LEGEND script from March 10th, 1984 - Second Draft by William Hjortsberg


2nd Draft Revised 10 March 1984


Huge trees taper upward like columns supporting the roof of heaven.
Moonlit dewdrops spangle a delicate spiderweb. The setting is tranquil
and utterly majestic.

Over the brow of a distant hill, a pair of brilliant light beams
scintillate in an etheral ballet.

Numerous small animals gather to behold this wonder. They stand on the
hillcrest, staring down as if at the Nativity.

Squirrels, quail, hedgehogs, mice, pheasants and badgers, natural
enemies untied by the radiant LIGHT.

A magnificent stag watches, numbers of tiny songbirds perched in his
branching antlers.


PULL BACK: from the hilltop, through ferns and brambles to a steep
embankment where umbrella-sized toadstools cluster.

A snarling face APPEARS under a mushroom cap. This is BLIX a brigand
goblin hunter. Clad in decrepit armor and slung with savage weapons, he
is a terrifying figure.

Blix WHISTLES. The SOUND is unexpectedly lovely, a nightingale's call.

Further back, three other goblins return the BIRDCALL. They bristle with
weaponry. POX is a pig-faced fop wearing tattered lace and flithy
brocade. Tiny BLUNDER and TIC are both masked by grotesque helmets.
Swarms of gnats drone above their hidden heads. They creep forward to
join Blix.


The distant animals silhouetted by dazzling LIGHT.


Blix signals an advance and the goblins creep through the forest towards
the hilltop.

A moth lands on a twig two feet from Tic's head. He turns. His
incredibly sticky tongue uncoils from within the helmet seizing the moth
and retracting with it, quick as a flash.

As the goblins near the hilltop, the fantastic LIGHT gradually
illuminates their hideous features. A tiny mouse runs out of the
eye-slits on Blunder's helmet, circles the crest, and runs back in on
the other side.

Blix signals silently for the other goblins to spread out.

The goblins crawl separately through the underbrush.

Pox comes snout to snout with a wild piglet. Terrified, the little shoat
SQUEALS and scampers off.



Alerted by the NOISE, they face the impending threat. The startled
animals run for cover down the hillside.



Blix charges forward, brandishing his crossbow.

BLIX: Kill. . . . !

Blix runs over the top of the hill and down into the gully beyond,
closely followed by Tic, Pox, and Blunder. Brilliant clumps of
forget-me-nots are everywhere, like disgarded jewels.


The pair of shining LIGHT BEAMS race away between the trees.




The goblins watch the LIGHT BEAMS disappear. Blix GROWLS in frustration.

BLUNDER(musing): . . . . Fast as a hound dog with his ass on fire. . . .

Blunder spots a SHINING silver hair caught on the bark. He reaches up
and plucks it free.

POX: What's that . . . . ? L-l-let me see, old chap.

BLUNDER: No! It's mine!

Blunder hides the hair behind his back, but Pox quickly grabs the other

POX: Give it to m-m-m-me!

Both goblins pull on the hair. Miraculously, it does not break, but
stretches between them like spun steel.

BLUNDER: Turn loose, anus features!

POX: Hard cheese!

A furious tug of war. Pox pulls his knife and tries unsuccessfully to
cut the hair.

BLUNDER: It's mine you rectum! Mine! Mine!

Blix marches up and furiously bangs their heads together. Pox and
Blunder fall dazed to the ground.

Blix holds the silver hair shining above his head and studies it.

BLIX: Disgusting and pure, like a prayer. . .. There be magic in this
hair. The beast ran off, faster and faster. We must take this to our


An incredible landscape, fantastically contoured hills rise above the
monnbright mist. The four goblins dismount, tie up their devil steeds,
and disappear over the brow of a hill.


The goblins scramble down a steep hillside towards a desolate wasteland
below. A mysterious malevolant shape looms on the far horizon.


A miasmic Jurassic swamp. Stunted trees rise like amputated limbs from
the fetid water.

The goblins pick their way across the bog towards a distant island,
stepping from submerged logs to crumbled chunks of masonary to floating
lily pads. A cracked marble plinth juts out of the water. The goblins
creep by a towering skeletal statue playing a bone violin.


A v-shaped ripple undulates past them like the wake of a submerged

Blix unhooks a dead rat from his game belt and tosses it from his game
belt and tosses it onto the scummy surface. There is an angry swirl and
it is gone.

Blix waves the goblins on and they climb onto a huge root twisting out
of the water like a petrified serpant.

The ominous wake cruises back and forth like a shark. Blunder follows
its progress with fear-widened eyes.

BLUNDER:Wish i was still a leprecaun. . . . Stay clear of nasty places
like this and do nothing all day but sing and dance and guzzle wine in
the sunshine. . . .

Furious, Blix turns on him, his finger to his lips.

BLIX: Shhhh!

Unchastened, Blunder whirls on Pox and repeats the gesture:


Pox follows suit with Tic:

POX: Shhhh!

Not to be outdone, Tic turns to silence whoever might be behind him.



HAIRY MEG MUCKLEBONES rises out of the bog, huge and hideous. The water
hag is half corpse, half serpant. She seizes Tic and disappears beneath
the foul surface. The goblin's final CRY trembles in the chill night

7C EXTERIOR BOG NIGHT Blix, Pox, and Blunder are terrified. They
scramble over the twisted root in a wild panic, leaping onto a floating

BLUNDER: Run. . . . ! Panic. . . . ! Emergency. . . . ?

The log rolls beneath their frantic feet. They barely keep their

POX: Frog spit!

BLUNDER: Snail Sperm!

BLIX: All together. . . .now or never!

The goblin co-ordinate like tiny lumberjacks, running in unison. The
rolling log drifts forward.

POX: J-j-jolly good! Team spirit and all that!

The log runs against the island and the goblins hop ashore.


An enormous blasted tree crowns the ruins of a forgotten castle. Tangled
roots grip the anicient stones like the tenacles of a malformed sea
monster. An atmosphere of eternal evil hovers over the site.

The goblins stare back across the bog.

BLUNDER: Poor Tic. . . .

BLIX(growling with anger): Forget Tic! Less is always more.

POX: Better we spilt three ways than four!

Blix hurries up the crumbling steps. Pox and Blunder follow.

The steps lead under gigantic twisting roots. Blix finds a small opening
and slips inside.

Pox and Blunder like this less and less but follow their leader without


The three goblins tumble down a steep slope. The giant tree is a vast
hollow stump, open to a moonlit sky, surrounding a smaller tree
transfixed by a curved bronze horn, an instrument of unspeakable evil.

Pox and Blunder stare up like open-mouthed tourists. Blix is impatient.

BLIX: Boost me. . . . ! Hurry. . . . ! We must sound the summons before
the dawn. . . .

The three goblins form a teetering ladder with Blix wobbling at the top
and Blunder crushed at the bottom.

Blix blows into the horn with all his might. Nothing happens. Suddenly,
he breaks wind!

Pox and Blunder grimace.

Blix blows again into the horn.

There is no sound. Dead leaves and dust puff out of the bell, followed
by three SQUEALING bats.

The supporting goblins wobble. Pox steps on Blunder's head.

Blix blows a third time into the great horn.

The unholy SOUND reverbarates like the wailing of all the doomed souls

As the evil SOUND moans, the forest creatures react with terror.

Squirrels, rabbits, and mice dart fearfully for cover. Birds flock to
their nests. Only the night creatures, the wolves, weasels, and owls
perk up thier ears to listen.


The three goblins cower terrified among the gnarled roots.

BLUNDER: Now what. . . . ?

BLIX: We sit. . . . We wait. . . . That be our fate!


The goblins wait up on the upper platform of the ruined castle. Blix
sits apart from the others, staring out across at the bog. The light of
a campfire casts their shifting shadows against the huge trunk of the
hollow tree.

Blix plays with the silver hair.

BLIX(to himself): Moving silent like the breeze. Soft as shadows, still
as trees, Darkness be in all we sees. He lives in silence, he lives in
fire, He lives in all that's dark and dire.

A mysterious floating shape approaches out of the distance. It is a
black cloak, wafting through the mist like an airborne manta ray.


The flying cloak wraps about the statue of the skeletal fiddler. The
wind presses it tight, revealing the skull through the cloth.

Suddenly, the statue's head turns to look at the great tree.


Blix walks to to the edge of the platform, peering into the night.

BLIX: Look in the gloom, search out the tomb. That be where you find our

The pedestal is empty. The statue of the fidder has vanished!

Blix gets down on his knees, genuflecting, toward the the open bog.

The black shadow of the LORD OF DARKNESS falls across him.

Darkness towers over the ruined castle platform, a huge horned figure
drpaed in bacl cloth. An awesome silence ensues.

Blunder and Pox kneel, heaping ashes and dirt upon thier heads.

BLIX: Hail O great One. . . . divine and dark! Strong like a lion, swift
like a shark.

Blix offers the silver hair up to Darkness.

BLIX: Though I'm not worthy of the task Great Lord, I found this for
your amusment.

Blunder leaps to his feet and grabs the hair from Blix.

BLUNDER: Don't listen to them mealy-mouthed lies boss. . . . I'm the one
who found it. . . . Me! Blunder the Bold!

There is a bight FLASH OF LIGHT. Blunder HOWLS with pain.

Blunder stares at his arm in dismay. His hand is gone, magically
replaced by a grotesque birdclaw.

BLUNDER(stunned): Thank you, Lordship . . . .

Blunder experimently clenches and unclenches his new bird claw.

POX: Quite stylish, actually. . . .

Darkness dangles the shining silver hair in front of him.

DARKNESS: Where. . . . ?

BLIX: In the woods, six leagues back, 'Tween Twin Oaks and the Dragon's

DARKNESS: Did my bold hunters chance to see quarry which cast this

BLIX: I stalked it, Sire, but much too slow, What beast it be I do not

DARKNESS: This hair is from an angel of light. . . It comes this way
rarely. . . I must have this creature!

BLIX: Oh Divine Dark One, teach us how to catch this creature.

POX: Your instruction would be m-m-most ap-p-preciated.

BLUNDER: Amen! I wants to learn! I craves knowledge!

DARKNESS: No trap of yours will work. . . . There is only lure for such
disgusting goddness. . . .one bait which never fails. . . .

BLIX: Name the bait, Lord. . . .

DARKNESS: Innoncence!


A beautiful flower-spangled meadow alive with songbirds.

Baby rabbits frolic in the tall grass where industrious squirrels forage
for acorns and nuts.

A delicate fawn gambols under the watchful eye of the doe. Clouds of
multi-hued butterflies swirl overhead.

Waist-deep in flower, a young princess skips SINGING across the meadow.
Her name is LILI. She wears splendid brocades and carries a bouquet
wrapped in a lace napkin. Like these blossoms, she is beautiful and
fresh and innocent.

Tiny birds fly down and land on her head and shoulders. She laughs as a
warbling wren takes a seed from her lips.

LILI(singing): Come down sparrow, sing me good morning. Rise up sun,
light the arch of the sky. Living river, turn light to diamonds, When I
look in my true love's eyes.

Lili runs towards a distant thatched-roofed cottage.


Blix, Pox, and Blunder hide behind a boulder, watching the girl.

BLIX(whipering): Darkness say the perfect lure Always be a virgin pure.
. . .


The WOODCARVER'S WIFE is hangin up the washing when Lili sneaks from
behind the cottage.

Grinning micheviously, Lili unfastens one end of the clothes-line and
lets it drop.

The laundry flutters onto the new-mown grass, A sheet drpaes around the
outraged wife.

WIFE: Dad-blamed faeries!


The cottage is snug and homey with smoke-blackened beams and hand-pegged
furniture. A WOODCARVER sleeps by his bench surrounded by wood-shavings
and roughed-out toys.

Lili steps into the sunlight streaming through the open doorway. Her
beauty is etheral, an angel descending.

Finches peck at newly-made tarts laid on a trestle table to cool. They
rise to the rafters as at Lili's approach.

The Princess peeks around the room. She tiptoes to the hearth and lifts
the stewpot lid, dipping a finger in for a taste.

Spying the tarts, she grabs one and eats it hurriedly, leaving a
telltale crumb on her upper lip.

The clock tolls the hour. A carved wooden maiden piroettes from the
interior, pursued by a skeletal fiddler playing a bone fiddle. Lili is

The Woodcarver's Wife enters. She curtsies to the Princess.

WIFE: God Bless Your Highness. A royal visit is ever a joy.

LILI: I've not come to visit, Nell

WIFE: Won't you stay for a tart?

Nell pulls a tray from the oven.

WIFE(cont): They're fresh-baked.

LILI: I've no time today.

WIFE(teasing): The Princess must have a sweetheart waiting.

LILI: Nonsense!

WIFE: Surely the king forbids such folly

LILI: What my father doesn't know won't hurt him.

WIFE: The wilful heart invites despair, Like blind men creeping in a
dragon's lair.

With Nell's back turned, Lili steals another tart, hiding it among the
flowers in her bouquet.

LILI: Neither country provebs nor king's command can keep me out of the
woods today.

WIFE: Then it's common sense ought. These woods be thick with spriggen
and banshee!

LILI: Is that why you've hung a bell over the door?

WIFE: Aye, and spread the floor with flax and salt. My babe won't be
stole by faeries.

The Princess starts merrily for the sun-bright doorway.

LILI(laughing): More salt, Nell. . . .! You'll worry yourself to death
if you're not careful.

Lili runs out like a naughty child. The Woodcarver's Wife leans against
the door jamb and calls after her:

WIFE: Beware of toadstool rings and willow trees. . . . ! Stay away from
old oaks!


Hiding behind a moss-coverd log, Blix, Pox, and Blunder watch Princess
Lili run SINGING through the woods, oblivous to any sign of danger.

BLIX(scowling): May be innocent. . . . May be sweet. . . . Ain't half as
nice as rotten meat. . . . !


A lovely glade surrounded by tall trees, Breathlessly, Lili runs in from
the woods. She is familair with this spot. It is her trysting place

LILI(calling): Jack. . . . ! I know you're here. . . . Jack!

Lili looks around in exasperation. Behind her, something wild and
mysterious swings through the trees like an animal.

LILI(cont): Jack? Where are you. . . . ? Answer me!

Lili is apprehensive at getting no reply. She hears the RUSTLE of the
leaves but does not see the sun-dappled figure leaping from limb to limb

LILI(frightened)(cont): Oh, Jack. . . . please say something if you're
here. . . .

JACK O' THE GREEN, a legendry "Green Man" who lives the free life of a
hermit in the woods, drops down from a tree behind the Princess, landing
without a sound. He is barefoot, about sixteen, and wears woven ivy
leaves and skins.

Startled, Lili SCREAMS.

LILI(cont): Jack! You scared the life out of me.

Jack says nothing, staring at her shyly. Lili hands him the flowers.

A JAY flies down out of the greenery and lands RASPING on Jack's
shoulder. He imitates the bird expertedly, The Jay answers him in

JAY: She brings a gift as fair as herself.

Lili LAUGHS, It all seems magic to her.

LILI: You're so clever, Jack. . . . See what you can find in the

Jack pokes in the bouquet and discovers the stolen tart. He stuffs it
immediately into his mouth.

JACK: Mmmmmmm. . . .

LILI: Sweet?

JAY: Sweets from the sweet.

JACK: I know someone sweeter.

Lili blushes.


Concealed behind the trees, Blix, Pox and Blunder watch the Green Man
and the Princess wander down a meandering path.

Pox picks a spider from his web, pops it in his mouth, and crunches it
down with a happy smile.


Several birds perch on Jack’s head and shoulders. Squirrels, rabbits and
hedgehogs play about his feet. Jack feeds them nuts and berries from his
pouch, answering their chatter expertedly. Jack understands the language
of all wild creatures.

When a frisky wren flies warbling overhead, Lili hesitantly returns its

JACK: That was very good. . . .just right.

LILI: Teach me rabbit like you promised.

JACK: Rabbit is much harder than wren.

LILI: Let me try. I’m a very good student. . . . My father thinks I’m
brilliant. . .

Lili toys with the silver madallion pendant she wears, causing reflected
sunlight to shine in Jack’s eyes.

LILI(cont): See how brilliant I am!

JACK(laughing): Stop it. . . . ! I can’t see!

LILI: Don’t I dazzle you with my wisdom?

Lili seems to glow with sunlight. Jack stares at her, rapt with love.

JACK: Much more than wisdom dazzles me.

Lili LAUGHS and hangs her madallion around his neck.

LILI: Then teach me rabbit.

JACK: Not today. . . . There’s something really special I promised to
show you.

LILI(delighted): Oh, Jack. Do you mean it?

JACK: If it pleases you.

LILI: More than anything!

JACK: This is their season. They won’t pass here again for a long, long
time. . . . If you want to see them, you must do everything I tell you.

LILI: I swear. . . on my honour!

JACK: I’m taking you to a very special place. . . it’s sort of sacred.
Nobody but me knows where it is, and, well. . . .

LILI(impatient): What? Tell me!

Jack unwraps the lace napkin from Lili’s bouquet.

JACK: You’ll have to wear a blindfold.

LILI(coyly): Don’t you trust me, Jack?

JACK: I’ll always trust you, Lili. . . .


Jack holds Lili’s hand, leading her blindfolded along a path through the
woods. Distant thunder RUMBLES.

JACK: Storm’s coming. . . .

LILI: Who cares? Haven’t you a cosy place to hide?

JACK: Many places. . . .None fit for a princess. . . .

LILI: In these woods you are the prince, Jack. . . . I am only a pauper
here. . . .

Jack turns to face a radiantly smiling Lili. He bends towards her,
closer and closer, and, for a moment, seems about to steal a kiss. She
waits, smiling, sensing what is about to happen. In the end, Jack’s
innoncence and timidity get the best of him and he turns away. Without
his knowledge Lili lifts a corner of the blindfold and mischievously


The three goblin peer around a mossy trunk.

BLUNDER: Yuck! Did you see what he was gonna do? Makes me want to puke!

BLIX: I swear by all the bats above, Nothing’s quite so foul as love!


A sun-glided amphithtre within the darker confines of the forest.
Sparkling like a ribbon of diamonds, a stream flows down the middle.

Jack leads Lili out of the woods and unties the napkin from around her

LILI(aewstruck): Oh, Jack. . . .! It’s magic!


Some time has passed. Lili is uncomfortable and restless.

LILI: How much longer?

JACK: Be patient!

Lili kneels by the bank of the streem, cupping water into her hands.
Jack stops her from drinking.

LILI: I’m thristy!

Jack points at a huge viper moving sinously along the bank.

JACK: It’s poisened the brook. No animal will drink here now.

LILI(indignant): I want some water.

JACK: Shhh!

LILI: Don’t tell me to be quiet. . . .! I’m a princess!

Jack pulls Lili back into hiding.

JACK(very softly): Just watch! True royalty approaches. . . . 22

The radiant LIGHT BEAMS GLEAM through the trees. A moment later, a
splendid white unicorn moves down the hillside to the edge of the
stream. This is a stallion. He holds his head proudly. His mate stands
at the edge of the woods.

LILI(OS): Ohh....They’re so beautiful....

The unicorn dips his horns into the stream.

JACK(OS): The alicorn purifies the water. . . .

The stallion watches his mare approach to drink. She is slighter and
more delicate, but every inch as mignificent.

JACK(cont)(OS): There’s no creature with more power or magic. . . . As
long as they roam the earth, evil cannot harm the pure of heart. . . .


The three goblins crouch hiding.

BLUNDER(disgusted): Ugly one-horned mules!

BLIX: Shhh!


The Princess is entranced.

LILI: Such grace. . . . Can you speak their language?

JACK: A little. . . .it’s very hard. Unicorns talk only of love and
laughter. Dark thoughts are almost impossible for them to express.

LILI: Oh Jack. . . I must touch one.

JACK(alarmed): No!

LILI: I want to!

Jack restrains the Princess when she attempts to get up from hiding.

JACK: It is forbidden. These are sacred animals.

LILI: Nothing is forbidden me!

JACK: Don’t ever say that! You risk your immortal soul.

Lili pulls free and steps into the clearing.

LILI: You sound like my confessor. . . . I only want to touch one.

The Princess strides defiantly into the open meadow.

The unicorns watch the girl from across the stream. They snort and paw
the ground.

Lili stands alone, holding her arms to the unicorns.

LILI(singing): Like a child feels watching a rainbow. Like a brid feels
the first time it flies I feel magic stirring within me, When I look in
my true love’s eyes.

The Stallion’s nostrils flare. His strong neck arches. Sunlight gleams
on his horn as he charges.

From Lili’s POV the stallion is terrifying as he thunders towards her
acroos the stream.

The stallion rears and prances, racing around the Princess as if drawn
foward on an invisable lead.

Jack watches from the underbrush, his outrage tinged with more than a
touch of jealously.


Blix, Pox and Blunder peer from their hiding-place. Evil leers brighten
their impish features.

POX(whipering): M-m-might as well be fish in a barrel. . . One would
hope for a t-t-touch more sp-p-port. . . .

Blix clamps his hand over Pox’s mouth.

BLIX: Pox! Shut your yap!


The lureof the virgin is too strong for the unicorn to resist. Lili
makes no move as the trembling stallion stands before her, the rapier
tip of his horn pressed against her breast. It is obvious he could kill
her is an instant.

The Princess calmly reaches out and caresses his muzzle.

LILI(singing): When the darkness falls like a curtain And the rivers and
streams turn to ice, I have summer and daylight forever When I look in
my true love’s eyes.

Across the stream, the mare paces back and forth, obviously agitated.


Blix pulls a long black flute from his quiver. He takes a dried hornet
from a black snail-shell with a hinged lid and slips it into his flute,
aiming the instrument like a blowgun.

BLUNDER: Steady....take your time.... Don’t miss...

Blix silences the foolish golbin with a ferocious scowl. His cheeks
puff. There is a soft PHUT of expelled breath.


The poisened hornet sails the air and strikes the hornet on the haunch.

Stung, the unicorn bolts through the clearing, disappearing into the
undergrowth with the mare hard on his heels.

The Princess stands be confused and bewildered.

Distant THUNDER disturbs the tranquility.

Jack rushes to Lili’s side.

LILI: Oh, Jack, it was so lovely... like a dream.

JACK(angry): You’re lucky it wasn’t a nightmare!

LILI: Don’t be such a scold.... Come, I’ll chase your fears away.

The Princess takes Jack by the hand and leads him from the clearing.


The unicorns plunge through brambles and fern clumps. Leaping a deadfall
log, the stallion stumbles. He struggles to his feet and continues

The three goblins gallop pell-mell on their devilish steeds. There is
nothing comical about them now.


Jack and Lili sit atop a high promontory jutting over a crystalline

LILI: Sweet William did a-hunting go, In the wood where faeries dwell.
From dawn to dusk roamed he to and fro, Lost, O lost, all under thier


The stallion stagger, his gait increasingly unstable as the poisen takes

The mare nuzzle his flank where the envenomed hornet struck. It is a
virulent ound, red and swollen.

The war-like SHOUTING of the goblins grows even closer.

The unicorns pause at a fork in the trail. The stallion motions with his
head. Sadly, the mare compreheads and flees down the divergent path to

The stallion stands his ground. When the three goblin hunters gallop
towards him, he turns and limps into the woods.


Jack lies beside Lili, listening raptly to her poem.

LILI(reciting): Came he at last to where bluebells grow, He heard them
ring, ‘tis true to tell. He lay him down and did not know The flower’s
sound was his own death knell.

And while he slept came teh lady fair, And gathered him up behind her
saddle. Now, all young hunters of bluebells beware Sweet William rode
straight through the gate of Hell.

Jack is lost in Lili’s smile.

JACK: When I get to heaven, I know just how the angels will sound.

LILI(enjoying it): Do you flatter all the girls like that, Jack?

JACK(embaressed) It’s the truth.

Lili kisses Jack sweetly. He doesn’t respond.

LILI(smiling): Are you afraid of my kiss?

JACK: I’m afraid you’ll break my heart.

LILI: Then still your heart... You are dear to me as life itself.

JACK: Only because I amuse you...Like some trained bear!

LILI: That’s not true! I do love you, Jack. You must believe me!

JACK: And if I so....no good can come from it. I am only a Green Man,
without land or title...no name or wealth to bring you.

The Princess her golden ring on and off her finger.

LILI: What does it matter. I don’t care about any of that.

JACK: But it does matter....! If not now....Someday. What about when the
time comes for you to marry?

LILI: I want to marry you.

JACK: That’s impossible!

LILI: Not if it’s what you really want, Jack.

Lili shows Jack her ring.

LILI(cont): Don’t you wish this was our wedding ring?

JACK: What if I say yes...? Will my wish come true?

LILI: It is my right as a princess to set a challenge for my suitors.

Lili throws her ring high over their heads. It glitters through the air,
tumbling over and over in the long drop to the pond.

LILI(cont): I will marry whoever finds this ring.

The ring spalshes into the cnetre of the pond. Jack strips off his leafy
cloak and dives headlong from the cliff.


Sweat-streaked, the unicorn staggers out of the tree onto a sweeping
green meadow brilliant with pink bloosoms. Froth bubbles on his
nostrils. His wide azure eyes betray his panic.

The goblins ride onto the flower-bright meadow. They jump down from
their mounts in a frenzy.

BLUNDER(excited): We got him now....! We got him now!

The stallion stumbles forawrd, making a last futile effort to attack the
goblins. Limbs leaden, head hanging, the noble animal settles against a
sapling and slides to the ground.

Thunder RUMBLES overhead. A wild wind whips the pink blossoms into the


The golden ring drifts down, tumbling in a lazy spiral.

Jack’s pale form stabs through the crystal water. The distant glint of
the sinking ring lures him on.

The ring settles into the mud at the bottom, concealed by waving weeds.

Jack searches blindly as clouds of silt billow about him.


The three goblins advance towards the fallen unicorn through a pink
blizzrd of wind blown blossoms.


The black clouds boil and CRASH, thunderheads mounting one upon another
in a dark maelstrom.


The goblins stands around the fallen unicorn. Blunder turns away as Pox
seizes the end of the alicorn, lifting it off the ground. Blix swings an
evil battle-axe high up over his head.

Jagged lightning splits the raging darkness as the black blade falls.

Blix waves the severed alicorn in triumph.

The whirling pink petals turn instantly into white snowflakes.


Apolcalyptic winds SCREAM through the forest. Lightning FLASHES.

The world is plunged into winter darkness.

Lili clings to a tree trunk.

LILI(in desparation): Jack! Help me!

The Princess can’t maintain her grip. The icy blasts knock her to the
ground and she crawls to the cliff edge.

LILI(cont)(screaming): Jack!

The her horror, Lili sees a skin of ice form over the surface of the

LILI(cont) (sobbing): Oh, dear God.... Jack..... no....

Fighting the raging winds, Lili stumbles to the pond and pounds on the
ice in frustration. It is no use.

LILI (cont): ....got to get help!

Frantically, Lili runs off into the storm-whipped woods.


Jack turns and looks up at the dark surface. He storkes upwards, only to
bump his head into something solid at the top. The pond is covered by a
sheet of ice!


Jack’s contorted face is seen through the ice.

He breaks the frozen surface with his fist and his gasping head thrusts
into the air.

JACK(shouting): Lili....!

His words are lost on the wind.


Winter shrouds the tiny homestead. Immobile goats, chickens and ducks
stand silent as snow statues in the farmyard.

Lili runs from the frozen forest and stumbles up the cottage steps.


The Princess barges in, wild-eyed and distraught.

Frost rimes the walls and furnishings. Everything glisten like sugar
candy. The Woodcarver and his wife are frozen solid.

LILI: Nell....! Arthur....!

Lili touches the wife’s gelid cheek.

LILI: Nell....? Oh, nooooo!

Lili is shocked to discover the wife is frozen.

The Princes throws herself sobbing across the bed.

SOUNDS of SNORTING and SHOUTING come from outside . Lili scratches the
frost off the window pane in the sleeping alcove.


The noisy goblins ride up on a makeshift sleigh of lashed animal bones.
They stop outside and clamber out. Blix has the alicorn tucked under his


Terrified, Lili runs wildly across the cottage and clims the ladder to
the loft.


Barrels and chests are stored here. Cured bacon and hams hang from the
rafters. Lili hides in a corner with several twig brooms and a butter
churn. She wraps herself in an old quilt snatched from an open trunk.

Snows blows in through a hole in the roof, covering the floor timbers.
Three-inch gaps between the planks permit a view into the cottage


The front door slams open and the goblins stumble laughing inside.

BLIX: Mortal world turned to ice, Here be goblins’ paradise!


Blunder sinks his handaxe onto the kitchen table as he saunters past the
frozen tarts.

BLUNDER: Lots to eat!

Pox runs forward to the cradle and seizes the frozen baby, baring his
tusks for the feast.

POX: I s-s-simply adore m-m-milk-fed meat!

BLUNDER: What’re you....? Some kinda animal?

Horrified, Lili GASPS (OS) in the loft.

The goblins cock their ears to listen. Pox SNARLS and drops the baby
back in the cradle.

Curious, Blunder starts up the ladder to the loft, but changes his mind
half-way, more interested in what Blix is doing.

BLIX: Why eat cold? It’s better hot!

Blix points the alicorn at the frozen stewpot on the hearth. It begins
to steam and bubble, magically boiling without a fire underneath.

POX: Am-m-mazing! How did you d-d-d-do that, old, ch-ch-chap?

Blix is equally surprised by the alicorn’s power. He CACKLES and aims it
at the clock on the mantle.

The clock’s hand spin wildly around backwards, the carved figures
darting in and out at fives times their normal speed.

Blix launches on an orgy of destruction, waving the alicorn like a magic
wand. Plates shatter, the cradle rocks. furniture topples, Toby mugs
come WAILING alive, painted wooden toys dance and caper.

The goblins SHRIEK with impish joy.


Lili watches the havoc through the gaps in the floor.

Blix points the alicorn straight up. Snow flies wildly around the
crouching Princess.

The broom and the butter churn begin a mad dance across the crowded

It is all the Princess can do to keep from screaming.


As a grand finale, Blix points at Nell’s frozen figure, blowing her
skirts above her waist.

POX(languidly): M-m-most amusing Blix....most terribly amusing.

BLUNDER: This is sure our lucky day. Killed that ugly one-horn dead as a
cowplop on a birthday cake!

BLIX: Prattle, prattle like a priest! (pointing to himself) It was me
who shoot the beast!

POX: Without the p-p-princess for bait, you’d never gotten close....
B-b-beauty brought the b-b-beast to bay.

BLUNDER: She’s so sweet....I could eat her brains like jam!


Lili slumps against the wall, aghast at what she’s just overheard.


Blunder and Pox fill a sack with frozen tarts.

POX: I’d like such her b-b-bones!

Blix points the alicorn at the cottage door. It flies open with a CRASH.

BLIX: Better hurry! Can’t be late!

Blix marches out of the door. The other two goblins follow, darrging
their sacks of tarts.

BLUNDER: When we deliver that horn, Pox ol’ buddy, Darkness gonna give
us a humongous big reward.

Blunder and Pox leave, slamming the door behind them.

After a long pause, Lili creeps sobbing down the ladder from the loft.

LILI: Oh, God.... God....

The Princess stumbles across the cottage towards Nell.

LILI(cont) What have I done...? I didn’t want the unicorn to die.... All
I did was touch it....

Lili pleads with the frozen Wife, as if begging for her forgiveness. She
is interrupted by the gruff voice of a House BROWNIE.

BROWNIE(OS): You’re a wicked, wicked girl!

Lili looks up and sees a long-bearded Brownie standing next to the clock
on the mantle.


BROWNIE: The world is in a fine mess because of you.

43I BROWNIE’S POV : LILIbr> LILI(desperately) : I’ll make it somehow....
I swear it...! I don't care what happens to me.


BROWNIE: Words...mere words.... Bolds deeds be needed now! Look at you!
Pampered and soft! Never done a day’s work in your life....

LILI(OS): Who are you?

BROWNIE: Me...? I’m the house brownie... I keep dust devils under the
bed and all the china cracked.... You know how a watched pot never
boils? I do that...and I’m a wizard at turning sweet milk sour....

The front door CRASHES loudly open.


Little Blunder swaggers into the cottage.

Lili covers her face with the quilt and holds herself rigid as if
frozen. The Brownie ducks out of sight.

Blunder stalks to the kitchen table and pulls his axefree. He does a
double-take on spotting the Princess. The tiny goblin can’t remember
can’t remember if he saw her earlier or not.

He pokes her and lifts her skirt to peek at her legs. He is stopped
short by Blix’s angry CRY outside:

BLIX(OS): Blunder! Move your butt! On the double!

Blunder hurries to the door.

Lili relaxes when she hears it SLAM.

LILI: Thank God....

Lili looks up at the mantle.

LILI(cont) (sobbing): Can you....help me?


BROWNIE: Can I what?

LILI(OS): Help me....

BROWNIE(sadly): I’d like to....but I’m a domestic sort of chap....no
good at all where demons are concerned....


LILI: Then I’ll do it myself! I’ll follow those goblins....somehow.....
even if it costs my life!


BROWNIE: I like your spirit! There’s always hope when a brave heart back
a noble cause.... but what chance have you? They have the alicorn! The
power is theirs!


The Princess resolutely hurries about the cottage, gathering things to
eat and other useful items.

LILI: I will do it! You’ll see....I fooled them now, didn’t I.... Well,
I’ll do it again easy as pie....

Lili starts for the door.

BROWNIE(OS): Wait....! Take this....!

Lili turns back.


The Brownie pulls a golden feather from his cap and tosses it down to

BROWNIE: ‘Tis from the tail of the cockatrice.... Make you as fleet as a
running deer. And better, when things seem at their darkest, ‘twill
remind you always that hope is alive....


The Princess tucks the feather into her bodice.

LILI: Thank you....Hope is just what I need.

Lili rushes from the cottage back into the snow.


A full-scale blizzard drives down through the naked tree limbs. Jack
slogs forward, near frozen.

JACK(calling): Lili....! Lili....!

Jack sees a tiny bird, frozen solid on a branch. He takes it tenderly
down, trying to warm it with his breath.

JACK(cont): What’s happened....

Standing rigid all around him are numbers of frozen animals.

He can do nothing for the bird and trudges on into the storm.

JACK(cont)(calling): Lili....!

Up ahead, the figure of a man is barely discernible.

Jack runs to the man, thinking himself saved..

Jack discovers the man is frozen, like the bird. His initial shock gives
way to releif. The man is his salvation after all.

Quickly, he unties the stranger’s travel bags and cloak.

JACK(cont): God rest your soul.... I know you won’t mind if I borrow
your things.

Jack wraps himself in the claok and finds a tinder box in the travel

He scrapes together a pile of twigs, striking sparks with the flint and
steel to start them smouldering.



A campfire blazes. Jack sleeps beside a tiny fire, shivering under his
new cloak.

A tiny glowing LIGHT streaks out of the woods. It circles around Jack.
The LIGHT touches the fire and it BLAZES up like a bonfire, waking Jack.

JACK: What....?


Jack stares at the radiant buble hanging above him. He sees a tiny
woman-child with delicate dragonfly wings trapped inside. This is LUNA.

JACK (cont)(OS): Who’re you?


Luna ZOOMS off into the treetops.

Jack grabs a flaming brand and jumps to his feet.

JACK (cont): Who’s there....?

Watching him through the drifting smoke in GUMP, an elf no more than the
waist high. Slightly built, he is near-naked in spite of the cold. His
face is that of a child, yet his eyes shine with a wisdom centuries old.

GUMP(smiling mysteriously): Here you be a forest child and not know the

JACK: Gump, is it?

GUMP: Aye, Jack.... Honeythorn Gump at your service.....

The air is filled with frenzied CLICKS and SNAPS: stones tapping,
stick’s rubbing, logs being thumped, etc.

Numbers of green-glowing eyes stare at Jack out of the shadows.

JACK (frightened): How d’you know my name?

GUMP: How does a migrating swallow know the way south in winter....? Or
a spawning salmon find the tiny freshet of his birth from the black cold
depths of the mysterious sea....? I know everything, Jack!

JACK: Everything....? Why has this happened? Why is it winter now?

GUMP: I’d be a powerful wizard indeed could I answer.... (shrewdly):
Suppose you tell me , Jack.

Jack in uncomfortable.

JACK: Me? How can I do that?

GUMP: You know these woods as well as any elf.... Did you not see
something odd today? Any strange spirits? Did nothing untoward happen?

JACK: No....well.... I took Lili to see the unicorns.....

GUMP (furious): You did what?

Numbers of elves and faeries appear out of the dark woods. They come in
all sizes, from sprites no larger than squirrels to plump hobmen as big
as small children.

BROWN TOM is a plump, tipsy leprechaun, draped with pots and pans like a
tinker; SCREWBALL, a tiny pixie wearing an ill-fitting cap and garments
tassle with flowers.

FAERIES (whispering in chorus): What....? Codfish and cockles....!
Never....! Pewterpots and.... pumpkins....! Poo-poo pudding....! Doo-doo
dumplings....! Shit-willy whatnot....!

GUMP: Silence!

The whipering stops. All eyes are on Jack. He writhes with guilt under
thier scrunity.

JACK(deepling ashamed): Oh God, she touched him....

A GROAN rises from the crowd of faeries. They are outraged. Gump is the
maddest of all. His face darkens. His eyes glow. He trembles with
banshee fury.

GUMP: Touched it! A mortal laid hands on a unicorn?

BROWN TOM: Bad....terrible bad!

JACK: We meant no wrong.

GUMP (screaming): What was it you did mean, Jack!

JACK: Nothing....

GUMP (cold and hard): Nothing, he calls it!

JACK: I wanted to share something special with her.

GUMP: Well.... I have something now to share with you....a lively reel
to warm your bones!

Gump magically pulls a violen out of thin air.

JACK: I’m in no mood for dancing.

GUMP(screaming with wrath): Squawk! Squawk! No more talk.... Do you
think you can upset the order of the universe and not pay the price?

Brown Tom produces ancient bag pipes, Screwball a tambourine. The other
wee folk tune up an incredible variety of oddly-shaped instryemnts :
seashell trumpets, acorn cellos, gossets, serpentines, blossom-bell
horns, bone flutes, all manner of drums and rattles.

A wild and haunting overture begins. The rhythm is complusive.

Jack cannot control his body. His feet move against his will.

JACK(frantic): No! I want no part of your nonsense.

Gump leers demonically.

GUMP: Time to dance, Jack!

Playing his fiddle, Gump is possessed, demonic.

Screwball beats on a log with a pair of shin bones. The faerie orchestra
breaks into an other-world melody. Jack leaps and jumps like a zombie.

JACK: No...! Please....!

BROWN TOM(chanting): Round and round and round and round, Before you’re
lost, you must be found . The tempo increases. The musicians leap and

Jack twists and capers, dancing against his will.

SCREWBALL(chanting): In and out and up and down, Behind each smile there
lurks a frown.

Gump leaps wildly, fiddling like a demon. Jack is a prisoner of the
frenzied music.

BROWN TOM(chanting): Spin and spin and spin and spin, To learn to lose
you first must win.

Gumps hops into the fire, dancing and playing as sparks leap about him.
The music grows wilder. Jack will never survive.

SCREWBALL(chanting): Twist and reel and toe and heel, The end to pain is
to learn to feel!

Jack’s face is a mask of agony. With supreme effort, he hurls himself
onto the ground, his body jerking spasmodically to the music.


The faerie orchestra falters, their tempo broken.

GUMP(angry): Is the music not to your liking?

JACK(gasping): I....won’t....go....on...Take my life, if you must....
What I did is unforgiveable.... (boldly) But, I did it for love! And I’d
do it again! I love Lili with all my heart and would sooner die than
break a promise!

Gump stares at Jack. A tender expression softens his flinty eyes.

GUMP: Hmmmm..... Love, you say....? Love is another story....

JACK: I meant no disrespect....

GUMP: Answer me this riddle and all is forgiven.

JACK: And if I cannot?

GUMP: Why, Jack....then ‘tis your death song I’ll be playing.

JACK: Ask away, and pray God my answer pleases you.

GUMP: What is a bell that does not ring, Yet, its knell makes the angels

Gump laughs, knowing Jack can’t solve his riddle. Jack frowns in
concentration, then grins, as the memory of Lili’s song rushes back.

JACK: Bluebells!

GUMP: What?

JACK: The flower. Bluebells. To hear then ringing means your life is at
an end.

Gump hurls his violin to the ground and stomps on it.

GUMP: Damnation! Codfish and cockles! Gammon and trotters!

Screwball and Brown Tom run for cover as Gump explodes in an insane
fury. He throws himself to the ground, kicking and SCREAMING.

GUMP(cont): Rabbot noodles....! Schweinhundt saukraut mit
schlagober....! Piddle-puddles und ka-ka crumpets....! Piss pots and
thunder mugs! Demkopf doo-doo brains riddle-widdler!

Abruptly, Gump stands and dusts himself off as if nothing had happened.
He smiles at Jack and holds out his tiny hand.

GUMP(cont): You bested me, Jack.... Bested me.... bested me...

JACK(modestly): A riddle with an answer is like an empty cup when you’re
thirsty for wine.

GUMP: Well spoke! And if it’s wine you want, it’s wine we shall have.

Gump claps his hands and four tiny glasses magically APPEAR, floating in
the air before them.

Another clap and Brown Tom’s hat POPS off his head, revealing a wine
bottle balanced underneath.

GUMP(cont): A small measure of entertainment at best.

Gumps snaps his fingers and the wine bottle floats off Brown Tom’s head,
pausing to in mid-air to fill each bobbing glass.

GUMP(cont): Elderberry wine....no finer drink under heaven.

Each one takes a glass. Gump raises his in a toast.

GUMP(cont): Here’s to Jack....riddle-solver.... dancing fool, and faerie

They all clink glasses. Jack regards his with suspicion.

JACK: I’m honoured, Gump....But no more tricks!

GUMP(to the others): Here be precious summertime frozen into a winter
memory and the blamed fool won’t drink faerie wine for fear of

They all drink, Jack with some relunctance. The faeries enjoy the wine.
Jack gags, as if he’s swallowed fire.

JACK(coughing): Pranks....! Is that all you’re good for....! I’ve lost
Lili....! Gump! Help me! Use your magic to find her.... set the world

GUMP: Changing this frozen hell is beyond my modest powers.

JACK: Is there nothing you can do?

GUMP: If you want more tricks, I’m your man.... but, for big questions,
you must go elsewhere.

JACK: But don’t you care what’s happened?

GUMP: Course we care.... What good’s the world locked in a season of
death? No folks to scare on a summer’s night....

BROWN TOM: No babies to tickle....

SCREWBALL: No lovers to tease....

GUMP: No more spells to cast....Does that sound like an enjoyable

JACK: We must find the answer!

GUMP: That we must. But first, we better see that no harm’s come to the

SCREWBALL: I sadly fear the worst....

Gumps claps his hands and everyone is magically holding luminous flower


Seen from a distance, the lantern-lit faerie procession glows like
foxfire between the massive trees.


Princess Lili tuns swiftly between the frozen trees, following the
tracks of the goblins. The quilt is torn, her hair dishevelled. She
pauses at the top of a small, steep hill.

The tracks of the goblins’ sleigh pass below.

Lili jumps from the hilltop, leaving the quilt floating behind like a
discarded skin. It is an incrediable leap.

She lands with the sureness of a wild woodland creature and runs off,
hair streaming behind, following the trail of the sled.


The faerie procession moves out of the woods onto the frozen meadow.

FAERIES(singing together): What can you do when there’s Nothing to be
done? Sing a little song And have fun, fun, fun....

The silhouette of the unicorn is glimpsed in the glow of the faerie

Led by Jack, the faeries run towards the recumbent stallion.

Wisp stoops and picks up an arrow dropped by the goblins.

GUMP: This is goblins’ work.... Powerful demons are agaisnt us!

Jack kneels sadly beside the ice-glazed unicorn.

The SOUND of CRASHING HOOFBEATS alerts the faeries as the mare unicorn
thunders out of the trees.

BROWN TOM: Take cover, laddies!

The faeries dive for protection. Only Jack stands his ground.

The mare charges straight at Jack. He is knocked to his knees as she
gallops past.

The unicorn wheels about. Jack scrambles to his feet.

She charges again, skidding to a stop on the frozen grass. Her alicorn
is aimed straight at Jack’s throat.

GUMP: Run, Jack!

JACK: The fault was mine. I owe her my life.

GUMP: Nobly spoken, lad, and nobility is her gift in return.

The mare makes a soft NOISE deep in her throat. It is a cross between
whale song and the cooing of doves.

Jack responds in kind, imitating the sound exactly.

SCREWBALL: What’s he saying? What’s it mean?

BROWN TOM (shrugging): Search me.... I speak some rabbit, but not a word
of unicorn.

The unicorn continues, a SOUND as close to music as anything in nature.
Jck listens intently and answers her.

GUMP: Come on Jack, don’t keep us in the dark.

JACK: The dark is where we’ll stay.... We’re cursed. All warmth and
light was lost when the stallion died.

BROWN TOM: Is there naught we can do?

JACK: We must get the alicorn back. Only then will the world return to

GUMP: And how do faeries fight a demon?

JACK: She says we’re to find a champion.... a mortal, bold of heart and
pure in spirit.

SCREWBALL: Look....! Look....!

Screwball points to the mare’s hoofprints in the snow. Tiny wild flowers
spring to life within each indentation.

JACK: That is the warmth of her soul. Not even death’s icy hand can stop

SCREWBALL: Little good her soul’ll do us now.

BROWN TOM: Screwball’s right. Where we gonna find a champion when every
mortal can swing a sword is froze stiff as an icicle?

GUMP: Don’t give up so quick, lads. (feeling Jack’s arm) You sure you’re

JACK(indignant): Course I am!

BROWN TOM(dubious): What sort of mortal speaks unicorn?

SCREWBALL: Why aren’t you frozen then?

JACK: I don’t know.... I was underwater.... and when I came up for air,
everything was covered with ice.

GUMP: You’ll do.... We best get you some weapons.

JACK(puzzled): Weapons....? What are they?

BROWN TOM (dubious): He’s no champion, Gump.

GUMP: We’ll have to make him one.... or kill him trying....! Follow me!

Gump leads Jack and the others into the woods. The unicorn follows.

FAERIES(singing together): What can you do when there’s nothing to be
done? Sing a little song And have fun, fun, fun....


Lili creeps around the base of the tree, making no sound. She moves with
the grace of an animal and hides behind a gnarled root where she can
watch the goblins.

Blix holds court, surrounded by a lantern’s glow. Pox sits on a bit of
crumbling masonary. Blunder watches Blix gesture with the alicorn.

BLIX: Look at us! Waiting around like lackies....and for what? We’re the
ones with the power!

BLUNDER: You shouldn’t talk like, Blix. We gets in plenty big trouble!

BLIX: I’m not afraid! Not even Darkness lasts forever!

Blix aims the alicorn at Blunder, causing a burst of fire to erupt
beneath the tiny, helmeted goblin.

Blunder YELPS and runs off, clutching his flaming backside.

Blix roars with laughte. Power has gone completely to his head.

BLIX (cont): Watch out, Pox!

Blix points the alicorn at Pox. Fire explodes beneath the pig-faced
goblin. He leaps SCREAMING into the air.

Blix points the alicorn at the fire he started and it grows larger.

BLIX (cont): Higher.... higher.... Burning fire! Making music Like the

Blunder and Pox watch Blix make the fire fountain into the air.

The heavens blaze. Lili is dazzled.

Something very strange is happening within the swirling column of flame.
Gradually, a demonic face emerges,

Outlined in the fire we see the leering face of Darkness!

Pox and Blunder applaud Blix’s rebellion.

POX/BLUNDER (chanting): Higher.... higher.. Burning fire! Making music
Like a choir!

The three unsuspecting goblins looks up and see the demonic Lord of
Darkness flaming above them.

Blix tosses the alicorn into the air. Blunder unwittingly catches it.

BLIX: Greetings, Worship....

POX: W-w-welcome, Great Lord.... D-d-darkest of the ....

DARKNESS: Your devotion disgusts me? You insignificant strands of toad

Blix and Pox drop grovelling to their knees, covering their heads with
leaves and dirt.

Blunder can’t control himself. He rushes forward and points the alicorn
up at Darkness.

BLUNDER: Hear me, you angels of light! Your reign is over! A new order
begins! All the imps of Hell will dance freely over this dark land.... I
hold the power....


Darkness points a burning finger at Blunder. The alicorn is rippef from
the goblin’s graps and flies up to Darkness. Blunder YELPS in terror.

Something terrible happens: the ground around Blunder begins to soften.
To his horror, the little goblin sinks under as if into quicksand.

BLUNDER: Please.... It was only a joke... I didn’t mean it....

Blunder is in up to his neck.

BLUDNER (cont): Whatsamatter? Have you no sense of humour? I hope you
choke of faerie breath and flower petals!

Blunder’s hand points up from the earth. Darkness ZAPS it, turning it to
another chicken-claw!

Blunder is gone without a trace; sucked under with a disgusting SLURP.

Darknesss HOWLS his triumph to the heavens.

From her place of concealment, Lili overhears every word.

DARKNESS: Did you think this alicorn a mere plaything....? With it my
empire is eternal! Before I ruled only the night. Now, my minions will
frolic in darkness until the end of time.

Darkness aims the alicorn at the column of fire started by Blix, tracing
an arc of flames through the night.

Like a mad orchestra conductot with a magic baton, Darkness controls the
fire’s movements. The blaze twists and swirls across the black night,
blazing meteor trails, bright as the aeora.

BLIX (fawning): Forgive this intrusion.... My goblins are a
free-spirited lot. I like to encourage their.... initiative. What do you
think of this policy, Master?

Columns of flame shower around the Dark Lord and from within thier
incendiary interiors, evil wraith-like spirits emerge, swirling like

Bright as comets, numbers of etheral flaming spirits orbit their fiery
master. Darkness stands in total control within their mighty
conflagration, the alicorn his sceptre.

Suddenly, with the pure clarity of a BELL CHIME, the presence of
DAYLIGHT is detected.

The reflected glow of the coming dawn tinges the ground and casts it
luminence over Darkness and the goblins.

DARKNESS (cont) (writhing): What is this light...?

Beams of rising sunlight advance down the tree trunks.

Darkness recoils, wrapping his flaming cloak about him.

DARKNESS (cont): You killed the final unicorn.... Is this not true?

Blix and Pox exchange guilty looks.

BLIX: This is true....

POX: Undeniably t-t-true, Lord.

Darkness is on to them. He points with the alicorn.

DARKNESS: You lie! Here is dawn!

POX: Well.... almost t-t-true.... ess-s-sentially true....

BLIX: That stallion is dead, dead as dreams, dead as legend....


Sunlight is half-way to the ground. Darkness shrinks, shrivelling like a
dying ember.

POX: But.... but.... the m-m-mare still lives...

DARKNESS: If even one unicorn walks the earth, my power is not

BLIX: Just a female.... She has no power... . The ground grows very
light. Darkness melts into the campfire.

DARKNESS: Only the power of creation....? Get that female....! I command
you.... In the name of Darkness....

Sunlight strikes the ground. Darkness is gone! His arm holding the
alicorn aloft the fire is the last to disappear.

Lili backs silently into the shadows surrrounding the Great Tree.


Lili runs straight into a driving blizzard. A distant SOUND alerts her
and she pauses to listen.

It is Jack and the faeries, SINGING. Jack’s voice carries above the

JACK & THE FAERIES (os): When times are hard and things look bad, Don’t
feel blue and don’t feel sad....

A look of astonished joy comes over Lili’s face. As the SOUND of singing
FADES, she runs towards it, calling eagerly.

LILI: Jack....! Ja-aack!


Jack and the faeries troop march through the blizzard, all SINGING

JACK & THE FAERIES (singing): If your down, wearin’ a frown, That’s the
time to dance like a clown!

Jack hears something in the distance and stops to listen.

LILI (very faint) (os): Ja-aack.... Ja-aack....

JACK (bewildered): Lili....?

The SOUND of her distant call is erased by the howling storm. Jack sadly
decides it was a trick of the wind and hurries to catch up with the


Lili stops running. There is nothing but the wailing wind.

LILI (softly): Jack....? Oh, Jack....

A solitary tear starts from her eyes, only to freeze on her cheek like a
diamond beauty spot.

LILI (cont): Please God.... help me!

Lili drops sobbing to her knees. Through her grief, she sees the
unicorn’s track in the snow, each hoofprint gay with tiny blooming

Her courage restored, Lili follows this meandering trail of burgeoning
life through the forest.


Gumps leads the way a huge BOULDER lodged uner the roots of a giant

GUMP (proudly): Here’s my home, Jack.... What d’you think of that for a
front door?

Jack thinks Gump is pulling his leg.

JACK (in jest): Be some job in getting it open.

GUMP: Think you so?

Gump WHISTLES. Immediately, two eyes blink open on the front of the
boulder, and he is seen to have facial features.

BOULDER: Morning’, Gump....

The Boulder stands on a pair of tiny legs and waddles forth from under
the tree roots, REVEALING the entrance to a cavern.

He promptly trips and rolls over and over in the snows, his tiny stone
feet kicking wildly in the air.

GUMP (bowing): After you, Jack....

Jack enters apprehensively udner the twisting roots.

JACK: Thank you....

The other faeries follow, leading the unicorn.


An earthern antechamber under the tree, high enough for Jack and the
unicorn. There is a small wooden door at the far end, sealed with a
bright brass padlock.

GUMP: Brown Tom. Stay here with the unicorn and guard her well.

BROWN TOM: Like me own life!

GUMP: Better than that! She’s the last of her kind.

Gump marches to the little wooden door. He inserts a finger into the
padlock, twisting it like a key. Instantly, the pops apart. Gump opens
the door and enters a low tunnel beyond.


Tree roots twist down like dead men’s fingers and clutch the ancient
rune stones lodged in the earthen walls.

Gump and Screwball walk upright in the damp tunnel, but Jack is forced
to crawl on his hands and knees. Luna flies above thier heads like a
tiny neon insect.

GUMP: Right this way....

Gump pauses by another wooden door, sealed with a brass lock. He opens
it instantly with his magic touch.

SCREWBALL: Home, sweet home!


Jack and the faeries enter a cost burrw furnished with carved wooden
chairs and tables, a porcelain stove and bundles of herbs hanging from
the ceiling. The simple furniture is overwhlemed by vat piles of
treasure: gemstones, pearls, chests heaped with gold coins.

GUMP: Fit for a king’s ramsom!

Jack in awe as he wades through the ankle-high loot.

JACK: Such riches.... I feel I must be dreaming....

GUMP: If life is a dream, better you dread the waking!

Screwball fills a golden helm with rubies and pours them out over his
head. He laughs like a child in a sandpit.

JACK: ....beautiful....

GUMP: Mere trinkets.... Let’s find you something useful.

Luna’s golden LIGHT streaks down and whirls around Jack’s head. He swats
futilely at her.

JACK: Stop it....! Go away....!

GUMP: Easy.... Luna only seeks a little affection.

Luna hovers beside Jack’s cheek.

JACK: I meant no disrespect, but.... ouch! Make her stop, will you,

GUMP: Does your blood run so cold? You’ll be a corpse before your time.

Gump unstoppers a silver wine decanter and pours three goblets full.

JACK: What does she want from me?

GUMP: Foolish question.... (handing Jack a goblet) Drink, and wamr your
heart. The answer’s at the bottom of your cup.

Jack sniffs his goblet suspiciously. This time, he is careful not to
drink when the faeries do.

GUMP (cont): Now then.... down to business.

Gump pulls a bejewlled broadsword free from its scabbard. It is a
remarkably beautiful weapon.

JACK: What’s this....? Something to cook with?

Gump and Screwball exchange a hopeless look.

GUMP(patiently): This is a weapon, Jack.... As fine a weapon as you’ll
ever see.

JACK(curious: So, that’s a weapon.... What’s it do?

SCREWBALL: World is doomed, if you ask me.

Screwball goes back to playing with the jewels.

Gump pulls a silk handkerchief from his belt.

GUMP: A little demonstration.

Gump tosses the kerchief high in the air and it wafts slowly down. The
little elf is an expert swordsman. He whirls the weapon in a gleaming
blur, slicing the drifting handkerchief neatly in half.

GUMP(cont): With such a blade you could behead an ogre as easily as
uncapping a soft-boiled egg.

JACK: That’s really something.... Can I try?

Gump hands the sword to Jack.

GUMP: You’re the champion, aren’t you?

Jack picks up half the kerchief off the jewel-littered floor and tosses
it into the air. As it flutters down, he swings wildly with the
broadsword. Gump has to duck to avoid having his own head chopped off.

GUMP(cont): Watch out....! You’ll get the hang of it in time.... Now, we
best see about some armour..... Screwball!

SCREWBALL: Coming right up!

Screwball flips open the lid of a chest. Folded inside is a golden
chain-mail coat of exquisite workmanship.

GUMP: Go on.... see if it fits.

Jack slips the coat over his head. It fits perfectly.

GUMP (nodding approval): It will turn a broadhead arrow ar fifty yards.

SCREWBALL: He might pass for a champion in that.

GUMP: Have a look at yourself, Jack. (pointing: Use yonder shield for a

JACK(confused): ....Shield?

GUMP(exasperated): The round shiny thing over there.

SCREWBALL: Clothes never made the man....

Gump silences Screwball with a stern look and and stalks over to a small
carved desk.

There is a loud, MUSICAL CHIME. Gump pulls a remarkable instrument from
a pouch on his belt: a wonderous crystal globe filled with whirling
miniature worlds.

GUMP(studying globe): Hmmm... getting late. Almost half- way past the
morning mayfly hatch... . SCREWBALL(sullen): Too cold for mayflies
now.... ‘Sides, I ain’t got no timepeice.

GUMP: You first must know how to tell the time.

SCREWBALL: I ain’t got nothing....

GUMP: No more chatter....! I’ve got work to do.

Gump sits at the desk setting his timepeice beside him and rummaging
among his papers.

Jack kneels before a brightly polished shield and studies his

Luna round and round his head.

SCREWBALL: Think I’ll brew some tea.

Screwball snatches variosu herbs off the ceiling.

SCREWBALL(cont): Colt’s foot and sassafrass... Maybe a spot of
spearmint.... St John’s Wort not bad.... and a little foxglove.

Screwball feverishly stuffs a silver teapot full of dried herbs.



The unicorn’s flowering footprints lead Lili to Gump’s cave.

She pauses to consider the situation. Snowflakes glisten in her tangled
hair. She is fiercly beautiful.

Deciding nothing is amiss, Lili stalks silently inside.


A small cooking fire flickers under blackened pots and an iron skillet.
The mare unicorn is bedded down on a blanket of straw. Brown Tom lies
fast asleep against her flank.

The unicorn lifts her head when Lili tiptoes in.

Brown Tom is jerked awake as the mare climbs to her feet, snorting with

BROWN TOM: What....? What....? Who’s there?

LILI: I’m Princess Lili.... I.....

BROWN TOM: You! You’re the cause of all our sorrow!

The Princess drops to her knees.

LILI: I know it was wrong.... Everything is my fault. (weeping)
Please.... please forgive me.

BROWN TOM: I ain’t the one ye should be asking.

LILI: I want to make it up to her.... I followed the goblins! They gave
the alicorn to the Lord of Darkness!

BROWN TOM: Good lass! You’re a plucky little partridge at that.

LILI: We can’t stay here! It’s not safe! Darkness sent the goblins to
hunt the mare... If I found her, so will they....We msut go!



Brown Tom looks past Lili to the mouth of the cave.

BROWN TOM: Too late!

Pox and Blix stand in the entrance, aiming their wicked, barbed arrows
straight at the hearts of Lili and Brown Tom.

Brown Tom swings an iron skillet back over his head in a warrior’s

BROWN TOM: If you imps’re looking for a fight, ye’ve come to the chap
who’ll oblige ye.

BLIX/POX: Kill....! K-k-kill...! Kill...!

Blix and Pox loose their arrows, renocking the bows with incredible

Brown Tom moves like lightning, using the skillet as a shirld to deflect
the arrows raining about him.

Lili stands in front of the mare, striving to protect the unicorn’s body
with her own.

Brown Tom lepas acrobatically about with the skillet. A fusillade of
arrows CLANGS OFF its iron surface.

A lucky shot peirces Brown Tom’s hat. Dark red liquid streams down his
face. His eyes roll up in mortal terror.

BROWN TOM: Dick-o-Tuesday’s duck! They’ve done for me!

Brown Tom staggers in a dramatic half-circle, toppling straight over
backwards, stiff as a board.

The mare unicorn rears WHINNYING on her hind-quarters.

The goblin hunters advance. Blix spreads a heavy net wide.

The black shadow on the net falls across Lili and the unicorn like an
evil spider web.


Screwball's teapot steams merrily. He sits stop a jewel cask enjoying a
cup. A horned Viking helmet several sizes too large covers his head down
to the bridge of his nose.

Gump works at his desk, marking out distances on an ancient chart with a
pair of golden dividers. Dozens of parchment mps are spread in front of

GUMP(muttering): Forty leagues from the Dragon’s Track.... another
half-span past the basilisk den.

Gump lifts his elbow and the curled parchment rolls together.

GUMP (cont)(annoyed): Wirrikows and dopplegangers!

SCREWBALL: Spot of tea, Gump....? Help calm your nerves...

GUMP: Not now! I’m busy with navigation.

On the other side of the cave, Jack practices a variety of thrusts and
passes with his sword in front of the polished shield.

Luna buzzes around him like a miniature meteorite.

JACK: That’s not so bad.... What do you think, Luna?

Jack studies his reflection in the shield.

There is a BURST OF LIGHT behind him. Luna materialises as a child-sized
woman with gossamer wings. She wraps her slender arms around his neck.

LUNA: I think you look like a hero.

JACK: What! H’d you do that?

Jack spins around, but Luna is gone. Only the tiny dot of LIGHT hovers
in the air.

JACK(cont) (puzzled): Magic....

Jack looks back at the shield and there is a full-sized Luna hugging his

LUNA: Nobody knows nut you. it’s our secret.... (kissing his cheek)

JACK (squirming): Don’t do that.

LUNA(another kiss): Better promise....

JACK: All right, all right.... I promise.

A loud, MUSICAL CHIEME interrupts Gump’s work. he looks around for his
timepiece but it is nowhere in sight.

GUMP: Hmmmm...? Screwball!

SCREWBALL (all innocence): Something I can do for you, Gump?

GUMP: Hand it over....!

Sheepishly, Screwball pulls Gump’s timepeice from inside his tunic and
gives it back.

SCREWBALL: Well, well, well.... how’d that get in there? Must be some
kinda magic...

GUMP: Sneak thief’s magic! (studies timepiece) Jack! it’s time we were
on our way!

At the SOUND of Gump’s voice, Luna TRANSFORMS instantly back to a dot of

JACK: I’m ready as I’ll ever be....

Jack picks up the shield and starts after Gump and Screwball. Luna flies


Brown Tom lies flat on his back as Jack and the faeries emerge from the

Gump rushes to his fallen friend, lifting him in his arms.

GUMP: Brown Tom....? You can’t be dead....! Oh, this is is terrible....

Brown Tom opens his eyes and looks feebly about.

BROWN TOM (in a daze): Why, Wisp.... they kill you, too?

GUMP: Course they didn’t! What in blazes are you talking about?

Brown Tom rolls his eyes up at the arrow piercing his hat.

BROWN TOM: Goblins shot me through the brain pan.

Gump yanks off Brown Tom’s hat. Bits of broken wine bottle tumble out.
Gump reagrds his friend with scorn.

GUMP: Your brains are one spot an arrow’d do no harm!

JACK: Where’s the unicorn?

Sheepishly, Brown Tom pulls the arrow from his hat.

BROWN TOM: I’m afeered the goblins took her. Did me best to fight them
off, but they swarmed up by the hundreds.... Horrid creatures they were.
The Princess warned me, but....

JACK: Princess Lili?


JACK(overjoyed): She’s alive!

BROWN TOM: She was living still when they killed me.

GUMP: You’ll earn your champion’s spurs this day, Jack.... We’ll follow
their tracks in the snow. Foul weather’s on our side for a change.


Jack and the faeries march through the woods holding lanterns, into the
teeth of a driving blizzard.


Blix and Pox kneel nervously before the Throne of Darkness. A huge fire
blazes in the hearth.

POX: Hail m-most great, and d-d-darkest of the dark!

BLIX: Though we be nothing in your sight, We bow before your strength
and might!

We hear Darkness speak, but see only his bat-winged shadow spread like
an inky cloak across the two kneeling goblins.

DARKNESS (os): Can you fawning sycophants do more than grovel? What of
the task I set you?

POX: D-d-done, Lord. We have the m-m-m-m-m-m.... the unicorn.

DARKNESS(os): Where is she?

BLIX: In the dungeon like a treasure, Awaiting your darkest pleasure.

DARKNESS (os): Very good.... You two are not entirely devoid of talent.

POX: There’s m-m-more, Sire....

BLIX: Though unworthy of your magnificence, Trifles without consequence,
We present with all due deference.... A gift.

DARKNESS (os): Gift....? What sort of gift?

BLIX: This thing you once called innocence.

DARKNESS (os): Innocence...? I must behold this wonder....

Darkness stares into the fire.

As Darkness grimps the arm of his throne, his fingers start to melt,
dripping to the dank stone floor.


Darkness bleeds through the groin vault ceiling, speading like a stain
across the curving stones.

Below, the unicorn is locked in a steel halter, a woven steel cable
binding her to an iron windlass.

The Princess paces the dark and dripping cell. Her dress is in tatters,
her hair tangled. There is something wild and free about her now, and
yet she has never appeared more alluring.

The melting shadow of Darkness drips from the ceiling, forming a small
demonic shape as it falls.

We hear the BEATING of Darkness’ heart in time with each evil drip. The
sound grows LOUDER and LOUDER until the echo reverberates within the
vaulted chamber.

Lili is terrified. She looks frantically around as the pulsing rhytm
continues. The Princess sees nothing and hugs the unicorn’s neck for


Darkness contemplates the raging flames, his heartbeat THUNDERING.


Jack and the faeries stare out at the tree-crowned ruin and surrounding


Jack and the faeries wade forward through the drifting curtains of mist.

JACK: Legend says the Dark Castle stood in olden days when evil anarchy
ruled the land.... The wicked still come here to sacrafice.

GUMP: They worship the demon....

SCREWBALL: It’s ugly! I hate it!

GUMP: Good! You shall go first....


CLOSE ON: Darkness. For the briefest instant, we see the smouldering
eyes of the demon GLOWING in anitcipation out of the shadows.


Although Jack is in no trouble, the water is rapidly growing too deep
for the faeries. Gump urges Screwball forward:

GUMP: Go on! Hurry up!

SCREWBALL: All the time me. Same old story.

Screwball clibs up onto a floating lily pad.

An undulating v-shaped wake moves through the water alongside as they
step from lily pad to lily padf and clamber onto a long, twisting root.

Without warning, an emaciated green arm shoors out of the water and
grabs Screwball. He is gone under the surface with a scream.

BROWN TOM: Screwball!

JACK: What was that?

GUMP: Big trouble!

Jack grips the hilt of his sword and rushes to the spot where Screwball

JACK: We’ve got to do something.

Before Jack can finish, Meg Mucklebones rises out of the bog behind him.
She tosses Screwball aside and hauls Jack into her cadaverous embrace.

MEG: Foul tasting faerie.....! Come to me, juicy boy!

Jack YELPS in horror.

MEG (cont): Who be this tender morsel disturbing Meg Mucklebones’ rest?

JACK(terrified): They call me Green Jack ma’am.

The faeries watch in dismay.

BROWN TOM: Our champion’s a goner, he is.

The fearsome hag pinches Jack with her wicked talons.

MEG: What a fine fat boy you are....

JACK: You don’t mean to eat me, do you ma’am?

MEG: Oh, indeed I do....

JACK: That would be a shame, Miss Meg. You’re so lovely. You deserve far
better than scrawny little me....

The flattery gives Hairy Meg a pause; she simply can’t resist it.

MEG: Hmmmm....think me fair, do you, Jack?

JACK: All the heavenly angels must envy your beauty.

MEG: Ooooo....what a find meal you'll make, be the rest of you as sweet
as your tongue.

JACK: Let me go and I’ll sing songs of praise to you.

MEG: Let you go? Don’t be daft. I’ve had naught but muskrat and snakes
all this month.... bit of rancid goblin, too....

JACK: But....but....don’t you like my words?

MEG: Words are little help in filling an empty stomach....

JACK: Then fill your soul with loveliness. Look into your glass and
feast on beauty.

MEG: There’s no looking-glass here.... Sometimes, when the moon is full,
I’ll chance to see my reflection in the bog.

Jack glances at the shield hanging over his shoulder.

JACK: My shield would serve you well.

Meg Mucklebones takes Jack’s shield, partially releasing him from her
clammy clutches.

MEG: What a splendid idea! You be so clever, Jack.

Hanging onto Jack with one hand, Hairy Meg bends over the shield.

JACK: Your radiance is the alchemy that makes rusted steel shine like

Meg primps and preens: an obscene parody of a pretty maiden at her
vanity table.

MEG: Oooo! That’s nice! I be the envy of any princess in the land.

While Meg is pre occupied with her grotesque reflection, Gump catches
the Jack’s eyes. The cunning elf silently mouths the word: ‘sword’,
pointing to his waist at the same time.

JACK: Better, you are a queen without a peer.... a reigning angel.

Jack nods to Gump and silently draws his sword. Meg doesn’t notice

MEG: You have such discerning taste for so young a boy....

Meg turns to face him with a fearful pucker of her tattered lips.

MEG (cont): Come, Jack....give us a kiss before dining.

Jack petrified with fear.

GUMP(shouting): Give her the kiss of cold steel, Jack!

Jack swings blindly with his eyes closed. It is a lucky stroke, Meg
Mucklebones’ head flies from her shoulders.

JACK(astonished): I did it!

The decapitated hag sinks back beneath the scummy surface.

GUMP: Like a chmapion, Jack.


JACK: How’s Screwball?

SCREWBALL: Chewed, but not disgested....

Jack points his sword at the hollow tree.

JACK: Then on to victory!

FAERIES (all together): On to victory!


A huge fire blazes in the gaping hearth. Darkness stands before it,
almost a shadow in his midnight cloak.

DARKNESS: I’ve been an exile for too long.... banished by the sun....
forced to hide in the bowels of the earth.... On the eve of my greatest
victory, this.... child of nature appears.... It has been an eternity
since I felt such desire.... I could know her in an instant. She is
helpless.... and yet.... (anguished) What is wrong with me, Father?

A VOICE IN THE FIRE answers Darkness; majestic and sepulrchral; the
flames billow out as it speaks:

VOICE: You hold the world in your grasp.... Supreme power belongs to
you... yet your triumph is meaningless!

DARKNESS: Meaningless?

VOICE: What do you gain from it? What pleasure comes from ruling a pack
of imps and goblins....? Souls already black.... This innocent creature
fascinates you because only she can appreciate the enormity of your

DARKNESS: I’ll take her then!

VOICE: A hollow victory! She remembers the world as it was, when she
loves your new order you will triumph! Woo her.... win her.... break her

DARKNESS: Thank you, Father.... Your wisdom is ever my guide.

VOICE: Remember.... She must desire you.... nothing else matters!


Jack and the faeries step ashore on the island. Gump makes a mystical
sign with his hands.

JACK: What’s that?

GUMP: For our protection, Jack. You must be ready.... Remember, Darkness
is a liar.... a treacherous fiend! Don’t listen to him. Never believe
what you see.....

JACK: He won’t fool me.

GUMP: Don’t be so sure! No human has ever set foot in this place before!

Jack and the faeries stare up at the massive horn embedded in the inner

Screwball starts to climb towards it.

SCREWBALL: What a nice big trumpet....! Bet it sounds louder than

Gump hauls him back down by the seat of his pants.

GUMP: Don’t touch it! Our lives are lost if it blows!

Jack finds an opening hidden between the roots of the inner tree.

JACK: In here! I’ve found a passage!

Jack drops inside.


The moment Jack enters the inner tree, a deep TREMOR reverberates
through the subterranean Castle of Darkness.

Draped in shadows before the fire, the Dark Lord looks up at this

DARKNESS (to the fire): I feel a presence....! Some power invades my

VOICE (from the flames): Every wolf suffers fleas.... ‘tis easy enough
to scratch!

The flames surge out towards Darkness, embracing him.


Like the catacombs of Paris, the walls are decorated with bones and
human skulls. At each corner of the open ceiling is a carved demonic
head. Jack and the faeries stand looking up.

GUMP(gloomily): The decor of death....

BROWN TOM: Tells you somthing ‘bout him what lives here.

SCREWBALL: It’s a dead end....

Jack searches along the ossuary walls.

JACK: Doesn’t make sense.... Check the walls. There must be some sort of
secret key....

Screwball doesn’t join the other faeries in the search. He is attracted
by several round stone balls lying in the rubble. Picking up three with
a happy grin, he begins to juggle.

SCREWBALL: One-two-three.... fidde-dee-dee....

Gump sees what Screwball is doing and flies into a rage.

GUMP: Screwball! Drop those this minute!

Screwball tosses the balls carelessly over his shoulder. One lands in
the stone cornice near the ceiling and rolls along, gathering momentum
as it passes through the open mouths of each gargoyle.

The balls disappears into the mouth of the final gargoyle. It is
swallowed with an emphatic GULP.

All at once, the roof slides shut above.

BROWN TOM(alarmed): Newt-finger marmalade!

The floor pulls suddenly open and they all plummet SCREAMING into empty
space. Luna circles, a dot of light above tthe bottomless pit.

LUNA (wee voice): Oh, dear.... Oh, dear...

The tiny faerie whirls in a blur of indecision before streaking down
into the dark opening after her falling friends.


Like prisoners on a fairground helter-skelter, Jack and the faeries spin
down a seemingly endless curvinbg chute.

GUMP(singing): When times’re hard and thing look bad, Don’t feel blue
and don’t feel sad....

JACK: How can you sing at a time like this?

GUMP: Can you think of anything better to do?

They hurtle through festooned cobwebs, stirring up smokey clouds of
ancient dust.


The end of the chute opens into an iron cage. Jack and the faeries
tumble through onto a pile of straw. Luna is right behind, bright as a

BROWN TOM: Ouch! Ow!

SCREWBALL: Where are we?

Gump stares woefully at the iron bars.

GUMP: Some place we don’t want to be!

A scuffling NOISE in the far side of the cage attracts their attention.
Blunder pops up from a pile of straw, still wearing his helmet.

BLUNDER: Shhhh! What is this? A chatterbox convention? SCREWBALL: Who be
you, bucket-head?

GUMP: Stay clear of that imp! He’s a hell hound goblin!

BLUNDER: What I am won’t help me none, nor you neither....

Blunder pulls off his helmet. He is Screwball’s indenical twin!

BLUNDER(cont): ....even if you is my brother!

Screwball can’t believe his eyes.

SCREWBALL(astonished) Blunder...!

BLUNDER: Screwball....!

They rush into each other’s arms.

GUMP (to Jack): A Buttercup family reunion....! I can’t believe it....
Last I remember, he sold Screwball a jug of dragon’s tears that turned
out to be cow piss!

SCREWBALL: What happened to you?

BLUNDER(flexing his bird claw): It’s a long story.... Let’s just say I
went look for adventure and found more’n I could handle.... Doesn’t
matter now anyway... We’re all of us in the same fix....

JACK: Just what sort of fix is that?

BLUNDER: The kitchen of the Lord of Darkness! All of us be on his menu!

SCREWBALL: I knew it! I knew it! Should of stayed at home....

BLUNDER: That’s right, brother, me’n you is barbeque!

BROWN TOM: Wish I had a drink....

JACK: Only dead meat waits for the stewpot! Spring the lock, Gump!

Gump examines the huge padlock with a frown.

GUMP (wearily): Iron is sore trouble for elves.

SCREWBALL: Magic’s no good against it.

Jack slumps down in the corner to think things over. The faeries mill
about by the opposite wall.

Jack stares at the bars. Luna orbits his head. JACK: I know I
promised.... but it’s the only way....

Luna buzzes him furiously.

JACK(cont): Sure it’s a secret... It’ll keep forever when we’re all

Jack glances guiltily at the whirling dot of LIGHT.

JACK(cont) (to Gump): Why not have Luna fly out between the bars and
find a key?

GUMP(shaking his head): She’s much too small.... could never lift it...

JACK(blurting it out): Not if she changes sizes like she can!

GUMP: What?

There is a bright FLASH of faerie-light and Luna stands full-sized
before them, her gossamer wings a-tremble.

GUMP(cont)(outraged): You wilful sprite! How dare you keep such secrets?

LUNA: They’re mine to keep! But I’ll do what you ask.... if you kiss me,

JACK: That’s easy enough.

Jack kisses her chastely on the cheek.

LUNA: Call that a kiss? Am I not sweet?

JACK(eager to please): Sweeter than bee pollen on a summer wind.

Luna moves in close to Jack.

LUNA: Sweet is the wind thats blows me to you....

Jack gently pushes her away.

JACK: It’s not possible. I’m in love....

LUNA: A faerie’s love makes anything possible....

A soft cocoom of faerie LIGHT engulfs Luna. She metamorphoses within it,
emerging as Princess Lili.

LUNA/LILI: ....even you heart’s desire.

Luna/Lili embraces Jack. It is sweet and tempting.

JACK(resisting): No.... this isn’t real....

Screwball and Blunder giggle and snigger.

LUNA/LILI: Oh, but it is.... I’m warm and alive and happy to be in your

Jack is nearly enchanted, but after a delicious moment, he pushes away.

JACK: I can’t do it....! This is faerie glamour!

A brilliant aura of faerie LIGHT envelops Luna/Lili and she TRANSFORMS
into her true winged-form . LUNA(bitterly): You....! You....mortal! I
could vex you! Dance you life away!

JACK: Threats can’t make you love you. Human hearts don’t work that way.

LUNA: What care I for human heart? Soft and spiritless as porridge! A
faerie’s heart beats fierce and free.

There is a furious pytotechnic whirlwind and, in an instant, Luna
returns to a tiny dot of LIGHT.

JACK: Luna....?

Without an answer, Luna flies out between the iron bars.

JACK(cont) (to the faeries): I.... didn’t mean to hurt her.

GUMP(scornful): Your fine senseibilities have left us here to rot.

The SOUND of heavy footsteps approaches, accompanied by rough, tuneless

COOK(os): ....this li’l piggie went to market.... anudder li’l pigge got
eat.... pig-meat pie, l’l piggie die....

BLUNDER: Oh, no! He’s coming...! Hide! Hide! Hide!

Blunder conceals himself under a pile of straw. A deformed shadow is
cast across the cage.

SCREWBALL: Blunder’s got the right idea!

Screwball hides in the straw. Jack and the other immediately do the

A fiendish demon COOK opens the cage door. He is ten feet tall and
unspeakably ugly. He peers blindly inside, sniffing the air with his
hideous nose.

COOK: ....pig-pig-pig... . The Cook gropes inside the cage.

The Cook reaches deep into the straw pile in teh corner and grabs

BLUNDER: Help....! Lemme go...? Turn me loose, you tub o’ guts!

The cook hauls Blunder out, kicking and screaming. He locks the cage abd
stumps away.

BLUNDER(cont): I hope I give you heart-burn!

After a bit, the faeries and Jack peer up out of the straw.

SCREWBALL(woefully): Fricasseed faeries, the lot of us....

BROWN TON: Lambs to the slaughter....

Jack draws his sword.

JACK: Not without a fight!

Transformed back to full-size, Luna tip-toes into the alcove outside the
cage, her hands coyly behind her.

GUMP: Luna....!

LUNA(maliciously): You look like mourners at your own funeral.

GUMP(angry): Come back to dance on our graves!

LUNA: I’d gladly frolic on Jack’s....

She LAUGHS and holds up a large iron key.

LUNA(cont): ....but this cage shan’t be your tomb!

Luna tosses the key in to Gump. Instantly, she reduces to a tiny dot of
LIGHT and flies out of the alcove.

GUMP: Well done!

Gump unlocks the barred door and they all clamber out. Screwball steps
on Brown Tom’s head in his eagerness.

SCREWBALL: Lemme outta this stink hole!

BROWN TOM: Mind you bleeding foot!

GUMP: Shhhh!

Jack is the last of all.

JACK: Keep behind me in case there’s trouble.

Sword in hand, Jack ;eads the faeries out of the alcove into the


Huge ovens belch fire and smoke. The vast hearth blazes. Like the lower
reaches of Hell, the Dark Lord’s kitchen is a place where all hope is

Jack and the faeries creep through the brimstone haze.

BROWN TOM: Terrible sight for a sober man to see....

JACK: Quiet!

The demon Cooks blocks the way, chopping meat with a montrous cleaver, A
SECOND COOK, every bit as terrifying, SNORES by the hearth. Trussed to a
spit, Blunder hangs upside-down nearby.

Jack motions the faeries on. The blind Cook turns them, sniffing the

COOK: Whut be there?

Jack and the faeries duck behind a huge bellows.

SCREWBALL: ....Back in the frying pan!

Gump clamps his hand over Screwball’s mouth.

Grasping his cleaver, the Cook advances towards them.

COOK(sniffing): Be it live victuals?

From where he hangs, Blunder sees the faeries’ plight.

BLUNDER(calling out): Hey....! Lard belly!

The Cook turns, angered by this insult.

COOK: Whut say, pip-squeak?

BLUNDER: Two things down here look just alike!

COOK: Wuzzat?

BLUNDER: Your face and my ass!

The Cook GROWLS with fury.

COOK: Bash in you face! Den it no be so pretty!

The Cook backhands poor Blunder, smacking him about like a punching bag.

Jack and the faeries make a break for the exit.

Blunder manages to work one arm free from his bonds.

COOK(cont): Whut you got to say now, pork pie?

Blunder rears back and punches the Cook in the jaw. Stunned, he topples
over over backwards a great CRASH.


The reverberations tremble through the immense underground castle.
Darkness listens by the fire.

DARKNESS: Do you feel it, Father....? A force....loose in my domain....

VOICE(out of fire): Guard well what is yours!



The faerie band gathers in the foul, dripping corridor. Irregular
torchlight casts a lurid glow across the broken stones.

BROWN TOM (gasping for breath): .....saved....by a goblin.... Never
thought....I’d see....the day....

JACK: Wish we could repay the favour!

SCREWBALL: My brother can take of himself.

GUMP: Screwball’s right! It’s more important we find the unicorn.

JACK: And Lili!

BROWN TOM: Where do we start?

GUMP: We must find the dungeons. Legend has is they house such sirriw
that death is a gift....albeit one rarely granted.

Screwball sits down defiantly.

SCREWBALL: Think I’ll stay right here thank you very much.

Gump grabs hold of Screwball’s ear and hauls him back up.

GUMP: Not so fast! You search with the rest of us!

Screwball hugs Jack’s leg.

SCREWBALL: All right! I’m going with Jack!

GUMP: No you won’t. Be faster if we split up.

Screwball looks both ways, deciding which seems safest.

SCREWBALL: Fine! I’m going this way!

BROWN TOM: I’m going that way!

They both turn and collide, falling flat on their rumps.

JACK: Wait....! Better to search in teams, Gump and me together. Brown
TOm, you and Screwball look in the other direction.

Gump hauls out his ornate timepeice.

GUMP: Right! Let’s synchronise! We meet back here in twice five hundred
beats of a bluebird’s heart.

Brown Tom takes a similar timepeice from under his tunic and studies its
intricate interior.

BROWN TOM: Best to allow another couple dozen butterfly breaths in case
we get thirs....er, get lost....

GUMP: No grog shops down here, Brown Tom.

JACK: Let’s hurry!

Jack and Gump run off along the corridor, followed by Luna’s glowing
LIGHT. Screwball watches without moving.

SCREWBALL: Know what I want to know?



Brown Tom gives Screwball a swift kick in his rear.

BROWN TOM: Why not?

The two little elves scamaper off together.

SCREWBALL: I hate it....I hate it.... I hate it....


The iron-studded dungeon days swing magically open as Lili watches, her
eyes aglow with animal fire. She crouches beside the unicorn, resting on
her haunches in an easy feline fashion.

Lili rises like a sleepwalker, unable to resist the compulsion luring
her toward the open doorway.

The chained unicorn WHINNIES pitifully. Princess Lili looks back without
expression as she leaves.



75 INTERIOR ANOTHER CORRIDOR DAY Luna’s bobbing LIGHT leads the way as
Jack and Gump hurry along the rubble-choked corridor. Alerted by the
SOUND of something, they dart into the shadows.

GUMP: Quick, Jack!

Jack and Gump watch in horror as a cracked EGG the size of a watermelon
runs down the corridor on armor-scaled chicken legs, led on either side
by a Demon holding a chain leash.

Jack draws his sword. The Demons stop and the Egg begins to crack.

JACK: I’ll scramble that one!

Gump restrains him. The Egg cracks apart.

GUMP: Don’t trust your eyes! All is enchanted here.

The Egg breaks into pieces and a dripping winged monster emerges; a
diabolic cross between a bat and a pterodactyl. It emits a fearsome
SHRIEK and flies off down the corridor followed by the twin attendant

Jack and Gump hurry on in the opposite direction.


Screwball and Brown Tom creep timorously forward. They are alerted by
the SOUNDS of something approaching. A hideously deformed shadow fall
across the opposite wall.

The two faeries clutch each other in terror and duck into the shadows.

It is Princess Lili! She passes the evles’ hiding place as if in a


Jack and Gump emerge on a narrow span arching across the vast central of
the undreground castle. Similiar viaducts, above and below, bridge the
awesome chasm.

The Green Man and the faerie gawk at the sheer magnitude of it all.

JACK: Not even kings live like this....

On a high span above, Jack sees Princess Lili drifting by like a

JACK (cont): My God! Gump, look! It’s Lili!

GUMP: Don’t believe it, Jack.

JACK (yelling): Lili !

The SOUND ECHOES through the vast space.


The Princess pauses. A section of parapet has broken off and she wanders
to the edge, staring down into the void. For a precarious moment, she
teeters on the brink, seemingly about to fall.

JACK (os) (calling): Li-li ! The Princess does not respond, wobbling
like a dreamer on the narrow edge of disaster. She leans against the
ruined parapet and a bug chunk of masonry breaks away, tumbling and
bouncing into the abyss.

JACK (cont) (os) (calling): It’s Ja-ack !

Lili’s face is blank. She turns and continues blindly on her way.


Jack stares up at Lili’s retreating form.

JACK: It’s her. I know it.

GUMP: Don’t be so hasty! Remember who we’re dealing with.

JACK: I’ve got to reach her!

Jack races off. Gump runs along behind.


The shadowy figure of Darkness looms over a band of deformed PYGMIES
with needle-sharp teeth and wickedly curved talons long as pitchfork

DARKNESS: My enemies approach.... destory them! Darkness points an evil
finger and the Pygmies scurry CACKLING off.



Jack and Gump hurry out onto the arching span. The Princess is nowhere
in sight.

GUMP (running after): Slow down....! Use some caution!

JACK: This way!

Jack runs on into the corridor in the direction taken by Lili. Gump
follows after.


Lili wanders down a long colonnade with dangling vine-like roots. A
glistening magic rain falls from the granite ceiling. Her blank eyes
stare straight ahead.

Jack and Gump appear at the opposite end of the passage in time to see
the Princess drift out of sight.

JACK: There she is....! Lili....!

Jack and Gump run to catch up, pushing through root tendrils agleam with
rain. Suddenly, they are attacked by SCREAMING Pygmies.

GUMP: Jack!

JACK (drawing his sword): Demons!

The nimble Pygmies leap about them, lethal talons slashing through the

Jack and Gump retreat, backing between clingling rootlets.

GUMP: Quick! In here!

Gump yanks open a heavy oaken door in the side wall and they duck
inside, slamming it shut in the teeth of the attacking Pygmies.


Jack strains against the door handle, struggling to keep the portal shut
tight. There is less space than in a closet. The corridor behind them is
completely bricked over.

GUMP: Trapped....!

CLOSE ON DOOR: With great force, the Pygmies’ claws stab through the
thick wood like stiletties. Their needle tips are mere inches from Jack
and Gump.

The door’s inner surface is studded with talons. Jack suddenly SLAMS the
door open with such force it swings into the side wall with a loud

The Pygmies’ frenzied SCREAMING ends in abrupt SILENCE.

Jack and Gump peer cautiously out.


The Pymies hang unconscious on the other side of the door, dangling from
their imbedded talons.

JACK: Come on!

Jack and Gump run into the rain.


Jack and Gump hurry around the corner just as Lili heads towards a pair
of massive doors swinging slowly open at her approach.

JACK (calling): Lili! Wait!

Gump grabs Jack’s arm and yanks him to a stop.

GUMP: Don’t be daft! She’s under a spell!

Lili enters and the doors swing closed behind her.


An enormous chamber draped with black cloth surrounded by tall Baroque
columns. Winged demons writhe in the shadows above. A long black table
reaches down the centre of the room. All is lit by firelight. The gaping
hearth, with its entablature of monumental sculpture, is flanked by a
pair of massive ebony thrones, carved in a hideous, twisting mass of
tendons, sinews and museles.

When the imposing doors swing closed, Lili’s spell is broken. She stares
in terror at her news surroundings.

Something weird and mysterious approaches from out of the draped
shadows. It is a magnificent high-collared black gown, waltzing like a
ghost across the black marble floor. There is no one wearing the

Fascinated, Lili watches the dress circle towards her. She finds it
irresistable. Taking hold of the gown’s empty sleeves she begins to
dance, spinning round and round to the impulsive music.


Jack paces back and forth in front of the sealed doors.

JACK: Why did you stop me?

GUMP: We best reconnoitre. What if it’s a trap?

Gump and Jack strain to see through the crack between the doors.


Lili dances by herself, turning slow dreamy circles before the blazing
fire. She is now WEARING the splendid black gown!

Reflected firelight GLITTERS in the shadows. An open jewel box spills
its sparkling treasure onto an ornate table. Lili is lure like a moth to
the flame.

She steps up onto an oversized footstool by the table. The ebony casket
brims with gemstones. Lili’s eyes dazzle. A carved ebony figure of a
skeleton turns slowly out of the centre, holding in its up lifted arms
the most exquisite black diamond necklace the mind can imagine.

The Princess sucks in her breath. The temptation is too great. She
impulsively takes the necklace and hops down from the stool.

The high collar of her gown makes fastening the clasp difficult and
without thinking, she backs towards the wall, fumbling behind her neck.

She leans against a sculpted marble frieze of souls in torment,
concentrating on the tricky clasp. All at once, a piece of sculpture
becomes ANIMATE. Powerful arms reach out to fasten the necklace. For a
moment Lili doesn’t notice, grateful for the help. Then, she realises
what is happening and SCREAMS.

The musular black arms reach for her as she pulls away in terror. Lili
turns to run, but is stopped short by her reflection in a tall cheval
glass mirror. She looks furtively about, making certain she is
unobserved. Alone, she admires her perfect image.

CLOSE ON MIRROR: Beneath Lili’s pleased expression we see the evil face
of Darkness APPEAR like a man emerging from under water.

Darkness penetrates the surface of the mirror.

Lili backs away, GASPING soundlessly with terror.

Darkness steps forth through the glass into the room, clad in black

Lili staggers. Darkness reaches to embrace her and the Princess SHRIEKS
at the top of her lungs. The moment he touches her shoulder, she slumps
tothe floor, unconscious.

Darkness stands over the fallen girl, his heartbeat pulsing like muffled
thunder. Something almost like a smile creases his hideous features as
he rolls a lock of Lili’s hair between his clawed fingers.

The Princess blinks and opens her eyes. She is horrified to find
Darkness kneeling over her and frantically tries to get away.

DARKNESS: Do not be afraid, lady....

Lili GASPS like a stranded fish. She is catatonic with fear.

DARKNESS (cont): I mean you no harm.

Darkness offers the Princess his hand.

DARKNESS (cont): How like you my gifts...? Does the gown not please you?
Come.... tell me....

Lili’s terror renders her speechless.

DARKNESS (cont): The colour is most suitable... We sanctify the death of
the old world and the birth of a new order.... You are the guest of

Lili WEEPS and tugs at the black dress.

LILI: ....of dishonour...! Take this away.... Please! I beg you!

Darkness advances on Lili. The slow kettldrum THROB of his heart
underscores his words.

DARKNESS: Your soul in like some dark nectar.... I cannot rest unril I
taste its sweetness.

LILI (frantic): Never! I hate you! I hate this dress!

DARKNESS: Can you speak so of your bridal gown....?

DAY Jack and Gump listen by the closed doors to Lili’s peircing scream
(OS). Jack is desparate and half-draws his sword from the scabbard.

JACK: What has he done to her?

Gump restrains the boy.

GUMP: You have no power to stop it.... Be thankful she lives.

Jack shoves his sword back in disgust.

JACK (bitterly): Some champion.... What good is this fancy sword?

GUMP: It’s not the sword that counts, but the man who swings it....


Lili slumps to the cold stone floor, WEEPING. Darkness bends
solicitously over her.

DARKNESS: Why the tears?

LILI (sobbing): ....everything is lost.... poor Jack....

DARKNESS: Why weep for him? He left you alone to die!

LILI: No! He’d never do that! He was killed....like everything else....

DARKNESS (glancing over his shoulder): Yes.... But why mourn? You have a
new and grander destiny!

LILI: Consort of some cowardly vile toad who slinks through the night!

DARKNESS: Not so! I requite to shadow’s solace and dark of the night....
Sunshine is my destroyer!

LILI (scornful): You think you’re so powerful.... and hide in the ground
like a mole!

DARKNESS (smiling): This too will change. The last unicorn dies
tonight....! As her blood ebbs, the sun sets forever. There shall never
be another dawn!

LILI (horrified): No....! You can’t.... You mustn’t....

Darkness throws back his evil head and LAUGHS.

Darkness carries through the massive doors.

JACK: He means to kill the mare, Gump!

GUMP: Don’t mourn the corpse ‘til the coffin’s in the ground.

DARKNESS (OS): My dominion shall encompass the enternal night!

GUMP: As long as the sun still shines, so does hope!

JACK (bitterly: Sun doesn’t shine down here.

Jack fingers Lili’s silver medallion hanging around his neck and from
out of the blue, inspiration strikes.

JACK (cont) (grinning): Wait a minute....! I think I know a way.


Lili stares at Darkness with terror and loathing.

DARKNESS: The world shall be at last as nature intended....a place of
chaos and anarchy!

LILI: You’re mad!

DARKNESS: Aye, Lady, and proud to be so! For in madness lies the soul of
all that’s noble.... Can you fathom the loneliness of untold eons lived
in darkness? My spirit was forged in that black fire....

LILI: You live alone because you are loathsome! The contagion of your
wicked heart demands isolation.

DARKNESS: Nay, mistress. I’ve found my mate and you know it. We’re just
alike, you and I. Beneath the skin we are already one.

LILI: Never!

DARKNESS: ‘Twas your sin trapped the unicorn. Even now, the evil seed of
what you’ve done blooms within you!

LILI (shrieking): You lie! You’re repulsive!

DARKNESS (stung by her words): No more so than you! Can’t you sense it?
That is why I desire you. I need someone to share the dark secrets of my

LILI: You....? You disgust me! You’re nothing but a beast!

DARKNESS: Everyone is a beast....only most are afraid to see it!

Darkness compels Lili over to the mirror with the force of his will.


Lili sees her reflection in the glass. The lovely feminine features
ALTER into those of a cat-like beast.

DARKNESS (os): This mirror shows how we really are.... Behold your true


Lili pulls free from his graps and turns from the glass. Her face
remains lovely and unchanged.

LILI (frantic): No! You’re working magic on me! I won’t believe it!

DARKNESS: My Lady misjudges me... I am no common trickster.... look at
you hands!

Lili’s fingers transform before her eyes: hooked claws spring from their
tips, coarse black hair pushes the skin.

DARKNESS (cont) (Laughing): My mirror never lies.

Lili’s lovely face undergoes the same tranmutation she witnessed in the
mirror. She feels fur-covered sheeks and pointed ears. This time, her
SCREAM is hysterical.

Darkness places a protective arm around Lili.

DARKNESS (cont): Glory in your animal nature. It is your triumph!

LILI: I’m hideous!

DARKNESS: No! The puling, pallid creature you were was truly something
disgusting. Now you are magificent.... a fierce goddess!

Lili jerks away, HISSING and showing her claws.

LILI: Damn you!

DARKNESS: We are both of us damned, my Queen.

Darkness bows with mock formality, ALTERING into his own shadows, which
slides through a crack in the paving stones.

Lili cannot resist her reflection. Horrified anew. she falls to the
floor, WEEPING.


Round and red, the great disc of the setting sun slides towards the
distant horizon.


Crazed by anxiety, Jack finds the keyhole and cups his hands around it.

JACK (calling out): Lili....? Can you hear me....?


Lili huddles WEEPING on the cold stones.

JACK (os): ....Lili....?

At the sound of Jack’s voice, the Princess looks up with a start.

LILI: ....Jack?

JACK (os): Over here.... By the door....

Lili turns eagerly turns to the door.

LILI: Oh, Jack....dear Jack! Can it really be you? I was afraid you were


JACK: Thank God you’re all right! I didn’t know what to do.... I never
want to lose you again....


Lili pauses before the keyhole, out of Jack’s line of sight.

LILI: Jack, my love....my precious love! I pray it’s you and not more
wicked magic.


JACK: It’s me, you can be sure of that.... and there’s magic on our
side, too.


LILI: It’s all my fault....the unicorn.... everything....

JACK (os): My fault as much as yours.... Don’t worry. We’re here to save

LILI (sadly): I’m far past saving, sweet Jack....

A huge tears wells in Lili’s eye and flies out toward the keyhole,
defying gravity.


Lili’s tear flies through the keyhole and strikes Jack’s face like a
horizontal raindrop. He touches the spot curiously.

GUMP (amazed): How did you do that?

JACK (to Gump): I didn’t do anything.... (into keyhole) let me see your
face. It will give me hope....

Jack strains to see through the keyhole.


Lili stares at the keyhole in horror.

JACK (os): ....just to glimpse your smile....

LILI (grief-stricken): No.... I can’t.... forget me, Jack....

The Princess reaches out her animal’s paw and covers the keyhole.


As the LIGHT in the opening grows DARK, Jack tenderly places his hand
next to Lili’s.

JACK: Lili....? I love you....

Gump pulls frantically on Jack’s arm.

GUMP: Come, Jack. We’ve no time to spare.... Remember your plan?

Sadly, Jack takes his hand from the keyhole and follows Gump back along
the corridor.


Princess Lili lies SOBBING. High above, the winged figures watch her.
The music THROBS, underscoring a low, rhythmic CHANTING. Like some
ghastly chorus fro, Hell, the living statuary sings in unison to Lili:

STATUARY (singing): Bride of Night.... Bride of Night.... Darkness is
your heart’s delight! Hail to Darkness! Hail the Night! His the Power
and the Might! Master of Chaos, Lord of Doom, Sing his praises from the

Lili lifts her head, listening to the sepulchral SINGING. Her eyes burn
like a tiger’s. She bares her fangs, and from her throat issues a
bone-chilling HOWL.


Screwball and Brown Tom stop short in their tracks when they hear the
SOUND of a distant HOWL echoes in the shadows.

SCREWBALL (trembling): I vote we run like hell!

The two faeries scamper off into darkness. 99 INTERIOR DUNGEON CORRIDOR

Gump, Jack and a woman-sized Luna wait outside the kitchen door as Brown
Tom and Screwball come running up. Gump studies his ornate timepiece.

GUMP: Where were you? In another three flicks of a badger’s tail it’ll
be half-past.

SCREWBALL: Sorry....time slips away when you’re having so much fun.

BROWN TOM (out of breath): We....found the mare ....chained....in the
dungeon below.

Gump shoves his timepiece back in his belt.

GUMP: Excellant.... Who has a bit of parchment?

The two faeries search in their clothing. Screwball produces a plethora
of trash: marbles, string, old doll’s eyes, coloured bird’s eggs,
ancient coins, etc. At last he finds a crumbled peice of sheepskin.

SCREWBALL: Here.... I was saving it to write me will on.

BROWN TOM: Where there’s a will there’s a....

GUMP: Shush, both of you....! Jack has a plan....a good one....

Gump squats on the floor, and, using a triangle and some charcoal,
divides the parchment into mysterious lines and angles.

GUMP (mumbling): ....angle of refraction equals.... angle of
incidence....multiplied by a factor of fourty.....divided by the square
root of a google-plex....

Gump SNAPS his fingers triumphantly.

GUMP (cont): Perfect! It will work like a charm, Jack!

JACK: Let’s get started! What we need to do is sneak back into the
kitchen and gather all the plates and platters....

SCREWBALL: Oh no! Not me! Seen enough of that kitchen, I have!

BROWN TOM: Don’t be so pig-headed! You can trust Gump.

SCREWBALL: I’d sooner trust a rat in the ghetto!

BROWN TOM: Well.... trust Jack then.

Jack eases open the kitchen door.

JACK: Remember....just the shiny ones....

Jack leads the way back into the kitcheb. Gump urges the other two to

GUMP: ....and be quiet! Soft as thistledown, that’s the faerie way.


Jack and the faeries tiptoe cautiosuly into the kitchen.

Both Demon Cooks are asleep, the encountered first is stretched out
across his chopping block, SNORING like a dragon with indisgestion.

The unfortunate Blunder turns slowly over the coals, hog-tied to a spit.
A bright red apple is stuffed in his mouth. Jack and Gump rush to his

Gump pulls the apple from Blunder’s mouth.

BLUNDER (frantic): Get me outta here! Please! While I’m still medium

GUMP: Quiet....! You’re a free imp on one condition....

BLUNDER(very loud): Condition....! What condition? Loose me or I’ll make

Gump shoves the apple back into Blunder’s mouth, stoppering his loud

GUMP: Any more noise and you’re shish-ka-bob....

Blunder nods eagerly.

GUMP (cont): You do what we tell you.... understand?

More eager nodding from Blunder.

GUMP (cont): Swear it!

Gump pulls the apple out of Blunder’s mouth.

BLUNDER: I swear! On the festering forelock of Nicodemus!

Jack cuts Blunder’s bonds and the little imp hops nibmly out of the

BLUNDER: A thousand thanks....

Jack boosts Gump and Screwball up onto the mantle where the polished
plates are stacked.

JACK: Up we go!

Luna TRANSFORMS into a dot of LIGHT and flies up to the cimnet pieces,
REMATERIALISING there in her full size.

JACK (cont): Your turn, Blunder.

Jack lifts Blunder onto his shoulds so he can climb to the first level
of the three-tiered mantle. Blunder joins Screwball, Gump and Luna as
they rush about the mantlepiece, frantically gathering shield-sized

One by one, the faeries toss the plates down to Jack, who stacks them in
Brown Tom’s arms.

Brown Tom staggers through the kitchen carrying a teetering tower of
plates. He can’t see where he is going and trips over the nozzle of the
giant bellows.

The plates fall with a deafening CRASH!

Both ferocious blind Cooks are awakened by the NOISE.

SECOND COOK: Huh....! Wuzzat?

Jack and the faeries freeze in place as the Cook rises and pulls his
huge cleaver from the chopping block.

COOK (sniffing the air): Meat....! Me smells fresh meat!

Jack draws his sword and steps between the awesome Cook and Brown Tom,
sprawled helplessly on the floor.

SECOND COOK: Find meat!

JACK: Over here!

The blind cook lunges for Jack. He wields his deadly cleaver with
amazing accuracy for one without sight.

COOK: Chop it up!

Jack ducks past the Cook, smacking him on the leg with the flat of his
blade. The huge demon YELPS in pain.

The Second Cook picks up a skillet, wielding it like a club.

SECOND COOK: Smash....! Me smash!

Jack is caught between the two demon Cooks. He cannot face one without
turning his back on the other.

Gump sees Jack’s predicament and leaps from the mantle onto the Second
Cook’s head with a wild CRY:

GUMP: Schweinhundt!

Gump clings to the Second Cook like a terrier, confusing him and giving
Jack time to dart acrobatically out of the way.

JACK (jabbing the Cook): Gotcha!

COOK: Cut you in half!

A mighty swing from the Cook misses Jack, who executes a nimble
back-flip. The Cook cleaves through a hanging side of meat by mistake.

The Second Cook grabs hold of Gump and shakes him.

SECOND COOK: Sweet, sweet blood....

Up on the mantle, Screwball and Blunder exchange a helpless look. Gump
is a goner unless they do something. They a simultaneous unspoken
conclusion, and leap onto the Second Cook’s back.

SCREWBALL (calling out): Rooster toes....!

BLUNDER (calling out): ....pig whiskers!

Faced with this new twin threat, the Second Cook drops GUmp, who
immediately bities him on the leg.

SECOND COOK: Whut.....! Who now? Ouch!

Jack fights a rearguard action, stabbing at the savage Cook as he

JACK: Best you can do?

COOK: You gonna be mince-meat!

Jack back onto a steep stone ramp against the far wall.

JACK: Got to catch me first!

The Cook’s cleaver CLANGS against the ramp, missing Jack by inches.

The Second Cook has his hands full. Brown Tom has joined the fray and
clings to his other leg while Blunder and Screwball claw and punch at
his head.

SCREWBALL & BLUNDER: Hit him....! Sock him....!

Staggering under the full weight of the faerie onslaught, the Second
Cook lurches in circles.

SECOND COOK: Kill....! Smash....!

Furious, the Second Cook swings his heavy skillet at Screwball and
Blunder. He misses them completely, hitting himself square on the head
and knocking himself out.

The faeries leap off as the demon toppes backwards into the fireplace.

GUMP: We must help Jack!

The faeries race to the foot of the ramp. Jack parries the Cook’s
fearsome swing. The Cook presses him relentlessly. The CLASH of steel
rings through the cavernous kitchen.

The faeries start up the ramp like a tiny cheering section.

BLUNDER: Stick him a good one!

SCREWBALL: Cut him down to size, Jack!

Giant wine barrels are stacked at tge top of the ramp. The Cook back
Jack against them. There is no further room for retreat.

COOK: Gonna spill your guts, boy.

The Cook swings his cleaver from the hip. Jack nimbly springs out of
harm’s way. The cleaver drives full force into one of the chocks
supporting the pyramid of wine barrels.

GRUMBLING, the Cook yanks his cleaver free. This pulls the chock loose
from under the bottom barrel.

COOK (cont) (Listening): Wuzzat....?

The entire stack of barrels shifts, rolling towards the Cook.

COOK (cont): Bad news!

The Cook runs for his life. The huge hogshead RUMBLE forward in a wooden

Jack crouches at the top of the ramp. As the Cook runs past he sticks
the sword-blade between his legs and trips him up.

The Cook tumbles, head over heels, down the ramp.

Half-way up, the faerie band sees the giant barrels ROLLING towards

SCREWBALL (horrified): Sodom and Glockamora!

The faeries turn and run.

The barrels CRASH on top of the fallen Cook, knocking him senseless as
they CONTINUE rolling.

The faeries dive for cover in the arched opening of the kitchen doorway
at the bottom of the ramp.

The barrels CRUNCH into the kitchen wall. Because they are larger than
the doorway, the faeries crouching inside are spared.

Oceans of wine flood out in a dark tidal wave, forcing the door and
washing the little people into the corridor beyond.


Brown Tom is beside himself with delight. He scoops up wine with
Screwball’s helmet and pours it on top of his head..

BROWN TOM: Whoopeeeeeee!

Jack appears in the shattered doorway, sword in hand.

JACK: Hate to break up the party, but there’s work to be done!

Gump jumps to his feet.

GUMP: Hurry! Get those plates~

Jack sheathes his sword and rushes into the kitchen.

Screwball and Blunder follow, but Brown Tom lingers behind, scooping the
helmet full of wine.

BROWN TOM: Just a wee taste....

Gump kicks Brown Tom smartly in the pants.

GUMP: Move! Or I make your head ring worse than any hangover!

Gump chases Brown Tom back into the kitchen.


The faeries gather up the fallen plates. Jack stares thoughtfully at the
fireplace, where the body of the Second Cook has snuffed out the flames.

GUMP: What’s on your mind, Jack?

JACK: Smoke rising.... That chimney must go clear to the top.

Gump peers into the hearth.

GUMP: Not much to hold onto. Take a peapod pixie to make the climb.

Screwball steps proudly forward.

SCREWBALL: I’ll do it!

The faeries are astonished. Screwball never volunteers.

GUMP: What? Can I believe my ears?

SCREWBALL: Don’t see why not. Ain’t I small enough for the job?

BLUNDER (proudly): No job’s too small for the Buttercup brothers....

SCREWBALL (on his knees: Please, Gump.... let me try. I know I’m always
trouble, but I want to make it up to you.... Prove that I won’t let you

BROWN TOM: Be sure ya don’t fall down!

GUMP: All right! Do it! But be swift.

SCREWBALL: Thank you....thank you.... You’ll never regret it....

Jack boosts Screwball up into the chimney.

JACK: I’m proud of you, Screwball. (handing him a plate) Don’t drop

GUMP (calling up): We’ll send Luna with a signal when all is ready.


Screwball clings to the smoke-blackened bricks, staring up the nearly
endless shaft at a small circle of light far above.

BROWN TOM (os) (calling from below): Always knew you’d be going places,
Screwball.... Good luck....!

SCREWBALL (to himself): I’m goin’ places, all right.... straight to the
top and on outta this hell-hole.... No more kitchen....no more
demons.... Just the easy life for Screwball Buttercup....

101C INTERIOR KITCHEN DAY A shining gold plate is propper on the Secnd
Cook smouldering in the fireplace.

Luna positions another plate against the bellows, taking care to get the
angle right.

Gump stands between the bellows and the shattered kitchen door,
measuring the nagle with a curious hand-held instrument.

GUMP: Little more to the left, Luna.... that’s better..just a touch
more.... perfect.


Blunder and Brown Tom run off carrying armloads of plates.

Jack leans a platter against the corridor wall, adjsuting it precisely.

JACK (calling): How’s that, Gump?

GUMP (os): Dead centre....!


Lili’s tears have dried. She prowls the majestic hall with regal
dignity. Something magic occurs at the baquet table: each crystal goblet
fills mysteriously with black wine as she passes; every empty bowl and
platter suddenly is heaped with an incredible things to eat-all of it

The food is beautiful in spite on its colour. Lili stares a it with
undisguised hunger. Some animal instinct warns her not to trust this
gleaming ebony feast, but she’s famished and snatches up an apple bright
as ploish anthracite.

DARKNESS (os): Good....eat....

Lili GASPS, dropping the apple. Darkness sits in one of the twin
grostesque thrones flanking the hearth.

DARKNESS (cont): The food is for your enjoyment.

LILI: I don’t want it! I’m not hungry!

DARKNESS: Do you lie just to please me?

LILI: I do nothing for your pleasure!

Darkness gestures to the opposing throne.

DARKNESS: You are so like a child, milady. Sit, and we’ll talk.

Lili makes no move towards the chair.

DARKNESS (CONT) (gently): Like a child, you expect anger and defiance
will upset me.... These are the qualities I admire most....

Lili snarls, fangs gleaming in the firelight.

LILI: So.... I’d love to rip out your throat, yet it would pain you more
if I licked your hand....

DARKNESS: All I desire is that you sit in that chair and talk with me.

Lili approaches the grotesque throne. Like some impossible organism, it
pulses in anticipation.

LILI: Sit....? Here....?

DARKNESS: Yes. Please....

LILI: I prefer to stand.

For a moment, Darkness nearly sucumbs to anger. The viens in his
forehead throb. His talons grip his throne in a spam of fury.

DARKNESS (snarling): Sit....!

Darkness shrewdly realises rage won’t work and he relaxes with a twisted

DARKNESS: (cont): .....or stand. As you wish.... It’s enough that we’re
alone together.... just the two of us....


Across the Great Hall from the blazing hearth is an identical fireplace.
This one is cold, but not empty. Covered with soot and as black as a
Moor, Screwball climbs into VIEW between the massive andirons.

DARKNESS (cont) (os): All of time awaits us....why not make a start.

Screwball puts down his plate and tiptoes into the Great Hall towards
the banqueting table.

LILI (os): A start at what....?


Darkness leans forward in his throne, smiling at Lili.

DARKNESS: Simple conversation....

LILI: What do we possibly have to talk about?

DARKNESS: Thoughts....dreams.... ambitions....

LILI: I have no interest in your foul ambition.

DARKNESS: Desire then....surely we beasts all have desire.


Unseen, Screwball climbs up onto the banquet table. He can’t believe his
good fortune. A bounteous feast surrounds him.

LILI (os): You’d never dream what I desire....

DARKNESS (os): Don’t be so sure.... Dreams are my speciality

Screwballs stuffs his tunic with black fruit. He rushes about, treading
on the feast in his crazed delirium at beung surrounded by such plenty.

DARKNESS (cont) (os): It is through dreams I influence mankind. I have
dreams of my own.... dreams of enternity with you....no more
silence....no more loneliness....


Lili LAUGHS in the face of Darkness.

LILI (scornfully): Such drivel! You sound like some simpering schoolboy!

DARKNESS: I’ll wager there was a time when the attention of a devoted
schoolbvoy were entirely to your liking.

Lili regards her claws with a savage sneer.

LILI (snarling): I know what I’d do with such meat now!

DARKNESS: ....all things change, lady. The pleasures of youth become the
regrets of maturity....

A loud CRASH on the banquet table causes Darkness to look around. He
SEES Screwball standing by the centrepiece, about to shove a whole
chicken in his mouth.

DARKNESS (cont) (angry): What’re you doing here?

Blackened with soot, Screwball easily passes for a goblin.

SCREWBALL (all innocence): .....am I early....?

DARKNESS: You impudent imp!

SCREWBALL: I thought the invitation said half-past....

DARKNESS (roaring): GET OUT!

Screwball gets the message. He drops the chicken and hops down off the
banquet table, running to the opposite fireplace for all he’s worth.

DARKNESS (cont) (gently to Lili): Sit.... I value your thoughts. Why not
share them with me?

Lili looks at the grotesque throne.

LILI: No more than that....just sit?

DARKNESS (nodding): Sit....

Lili steps up onto the oversized footstool. Inches behind her, the
monstrous throne swells and throbs like an organic creature, the
powerful sinews rippling with desire.

LILI (a feline smile): Doesn’t seem such an outrageous request....

The Princess prepares to sit, her luscious, silk-swathed bottom only
inches from the lavcivious surface of the squirming throne.

DARKNESS: You’ll never regret granting me this favour....

Lili’s eyes glitter as she teases him.

LILI: What shall we talk about?

DARKNESS (impatient): Just sit!

The febric of Lili’s gown brushes the writihing throne. In another
second she will be sitting. Unexpectedly, she stands up tall on the

LILI: Such a disagreeable chair....must be terribly uncomfortable. I
think I’ll stand if you don’t mind.

Darkness barely controls his raging anger.

DARKNESS: I prefer you to sit!

LILI: I’d rather stand, thank you.

Darkness’s forehead swells with fury.


LILI: No.... Not now....

Darkness puffs like an adder in his frenzy, rising up to tower over

DARKNESS (roaring): I command you to sit!

Lili is utterly unafraid. She LAUGHS at the swollen image of Darkness.

LILI: Don’t be silly.

Lili hops down from the footstool.

DARKNESS (screaming with rage): SIT, DAMN YOU!

Lili sashays past him, twitching her gown in an unashamedly wanton
fashion. Her hearty LAUGH is as loud as the outraged ROARS of Darkness.

LILI (laughing): Never.... never....

103-110 DELETED

110A INTERIOR DUNGEON CHASM DAY Jack scales a plate like a golden discus
across the chasm to Brown Tom waiting on the viaduct above.

Jack hurls another plate.

Suddenly, the Winged Monster, hatched from the walking Egg, glides
SHRIEKING from the shadows. It catches the plate in its saw-toothed beak
and dives at Jack. Gump sees it first.

GUMP: Jack....!

Dropping the plate, the Winged Monster rips at Jack. The Green Man draws
his sword and defends himself. The fight is savage and brief. Jack hacks
the Monster out of the air. It lies, flapping and broken at his feet.
Gump touches him sympathetically on the arm.

JACK: ....I’m all right....Let’s get on....to the dungeon....

GUMP (pensive): You have power within I never imagined.


Darkness stares at the Princess in a towering rage. She flirtatiously
pretends to be interested in a bit of fruit before rejecting it in
favour of another, which also proves not to her liking.

DARKNESS: I’m not above my own little pranks, milady.... Should you have
a taste for them.

LILI: No doubt they’re as foul as the stuff you set on your table....

Darkness relaxes, taking his cue from Lili’s mocking tone.

DARKNESS: Foul....or fair, such distinctions are entirely arbitrary, my
dear.... Does not the lowly toad think his mate fair, warts and all....?

LILI: Do you suggest I will think you fair some day?

DARKNESS: In time....and time we surely have... stretching before us....
infinity....like a merciful curtain closing off the past....

Darkness moves gracefully to Lili’s side and kneels before her.

DARKNESS (cont): I beseech you...do not reject my foods as you do my
food.... Never have I abased myself so before another....It is not
humility that brings me low, mistress.... but love....

LILI: Love?

DARKNESS: Aye, love.... You think my heart a barren desert where only
hate can flower....A much finer blossom show its petals now....nourished
by sorrow....watered with your tears... (baring his breast) I offer you
this rose, Princess! ....my heart....my soul....

Lili is astonished. She walks away to consider what Darkness has said.

Darkness watches her slyly. His expression reveals his words to have
been a ruse. He gloats in anticipation.

Lili turns back to face him. Darkness immediately resumes his look of

LILI: You dizzy me, lord.... I never thought to hear the word ‘love’
spoken again....

DARKNESS: You’ll hear it forever. (shouting) I love you!

LILI: If such is true....hope is yet alive... (regarding her claws)
These talons can caress as well as kill....

They are interrupted by the SOUND of a CHIME. An unseen clocks tolls the

Darkness stares up into the shadows.

DARKNESS: It grows late....


The setting sun blazes through distant drifting clouds, tinting the sky
in a riot of colours. Another CHIME is heard.


The SOUND of the unicorn’s frightened whinny carries up from the
dungeons below.

DARKNESS (laughing): Our wedding feast is in good voice....Think you

Lili cunningly disguises her alarm.

LILI: I admire your thrift, my lord, both the meal and entertainment in
a single dish.

Darkness appreciates this joke.

DARKNESS: Are you anxious to see blood flow?

LILI: As you are to drink it! (smiling slyly) Will the groom grant his
bride her wish on this night?

DARKNESS (beaming with pleasure): You have but to ask my savage beauty.

Lili leers, baring her feline teeth.

LILI: I want to kill the unicorn!

Darkness claps his hands with joy.

DARKNESS: Lady, you make me proud....


Screwball struggles up the endless chimney, past hideous gargoyles and
ancient skeletons imbedded in the blackened bricks.

The SOUNDS of conversation CARRY UP from below.

LILI (OS): I will do it with joy....! Let the unicorn’s blood anoint our

SCREWBALL: Crumpets and candlesticks....! She’s gonna kill it!

LILI (OS): ....and in the eternity awaiting us, I will happily sit on
your throne as befits the Queen of Darkness!

SCREWBALL: I can’t let that happen....Why, it’s not civilized!

Clutching the golden plate, Screwball struggles upwards like a tiny

He reaches into a grinning skull for a handhold and the jaws clamp shut
on his fingers.

SCREWBALL (cont): Billygoat dumplings!

Screwball yanks his hand free, nearly losing his balance. His terror
gives him renewed energy and he scrambles frantically up the inside of
the chimney.


The chimney pot is shaped like a monstrous demon. Black as a sweep,
Screwball emerges at the top and looks around.

The distant sun is a dying ember resting on the surrounding rim of dark
mountains. We HEAR the SOUND of a clock CHIME!


A distant CHIME stops Gump in his tracks. He pulls out his timepiece
from the pouch and studies it.

GUMP: ....not much time....


Princess Lili stretches out her arms towards Darkness.

LILI: Bring me to the wretched beast.

Darkness takes her arm and leads her towards the blazing hearth.

The unicorn’s distant whinny ECHOES from below.

DARKNESS: This way, fair beauty. I hear a throat begging to be cut.

Lili hesitates when she realises Darkness intends to lead her straight
into the flames.

LILI (fearful): No....! It’s impossible!

Darkness steps into the leaping flames. He turns and takes Lili’s hand.

DARKNESS: Now you are my queen. Nothing is impossible....Come....it
takes but a single step....Find the faith....

Darkness looks deep into Lili’s eyes. She places her tiny foot among the
white glowing coals. Nothing happens. Not even the fur is singed.

Lili smiles. Her fear vanishes. She stands at the side of her master.
Darkness wraps a powerful arm about the girl and they are consumed by
flames, becoming one with the blaze around them.


Unseen by the deformed goblin GUARDS, the faeries creep out of the
shadows and take cover behind a squat stone column.

Jack positions Blunder in the corridor entrance with the final plate
before joining the others.

JACK: Everything’s ready....

GUMP: And you, Jack? Your greatest challenge is still to come....

Darkness and Princess Lili emerge, arm in arm, out of a background
curtain of fire. They sweep majestically down the stone steps to where
the unicorn is chained.

Silent as mice, Jack and the faeries peer around at them. Jack is
horrified by Lili’s bestial appearance. JACK: ....oh, God....! Lili....

GUMP: Judge her with your heart, not your eyes.

Blix and Poxand the other goblin Guards scramble to attention as the
regal pair ascends.

BLIX: Greetings....

POX: S-s-s-salutations....

DARKNESS: Silence....! Prepare the unicorn for sacrafice!

The goblins hurry to comply. Blix selects a grotesque black greatsword
from among a rack of weapons.

Pox furiously pedals a grindstone. Blix applies the blade. Showers of
sparks shower onto the glistening floor.

Behind the column, the watching faeries are desparate. Luna’s glowing
LIGHT hovers above their heads.

BROWN TOM: The game is lost....for all of Jack’s pretty plan... . JACK:
No! It’ll work! It must!

GUMP: Luna! Fly up to Screwball! Tell him it’s time!

Quick as a FLASH, Luna STREAKS off into the shadows.

Blix carries the sharpened greatsword to Darkness, offering it with a
low bow.

DARKNESS: Excellent.... Let the ritual begin....

The demon Guards stand in a semi-circle around the unicorn. Blix and Pox
open tattered black prayer books. Darkness steps to a twisted lectern
and READS from a sinister volume.

DARKNESS: In the beginning, there was nothing....a void of darkness, a
cold enternity of silence....

POX: Endless night, black as death! Mother of Shadows protect us!

The assembled Guards answer in a ghastly CHORUS:

CHORUS OF GUARDS: Mother of Shadows, renew us!

POX: Dream Sister....eclipse our pain!

CHORUS OF GUARDS: Night Bride....restore our strength!


Luna BLAZES straight up out of the abysmal keep; a tiny shooting star.
The demons’ ceremony continues (OS):

DARKNESS (OS): ....and when the perfect void was corrupted by Light, a
great wailing was heard and all the brethern fled in terror....

Luna rockets along the ruined corridors of the labyrinth.

CHORUS OF GUARDS (OS): Deliver us, O’ Darkness, from all fear....


Darkness steps forward. His booming VOICE disturbs the sleeping abts and
sends them wheeling in clouds around his head.

DARKNESS: Hear me, ye Powers of the Night! We offer this sacrafive in
honour of you....

Darkness reaches up and seizes a fluttering bat from out of the air.

DARKNESS (cont): Here is our offering.... sanctified with blood....

Darkness crushes the bat to a pulp and splatters the unicorn’s white
flank with its blood. Darkness struggles mentally with the mare.

DARKNESS (cont): ....and with fire!

Darkness touches his fingertip to the unicorn’s haunch. The hide
smoulders instantly, leaving an ugly brand.

CHORUS OF GUARDS: Blood and fire, born of Night.... Blood and fire,
drown the Light!

The unicorn rears back. Her hooves CLATTER on the cold stones.

DARKNESS: I pray you, Father, accept my sacrafice....Let Light be orever
extinguished! Let the Age of Darkness begin!

Darkness contorts with the strain on imposing his will on the unicorn.
He dominates the mare and she grows calm.

As the Demon Guards CHANT, Blix and Pox strain at the winch. They drag
the unicorns towards the chopping block.



Screwball stands watching the sunset. One hands holds the plate, the
other polishes a black apple on his tunic.

SCREWBALL (singing under his breath):

The apple is bright as obsidian. Screwball smiles at his reflection on
its gleaming surface.

SCREWBALL (cont) (singing): ....fiddle- dee-widdle-dee....

Screwball takes a big bite of the apple.

Screwball grins, chewing happily. Not a care in the world.

It hits him like a stroke. His eyes cross and he toppes, dropping the

Luna comes BLASTING out of the chimney like a tracer bullet.

LUNA (tiny voice): Screwball!

Screwball falls onto the rim of the chimney.

In a brilliant BURST OF LIGHT, Luna materialises into her grown self,
catching the plate an instant before it drops over the edge.

LUNA (cont): Do it!

Luna looks sadly down on Screwball, touching him with her toe.

LUNA (cont): Screwball...wake up!

Screwball SNORES loudly.

LUNA (cont): Oh, Screwball....

Luna aims the golden plate at the ruby BLAZE of the setting sun. She
aims a beam of LIGHT straight down the chimney.


The beam of LIGHT descends the dark shaft like a golden waterfall.


The beam of LIGHT moves like a searchlight inside the fireplace,
criss-crossing the Second Cook’s body as it misses the propped plate he
holds by inches.


Working together, the two goblins turn the iron winch. Bit by bit, the
cable is drawn forward onto the drum.

The unicorn’s neck is stretched across the block.

Darkness stands before Lili, offering the greatsword.

DARKNESS: Once your hands were too delicate for such a task....spinning
and weaving were more their work....

LILI: Let my loom be made of flesh and blood.... I am sister to the

Lili eagerly seizes the sword.

DARKNESS: What a queen you’ll make!

Jack slumps against the wall, desparate.

JACK: Come on, Screwball....

GUMP: She means to do it, Jack! She’s one of them!

Jack stares at Lili.

Gump grabs a long black bow from a weapon rack, and an arrow from a
quiver beside it.

GUMP (cont): I’m going to stop her!

JACK: Gump, wait! I trust her!

Gump fits an arrow onto the bowstring.

The unicorn is helpless before Lili. Blix locks the winch, securing the

DARKNESS: My lady, the birth of a new world awaits your stroke.

Lili swings the greatsword high over head.

CHORUS OF GUARDS (chanting): Blood and fire....eternal ice! Blood and
fire....and sacrafice....

Gump draws back the arrow in the longbow, aiming at Lili.

JACK: No....! Don’t...!

Jack grabs the bow. He and Gump struggle for the weapon.





The beam of LIGHT hits the plate held by the Second Cook in the
fireplace. It STREAKS across the the plate leaning on the bellows,
ZIGZAGGING out into the corridor.


The beam of LIGHT ZOOMS out of the corridor, strikes the plate on the
viaduct, and REFLECTS down into the lowest depths of the castle.


Gump is determined to shoot Lili. Jack, equally determined to stop him.

JACK: I trust her, Gump....I’ll always trust her....

GUMP: Foolish, mortal!

The beam of LIGHT STREAMS in through the corridor. Blunder REFLECTS it
off his plate towards the others.

Struggling for the bow, Jack and Gump kick over the propped shielf the
moment the LIGHT beam reaches it.

BROWN TOM: Stop lads....! The light!

A wild LAUGH bursts from Lili’s throat. She swings the sword with all
her might.

The blade arcs through the air, a glittering SUNBURST where it carves
through the deflected beam of LIGHT.

Lili aims not for the mare, but for the line restraning her. The sword
severs the woven cable.

LILI (exultant): Run! You’re free....!

The unicorn plunges into the shadows. Only the ECHO of her hoofbeats

Jack and Gump stop struggling. Jack dives for his fallen shield.

Darkness pulls a weapon from his belt. It is the stallion’s alicorn
mounted as a shortsword.

DARKNESS (sneering savagely): Innocence!

Huge and terrible, Darkness lunges for Lili, driving the alicorn
straight through her side.

Lili is pierced by the horn. She GASPS, supported by the Demon’s hold on
the blade.

Miraculously, Lili’s features alter and TRANSFORM. The fangs and claws
disappear. Her fur melts like the morning dew. She is an innocent maiden
once more.

Lili slides dying off the alicorn and falls to the ground.

Jack holds his shield in the beam of LIGHT, angling in a bright swath
towards Darkness.

JACK: Burn....! You evil bastard....

The LIGHT hits Darkness like an express train. He HOWLS, blasted in a
smoking whirlwind across the dungeon.

Darkness cowers on his knees, SCREAMING in the LIGHT.

All the goblins scatter HOWLING from the LIGHT.

Brown Tom capers a happy two-step around Gump, who stares straight up
into the central keep.

BROWN TOM: ....and we’ll dance on the black devil’s grave....

GUMP’S POV : LOOKING UP: The beam of LIGHT dims and goes out.

BROWN TOM (OS): What’s wrong....? What’s happening, Gump?

Gump shrugs, looking sadly at Jack and the darkened shield he holds.

GUMP (sadly): Sunset....

With a savage SNARL, Darkness staggers off into the gloon, trailing
trendrils of smoke.

Jack drops the shield and rushes to Lili’s side. He kneels and cradles
her in his arms.

Throwing back his head, Jack HOWLS like a wild animal. His CRY is a
wolf-wail of utter despair.

Gump runs frantically up to grieving Green Man.

GUMP: No, Jack....Quick! He’s after the mare!

Gump seizes the grotesque sacraficial greatsword.

GUMP (cont): The world needs a champion! (handing Jack the black sword)
Use this against him!

Jack snatches the sword. He rises cold with fury and runs off into
pursuit of Darkness.






The unicorn gallops through a desolate landscape of broken columns and
grumbled masonry.


A precipice jutting over eternity. The unicorn runs along a narrow trail
bordering the edge of the abyss, highlighted by a bright backdrop of
comets and stars.


CLOSE ON: The black hooves of Darkness as he runs relentlessly along the
unicorn’s track.

PULL BACK to show Darkness TRANSFORMED into a muscular black unicorn
stallion. He surges onward, an explosion of strength. FLAMES flare from
his nostrils.


The huge black unciron THUNDERS out of the cavern-mouth.

The mare stand alone, trapped on a final promontory.

The black stallion REARS and charges the mare....

Black and terrible, the devil stallion rises over the mare, striking out
with his fearsome hooves.

The mare staggers before this onslaught of evil, falling to the ground
amid flying black feet.

The black stallion paws the ground, preparing to ram his alicorn into
the fallen mare.

Jack runs out from the dark cavern, gripping the evil greatsword with
both hands. He sees the stallion tower above the mare

JACK (calling out): Darkness....! You rotten filth!

The superb black unicorn turns to meet this new challenge. He SNORTS,
breathing fire, and lowers his head, charging straight at Jack.

Jack stands his ground, greatsword poised, as the huge black stallion
gallops towards him, hooves striking SPARK.

Jack swings with all his might as the demon unicorn ROARS slavering

The greatsword passes straight through the black beast, as if it were
striking a ghost.

Jack is knocked off balance by the fury of the charge, but he manages to
stay on his feet as the stallion wheels and attackes again.

The black unicorn’s red eyes BLAZE as he crashes into Jack.

The Green Man is thrown awkwardly to one side. He loses the greatsword
and sprawls helpless on the ground.

Dazed, Jack rises on his elbows.. He sees the black hooves of Darkness
standing before him.

Looking up, Jack sees the Lord of Darkness TRANSFORMED back to his
original form. He holds his alicorn sword pointed straight at the boy’s

DARKNESS: Always a pleasure to take a brave man’s life.

Darkness thrusts down with the alicorn, but Jack rolls skillfully aside
and counds to his feet.

JACK: ....haven’t killed me yet....

Jack draws his own sword and swings at Darkness, who parries with the
alicorn. SPARKS fly.

Jack swings again. Darkness catches the blade in his bare hand and holds
Jack immobile to meet his malevolent gaze.

DARKNESS: ....Oh, but I have...

Jack is speechless with horror.

DARKNESS (cont): Don’t you know me, boy, don’t you know from whence I

The muscle hump behind Darkness’s neck bulges and cracks. It bursts open
and a pair of leathery bat wings unfold. Jack’s horror is complete.

DARKNESS (cont): Time to die....

Darkness drives the alicorn sword into Jack’s chest, running him

Jack’s eyes are wide with astonishment. Is this what it’s like to die?

Darkness pulls the alicorn out of Jack. There is no blood! No trace of a
wound remains on his flesh. Jack blinks in wordless amazement.

DARKNESS (cont): So...! I should have known....We’re just the same!
You’re immortal, Jack!

JACK (disbelieving): No....! I’m not! I’m human....

DARKNESS (laughing): Who was your mother?

JACK (confused): I....don’t know....

DARKNESS: Who was your father?

JACK: ....I....can’t remember....

DARKNESS: How long have you lived in the forest?

JACK: All my life....! I...I.... know who I am....

DARKNESS: You pitiful fool! An immortal all this time and never knew....
(laughing) Don’t you see, Jack? Don’t you understand your power....!
Together we could rule the universe!

JACK (bewildered): .....together....?

DARKNESS: There’d be nothing to stop us! No power could stand in our
way! We’re just the same, Jack....You and I..... eternal....!

Jack struggles to understand the immensity of this revelation. He wavers
in the face of the demon’s persuasiveness.

All at once, the mare unicorn gallops up from the shadows, white and

She spears Darkness straight his mid-section. The evil Lord SCREAMS,
staring down at the shining alicorn thrsut out of his chest.

DARKNESS (cont): ....Father....! Protect me....

Darkness starts to shrink. The mare lifts the writhing demon high in the
air, impaled like a kicking insect.

Rearing, the unicorn arches her neck and tosses Darkness over toe edge
into the abyss.

Darkness tumbles into the haze. His final HOWL is a lament from the
depths of Hell.

At the last moment, the falling figure of Darkness TRANSFORMS into the
flapping black cloak and sails off into the shadows.

Jack picks up the alicorn. He wraps his other arm around the unicorn’s
neck. They stand together at the edge of the world, united in a
victorious embrace.


The faeries gather at the entrance. Screwball is there, half asleep.
Luna is full-sized. Pale and sleeping, Lili lies on the black cloak. The
faeries stand around her, eyes downcast.

Jack rides up, mounted on the unicorn. Surrounded by light, he is more
than a champion. He is divine. The faeries are delighted.

GUMP: Why....Jack....solved your riddle at last....

BROWN TOM: Should’ve known no mortal could speak unicorn like that....

JACK: How is Lili?

GUMP: Sadly beyond the help of faerie magic. She’s under a powerful
spell.... It’s like a riddle....

Jack understands. He brightens into a smile.

JAC: I know the answer....! Lift her to me, gently....

Jack hands Gump the alicorn as the faeries gather Lili in their arms,
lifting her above their heads.

Jack carefully pulls the enchanted Princess in front of him across the
unicorn’s withers.

JACK (cont): We’ll meet again, dear friends....

Jack touches his heels to the unicorn’s flanks and they gallop off in a
CLATTER of hoofbeats.

GUMP (waving): Ride like the wind, Jack....

BROWN TOM: Wish we could go with him....

GUMP: And why not? I know some magic words that’ll do the trick!

SCREWBALL: Oh no! Not me! I hate to travel like that....makes me sick.

GUMP: Stand back....! The sky’s the limit!

SCREWBALL: Can’t stand your bumpy takeoffs....

Abruptly, Screwball SHOOTS into the air, flying out of sight.

GUMP: Screwball! Wait for the spell....

SCREWBALL (os): ....I never do....

Gump gestures magically.

GUMP: Eiderdown and milkfeed fluff....

All at once, Gump, Blunder, and Brown Tom STREAK off into space. Luna
watches them go. TRANSFORMING into a dot of LIGHT, she speeds up after


Jack clings to Lili as the unicorn thunders through the midnight forest,
darting like quicksilver between the shadowy trees, leaping impossible
chasms, splashing across streams in a burst of moonlit spray.


The full moon hangs above like the lantern of God as the faeries tumble
through the clear night sky. Gump rides the alicorn like a broomstick.

Far below, magically white and fluid as free-roving moonbeam, the
unicorn carries her passengers across the nocturnal forest with the ease
of a dreamer transported through time.

128 EXTERIOR RING POND DAY It is not yet sun-up. The first faint trace
of the false dawn tints the eastern horizon. Everywhere, the snow is
melting. It is like springtime, with bold patches of green showing
through the frozen landscape.

A bright beam of LIGHT APPROACHES, weaving between the giant trees. It
is Jack and Lili, mounted on the unicorn.

Jack rides up onto the high rock overinghanfing the ponnd and slides
easily to the ground with Lili in his arms.

The unicorn doesn’t move. She stands watching as Jack gently rests Lili
down on the mossy earth.

Jack strips off his golden mail coat and steps on the edge of the
promontory. He dives gracefully into the pond.


Screwball in the lead, the faeries CRASH down through the trees,
bouncing to a stop on the forest floor.



GUMP (cheerfully): Home again!

The bedraggled faeries scowl at Gump.


Jack streaks down, streaming air bubbles like a comet’s tail.


The faeries gather around the frozen unicorn stallion. His alicorn has
been restored. Wreathed in flowers, it stands majestically out from his


Jack strokes deeper and deeper into the pond, past undulating weeds and
curious fish.


Faeries are all about, dancing and SINGING around the statuesque
unicorn. They pelt one another with petals. The mare stands demurely to
one side, draped in blossoms.


At the bottom, Jack moves carefully, trying not to stir up the muck. He
gently parts the drifting trendrils, searching among the water weeds.


High above the faerie celebration, beautiful MUSIC is HEARD. It is Gump,
playing his violin in uppermost branches of a towering pine. Delicate as
the call of a meadow lark, Gump’s music rises sweetly into the heavens.
It is just dawn. The sun’s GLOW blazes in the east.


A winking GLEAM catches Jack’s eyes and he reaches out an eager hand.

A cloud silt issues from his grasp as he opens his fingers. Centred on
his palm, golden and perfect, is Lili’s ring.


Round and full, the sun rises. The golden sun rays pierce through the
trees and start across the open meadow. Gump’s music continues, more
lyrical than ever.

As the sunlight advances, bright spring flowers push up through the
once-frozen earth.


Jack turns and strokes upwards, higher and higher, towards the shining
ceiling of light far above.


Gump’s music swells to a crescendo. The life-giving sunlight reaches
across the meadow and strikes the flank of the dormant stallion.


Jack breaks the surface, holding the ring triumphantly above his head.


The Princess sleeps under the tree. She no longer wears the black
wedding gown, but is dressed as before. Jack’s armour has also

Jack kneels before Lili and slips the ring onto her finger.

He takes the girl into his arms and kisses her passionately on the

Lili smiles. Her eyelids flutter.





The unicorn’s sunlit flesh twitches, dislodging a butterfly warming his
wings on his haunch.

In a single, beautiful movement, the stallion rises to his feet. He
arches his powerful neck and CALLS to his mate. The magic animals gallop
off together across the open meadow.




Princess Lili awakens. LILI: Oh....! Jack! What a dream I’ve had!

The Princess smiles when she sees the ring on her finger.

LILI (cont): Such a terrible dream.... I could never tell you....

Lili looks around, but Jack is nowhere in sight.

LILI (cont): Jack....? Where are you....? (calling) Green Jack!

Getting no reply, Lili wanders off in search of Jack.


Puzzled, Lili searches the familiar place.

LILI (calling): Jack....! Where are you hiding now?

The wind surges through the treetops. The leaves all move together as if
they were a single living organism.

Jack’s VOICE is heard out of the waving trees.

JACK (os): I’m everywhere, Lili....my spirit lives in everything....

LILI: Jack.... Don’t play games with me! I love you!

JACK (os): I....love.....you...

LILI: Will you be here tomorrow?

Unseen in the bushes, Gump and the faeries hide, grinning as they watch

JACK (os): I’m always here, Lili.... whenever you come....

Mystified, but happy, Princess Lili picks a flower and wanders off into
the sun-bright woods.



A lush broad expanse, boldly pattered with wild flowers. Breasting the
waving grass like a swimmer in the sea, the unicorn bounds joyfully in
total freedom.

Mounted on the animal’s back, his arms in victory, Jack rides like a
triumphant angel. His hair and skin are tinted green! He is the
incarnation of all that is magical in Nature.


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