What kind of equipment does Team Banzai use?

The following information was compiled from various issues of World Watch OnLine - http://www.worldwatchonline.com. Everything below this paragraph is from the original e-mails sent by Paul Czaplicki (Guns and equipment information and comments) and Mark Balascak (Motorcycle information).

"Note: [There is] quite an eclectic assortment of firearms. Interesting to note that the weapons they choose are all a little off the beaten path. Generally, SWAT teams and Special Forces prefer to utilize the Heckler and Koch MP5 series of submachineguns (SMGs), due to their dependability, reliability and accuracy. These same groups also generally use Sig Sauer or Heckler and Koch pistols (though I'm told that the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, aka HRT, use the .45 M1911A1 made by springfield)."



Colt Peacemaker (aka Single Action Army)

 (Note: Pg. 161-2 of the Book quotes Reno as saying "They were the Navy Colts he used only when going in search of Hanoi Xan, massive heavy pistols which had belonged to his father.")

Both are black powder percussion pistols

Allow me to quote the Colt catalog

"Among the most popular of all Colt cap and ball revolvers, the 1851 Navy ranks second only to the 1849 Pocket in total numbers produced. The 1851 was designed to be an intermediate in size and type between the Dargoon .44 and the 1849 Pocket .31 and was intended mainly for civilian and Navy use. The1851 Navy is a six shot .36 caliber with a 7 1/2 barrel and a cylinder engraved with the scene of a battle between the navies of Texas and Mexico.

At 2 lbs, 10 oz, the 1851 Navy was a muzzle loading revolver lighter than the Dragoon but still fired a hard hitting charge. Thousands of these unites were issued by the US Government after their first bulk purchase in the 1.000 gun contract of July 1855.Total production ultimately exceeded 255,000 unites. This weapon was a personal favorite of Col. Colt himself."



New Jersey

Colt .380 Automatic Model M pocket pistol 



Perfect Tommy

Pistol: It appears to be a Heckler and Koch P7M8 Pistol 9mm blowback operated, often referred to as a "squeeze cocker" for the unique safety mechanism. 

Shotgun: I think it is a Remington 870 Mark 6. The stock folds into a top position above the receiver. 




Pistol: The book quotes him as having a ".45 automatic" (pg. 168). This, of course, refers to John Brownings design of the Colt M1911. 

This is, perhaps, the most popular automatic pistol on the planet, and one who's popularity continues to this day.

Rifle: British Sterling L2 series submachinegun. 




Ruger Mini-14 with folding stock 


Penny Priddy

I'm taking a guess here... looks like a "Baby Browning". These are pocket pistols, generally .25 ACP caliber. Very small, very light. Designed as carry guns



Wow. Never get a good look at this. Obviously a blued revolver. Appears to have a laynard ring, which would make it a military issue weapon. Perhaps an early Colt New Service?



"Mac 10" Ingram M10. Probably 9mm. 

Nasty little guns, referred to by my SEAL friends as a "phone booth" gun... in that you had to be inside a phone booth, along with your target, to ensure any hope of hitting the target with the rapid fire rate.





Note: This weapon still has the old furniture (front stock) of the triangular (or beaver grip) design. It has since been replaced in Military Service by the upgraded model.




Street Sweeper 12 gauge revolving magazine shotgun.


Rasta Drummer

The ubiquitous Uzi submachine gun. 




Buckaroo plays a Fender Stratocaster, blond body with Maple neck.

Pinky plays a Fender P-bass, white body with black pickguard.

Perfect Tommy plays a Gretsch Hollow body electric.

Harley Davidson

As a BBI and a rider of a Harley Davidson I thought it would be interesting to point out that the motorcycle Buckaroo rode in the film was a Harley Davidson XR1000. This bike was a special production with the intent to help rejuvinate the (at the time) ailing Harley Davidson Motor Co. Not many were made and today this model is very collectable. The XR1000 was at the time the fastest and baddest model that Harley offered. It figures that Buckaroo would ride such a cool bike in the film.


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