What happened to Blix and Pox in the LEGEND script?

In every version of LEGEND available, Blix and Pox are major characters in the film and then they disappear from the story after capturing Lili and the Unicorn.

All of the scripts I can get my hands on have both Blix and Pox helping Darkness when Lili cuts the Unicorn free. Then both Blix and Pox just disappear from the script as seen below.

And then a little further on in the script :

And that's the last time we see Blix and Pox.

The following information on their fates was provided by LEGEND's scriptwriter William Hjortsberg:

"As for Blix and Pox, they weren't even in the script until sometime around draft seven or so (can't be sure as most of this material is now in storage.)  However, in my copy of the shooting script, I find them cowering behind a fallen column after the sunlight blasts Darkness.  

Pox asks if they should help.  

Blix says (in effect) "Don't be a fool.  We'll stay here where we are safe."  

That's the last we see of them.  Don't know if this business was ever filmed.  If so, it must have been cut like so much else.

In researching this for you, I came across a final scene between Jack and Darkness at the edge of the world.  Darkness runs Jack through with the alicorn but he doesn't bleed or die, revealing him as an immortal, something he was unaware of up until this moment of enlightenment.  This too was lost, alas."

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