What happened to the fourth goblin found in the LEGEND script named Tic?

The character of Tic was cut from all versions of LEGEND that are commercially available. He can be seen briefly in a shot that lasts about 10 milliseconds in the European version. This occurs as the goblins are chasing the Unicorns and in one extremely brief action shot you can clearly see four goblin riders running through the frame.

However, with the release of the Ultimate Edition DVD of LEGEND, we can now see the original opening to the film with Tic and the other three goblins at What are Blix, Pox, Blunder, and Tic saying in the original "Four Goblins" alternate opening footage found on the DVD?.

According to the LEGEND Press Kit production notes :

"Tic, the helmeted goblin, is played by MIKE EDMONDS. With solid background in drama, dance, acrobatics and mime, he has enjoyed steady work as an actor."

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