The little dash marks indicate doors/exits to each room.  Some rooms have one way doors until you do something like open the drapes etc.  Then again some are one way no matter what you do.  When you go into the maze, most doors IN to the maze are one way.  Only way I know to get OUT of the maze is to find the pit at the end and jump it  I did this map in the MS Paint program and did the whole thing by hand and it was not easy!  I was thinking of putting it into excel format but I figured I would give this a shot.  Sorry I am not an artist!  The doors from the maze on the left and right that go off the map go to different maps which I have not mapped yet.
If the map doesn't load for you or comes up as a bunch of garbled characters, let me know and I will email it to you.  It takes a few minutes to d/l the whole thing.