Is there a walkthrough for the Buckaroo Banzai Text/Graphic Adventure game?

Yes. The walkthrough below was created by Zeljko Juric and can be found at along with this map (

Some notes about this walkthrough from Sean : I was able to use this walkthough successfully only on one platform - the ScottFree Interpreter. (see How can I play the Buckaroo Banzai Text/Graphic Adventure Game today?). I tried the walkthrough on the on-line version of the game as well as on the Apple II and Commadore 64 emulators and the button to send the transmittion to stop the bomb never worked on any of these platforms.

If you'd like to see how the game ends, jump to the bottom of the page, after the walkthrough.

BUCKAROO BANZAI by Scott Adams - Adventure International Walkthrough by Zeljko Juric


This game is strictly deterministic, without important random elements, so it is possible to give exact step by step solution.



(You start in Yoyodyne office) MOVE TABLE (you find a safe), W, E, E, GO HOUSE, GET TOOLBOX, EXAMINE TOOLBOX (a sticker reads "Sam's Service Station"), S, W, W, GO STATION, DROP TOOLBOX, GO BOOTH, EXAMINE TRASH (you find old car battery), GET BATTERY, EXAMINE BATTERY (there is no water in it), N, E, N, N, W, GO CAR, EXAMINE DASHBOARD (the car is out of fuel), EXAMINE COMPARTMENT, INVENTORY (you find a formula and a jar of glowing fluid), READ FORMULA (how to made a fuel for the car), GET OUT (of the car), DROP FORMULA, N, GET SAND, GO SHACK, GET RADIO, EXAMINE RADIO (there is transmit switch but there's no battery and no antenna), E, N, FILL BATTERY (with the water from the lake), E, S, W, DROP BATTERY, E, S, S, W, GO SHED, DROP RADIO, CONNECT ANTENNA (to the radio), N, E, GO YOYODYNE, DROP SAND, DROP JAR, W, N, GO STORE, GET PICK, GET GET PUMP, EXAMINE PUMP (a hose is only 6 ft. long), GET HYDROMETER, GET CABLES, E, N, W, CHECK BATTERY (using the hydrometer - aha, the battery is dead), DROP HYDROMETER, E, S, S, S, E, DIG (using the pick - you dig a hole), EXAMINE HOLE (you see an underground phone line), CUT LINE, GET LINE (it is still attached), DIG (again - you din an another hole), CUT LINE, GET LINE (this time you succeed), W, N, N, N, N, EXAMINE MOUNTAIN (you see a ledge 15 ft. up with a small peak), DROP PUMP, DROP CABLE, THROW LINE (now you have the problem: your hands must be empty to climb the line but you will need the pick later; so you must use a trick), TIE LINE, TO PICK, CLIMB LINE (you climb on small mountain ledge), PULL LINE (now you have the pick), GET QUARTZ (using the pick), D, DROP PICK, DROP LINE, GET PUMP, GET CABLE, S, W, GET BATTERY, EXAMINE CAR (you see power terminals, fuel tank and a jet engine connected by a hose), CONNECT CABLES, TO BATTERY (preparing for recharging, you will recharge it later), GET HOSE (now you can make the hand pump hose longer), E, S, S, GO STATION, OPEN TOOLBOX (something is inside), INVENTORY (you now have a key, a roll of duct tape and a flashlight), EXAMINE PIPE (locked), UNLOCK PIPE (with the key), DROP KEY, CONNECT HOSE (to the hand pump using the tape), DROP TAPE, E, GO YOYODYNE, GET SAND, GET JAR (the glowing fluid in it is the required catalyst), LIGHT FLASHLIGHT, GO STAIRCASE, DROP QUARTZ, DROP JAR, DROP SAND, EXAMINE STAIRCASE, INVENTORY (you find an empty chemical jug), GO STAIRCASE, UNLIGHT FLASHLIGHT, W, GO STATION, PUT HOSE (now, it can reach deep enough to get the gasoline), PUMP GAS (into the jug, using the hand pump), DISCONNECT HOSE, DROP PUMP, E, N, N, W, GET FORMULA, DROP HOSE, E, S, S, GO YOYODYNE, GO STAIRCASE, LIGHT FLASHLIGHT, DROP JUG, MAKE FUEL, DROP FORMULA, GO STAIRCASE, UNLIGHT FLASHLIGHT, W, N, N, W, CONNECT CABLES, TO TERMINALS (now the battery is ready for the recharging, but the recharging is possible only when the car engine is on), REFUEL CAR, DROP JUG, GET HOSE, N, N, WASH HOSE (very important), S, S, REPLACE HOSE (must be washed first, else the car engine will explode due to dirty fuel), GO CAR, EXAMINE DASHBOARD (fuel gauge now reads full), PRESS BUTTON (engine is idling), GET OUT, GET BATTERY (now recharged), GO CAR, CLOSE COCKPIT (you must close it if you want to drive the car, else the engine will only idle), PRESS BUTTON (you drive to Main Street), PRESS BUTTON (you drive inside the mountain), LIGHT FLASHLIGHT, OPEN COCKPIT, GET OUT, EXAMINE BOMB (you can see a light marked "RFI shield" is on, a switch and an envelope), PRESS SWITCH (something happened), EXAMINE BOMB (RFI shield is now off - the bomb now can get commands using radio waves), GET ENVELOPE, N, OPEN DOOR (you go through and it closes behind you), UNLIGHT FLASHLIGHT, DROP FLASHLIGHT, W, N, W, GET CABLES, E, S, S, GO YOYODYNE, OPEN ENVELOPE (something is inside), INVENTORY (you find a key), DROP ENVELOPE, OPEN SAFE (with the key from the envelope), INVENTORY (you find a sheet of paper), W, W, GO SHED, DROP BATTERY, DROP CABLE, CONNECT BATTERY (to the radio), READ PAPER (how to deactivate the bomb), EXAMINE RADIO (there is a transmit switch), PRESS SWITCH, TRANSMIT WARFIN, TRANSMIT YOYODYNE (The Earth is again safe, the adventure is over).



- To save the game type SAVE GAME. Typing only SAVE will not be enough.
- Use flashlight only when necessary, else you will run out of light very soon.
- Avoid going to the freeway; there is no way to go back from there, although going there gives you a hint what is your task in the game.



Classic Scott Adams game, not so hard. The parser is simple verb-noun parser. Written using ScottFree interpreter, so this game is avaliable for nearly all computers (including PC), and a source file of the game is also fully avaliable.


Game solution by Zeljko Juric

If something is not clear, ask me using E-mail:


The End of the Game

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