Who are The Blue Blaze Irregulars and what do we know about them?

(The following information is found in the Buckaroo Banzai novel)

In 1984 there were "better than six thousand BBI's world-wide; men, women, and children who subscribe to the Blue Blaze newsletter; who attend selected symposia at the Banzai Institute, who submit their bodies periodically to rugged physical training at such places as the desert survival school in Nevada, the mountaineering school in Alaska, and a half dozen others around the globe; who are required to make certain educational advancements; who are "on call" twenty-four hours a day to help B. Banzai in a pinch, or their neighbors in a natural disaster."


According to Replay :


The first reference I come across here is in the next-to-last paragraph on page 128 and describes Scooter as "a nine-year-old black youth wearing the uniform of the Blue Blaze Irregulars, that scourge upon evildoers everywhere."

On the next page, in its last paragraph, we learn (and keep in mind these numbers can only be presumed accurate as of the date they were written) "Never mind for a moment the fact that there were at last count better than six thousand Blue Blaze irregulars world wide -- men, women, and children ..."

Pinky is never identified as more than "an auxiliary guitarist with the band." (pg.48, the opening paragraph of Ch.9)


In the February 18, 1983 and March 30, 1983 Revised Third Drafts of the script, the terminology is a good bit different than it ended up in the movie. On page 47 of the February version and page 50, scene 219 of the March version, Scooter refers to himself as "Future Knight of the Blue Shield 41 1/2"

Pinky's line at the gate (Feb. pg.55/Mar. pg.59, scene 250) is "Knight Commander Pinky Carruthers. Sorry, John, _all_ these people 'need see' Buckaroo in person."

Interestingly, Caspar Lindley actually introduces himself to Buckaroo in these, which was later omitted altogether. He's a "Knight of the Blue Shield" (Feb. pg.52/Mar. pg.56, scene 241).


In all the versions I'm familiar with, including the transcript at Where can I find a Buckaroo Banzai transcript?, the term is rendered Blue Blaze Irregular.

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