Ryk Thekreator" <kreator2@home.com writes - the mushrooms DO regenerate, after having eaten one.

David Nothnagle <dosifei@yahoo.com> writes:
David discovered the following after he sent me the first set of items.  Please read this part first!
1. The "mystery" of the first-floor music room is solved right in the manual! This is the one room which the Sprite cannot move items into or out of. This makes it the best possible "hoarding-room," unless it is in an inaccessible place.
2. Just a typo, but for a neophyte it could spell trouble--in my "walkthrough" section, I instruct people to look for the parchment on the third floor, but it is located the maze (big
or little).
3. I figured out what the mist flowing down the east wall in the little maze is (I mentioned this in my map section notes)--you can JUMP MIST from that room, and end up in the room east and south from the pit in the little maze. A useful shortcut, but I was disappointed not to find treasure!
4. If you go to the room with music in the maze (not the one on the first floor), and PLAY FLUTE while holding the parchment, a secret ledge appears! Then, if you are holding the rope, you can CLIMB LEDGE and find a treasure.

================== 1. Information about spells: ==================

Vetar = food + mushroom. Vetar is found on the first floor. It is used to get back your lamp if it is blown from your grasp. It is very important not to type anything before you type VETAR in this case--which can be difficult if you are moving fast!

Mitra = parchment + Vetar.  Mitra is found on the second floor. I haven't figured out what it does yet.

Okkan = talisman + Mitra. Okkan is found on the second floor. If you type OKKAN in the room with the rocks with a dull, eerie glow, you get a treasure.

Akhirom = rope + Okkan. Akhirom is the last spell found on the second floor. Typing AKHIROM in the Hydra's presence is the only way to kill the Hydra. Note that since you need the rope for Akhirom, and Akhirom kills the Hydra, it is of utmost importance not to TIE HYDRA before you get Akhirom. RUN past the Hydra if you need to, instead.

Nergal = scepter + Akhirom. Nergal is found on the third floor. It is used to dispel fog, but doesn't seem to work. Just don't stay too long in foggy rooms and you'll be fine.

Belrog = vial + Nergal. Belrog, the other third-floor spell, is used to get a safe ride across a pit. However, you only need a safe ride if you are at low health, and it is most unsafe to cast spells at low health, so this is mostly useless. There is a better spell for getting outside, if that's why you want to JUMP PIT.

Crom = pendant + Belrog. Crom is found in the maze. It unblocks every blocked passage in a room. Sometimes this is useful, but usually you won't have to use it if you RUN judiciously.

Ishtar = spellbook + Crom. Ishtar is far and away the hardest spell to get, since the Oracle never tells you what you need to get the spellbook. Through going through every possible combination of items, you can come up with your own list. I used to have one, and there were 4 possibilities if I remember correctly. Of these, I have only rediscovered 2: Pendant + Scepter + Crom, and Mushroom + Goblet + Crom. Ishtar is worth the trouble though, because casting it takes you outside from anywhere in the Labyrinth!