How can I play the Buckaroo Banzai Text/Graphic Adventure Game today?

Text Version

ON-LINE - The easiest way to play the text version of the game today is on-line at However, be warned that with the walkthough I was able to get to the last part of the game but not finish it, unlike with the ScottFree version below where I was able to finish the game.

You can also download the game in ScottFree format and, using a ScottFree interpreters, play the game. I was able to use the walkthough to get to the end of the ScottFree version of the game.

ScottFree Interpreters -

ScottFree Buckaroo Banzai game rom -

Baf's Guide to the IF Archive contains different versions of the game rom to download :

Graphics Version

You have several choices for the graphics version of the Buckaroo Banzai game : Apple II, Commadore 64 and Atari. I can't find a link to the Atari game rom anymore but I do have links to the other two.

If you'd like to play the graphic version of the game you'll have to get an Apple II or Commador 64 emulator. Once you have the eulator, you'll need one of the following game roms.

Commadore 64 file download -

Apple II Game Rom download -

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