What archival information is there on a Director's Cut of LEGEND from 1996 - 2002?

This question contains all of the information that the LEGEND FAQ had about a Director's Cut of LEGEND from 1996 thru 2002 when it was finally released. When this question was started we could only hope for a director's cut. Now we have one and we are very happy. The oldest entries are at the bottom of this page.

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May 22nd, 2002

May 16th, 2002

May 10th, 2002


Ridley Scott was on the Mr. Showbiz Web site [http://www.mrshowbiz.com] on Feburary 1st, 1996 and he answered questions asked by people live on the Web. He was asked about a Director's cut of LEGEND.

The following is what I saw the day it happened :

This is what is posted on the Mr. Showbiz Web Site :

Luckily, Mr. Scott does not say that he doesn't WANT to do a Director's Cut of LEGEND, just that he thinks there probably won't be one because of all that would have to go into convincing the studio that a recut should be done. There is still hope!

The rest of this interview may still be found on the Mr. Showbiz web site at : http://www.mrshowbiz.com


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