGEND Scores

The Music of LEGEND

 Paul Andrew MacLean originally wrote an article called From a Legend to a Dream : A Comparative Critique Of The Two LEGEND Scores that was published in Cinemascore, Volume 15, Summer 1987, P.42-45. At one point this article was housed on the LEGEND FAQ, with permission, but this version was removed from the FAQ at Paul's request and replaced with the present article.

Wee the Mix : Jerry Goldsmith's Legend on Film

Jeff Bond wrote an article called Wee the Mix: Jerry Goldsmith's Legend on Film that appeared on the Film Score Monthly web site on 9/7/98.

Lukas Kendall at the Film Score Monthly web site has been kind enough to allow the LEGEND FAQ to archive the article.

Dissertation on the Music of LEGEND

 Tobie Rudd wrote his Dissertation on the Music of Legend comparing the two approaches to the music score for the Masters course in Film music that he is taking at the Royal College of Music. He checked with his supervisor and was told that it is okay to post the dissertation on the Legend FAQ web site as long as we note that the dissertation is a working copy and has not been marked yet.

For anyone who reads this dissertation, please realise that if you were "seeing it live" there would be video and audio clips played at points marked off in the dissertation.

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