Where can I find the CD/Tape/Blu-ray/DVD/Video/Laserdisc/Script/Press Kit/Photos/Posters/Model Kits?


The Jerry Goldsmith and Tangerine Dream versions of the LEGEND soundtrack should both be available at most music stores. If you have trouble finding it, Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) has both available.

Audio Tape

The Audio tape of the Tangerine Dream LEGEND soundtrack should be available at most music stores.


The LEGEND Ultimate Edition Blu-ray should be available at most stores that sell Blu-ray discs. Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) has it for sure.


The Region 1 Ultimate Edition DVD of LEGEND should be available at most stores that sell DVDs. Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) has it for sure.

Other Regions : The versions of the LEGEND DVD for other regions are not the same as the Ultimate Edition. Most other regions have the European cut of LEGEND on them. Try checking the localized version of Amazon or your favorite website for DVDs to find the specific Region DVD of LEGEND that you need.


The American Version of LEGEND should be readily available in your local video store.

The European version and Television version of LEGEND are harder to find although I have two potential sources below.

The Director's Cut of LEGEND is not available on video.

(LEGEND Videotape - European Version Letterboxed)

According to Andrew King (legendletterbox@soundinternational.com)

"I bought the second (apparently, side 2 CAV version) French PAL Laserdisc at Virgin Records on the Champs Elyssies, Paris. I was able to use my older PAL UK full screen dolby surround Laserdisc to create a SVHS HiFi letterbox english language dolby surround copy. I have a professional standards converter, but am awaiting a repair of my HiFi NTSC/PAL/SECAM VHS machine. So I can at present do only a mono NTSC dub, but expect my HiFi machine to be fixed sometime soon!

So is there any point in offering HiFi eng. lang. letterbox dubs of this to readers of your page, or will everyone (including myself) be waiting for the DVD? I would charge £15 which is for NTSC or PAL, shipping and tape conforming costs.

Anyone interested can email me at: legendletterbox@soundinternational.com"

(LEGEND Videotape - Television Version)

John Pace (HopRom17@aol.com) has a copy of the Television version of LEGEND which is the American version of LEGEND with the following additions :


Finding LEGEND laserdiscs (American Version and European Version imports) is probably best done on EBay (http://www.ebay.com).


There are usually two versions of the LEGEND script running around. They are

Hard copies of both scripts can be found at Hollywood Book and Poster (http://www.hollywoodbookandposter.com)

Press Kit and Academy Award folder

The American and European press kit is now online :

What were the contents of the LEGEND press kit in America?

What were the contents of the LEGEND press kit in Europe?

Academy Award Folder for LEGEND's Special Effects Nomination

Cinema City
PO Box 1012
Muskegon, MI 49443
(616) 739-8303

"They prefer it if you call for availability of any items this old. The catalog is $3.00, but you can call them if you wish, they take credit cards."

According to (CCline9122@aol.com), "There was a limited number of Academy Award folders made for the movie calling for the nomination of best make-up effects. There were two articles, one was a two sided cast sheet.

One side had the American one-sheet art for the movie, the other side had the complete cast listing. The second article was a gate-fold folder that had a photo of Darkness (the photo from the American soundtrack cover) and a quote that stated "For your consideration."

Inside were several pictures of the characters and a few shots of the make-up process for Tim Curry, other shots included, Meg Mucklebones, Screwball, Lily in her gown, and Blix, as well as a short synopse of the film's complicated make-up work and mention of bot Rob Bottin and Peter-Robb King.

I purchased this folder for $15.00 from Cinema City and last I heard they still had a few left."


Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store, Inc. at http://moviematerials.com/. They have had, at one point, the following images :10 of Jack and Lili together, 9 of Jack by himself, 2 of Lili by herself, 4 of the faeries (Gump and Oona for sure), 2 of Mia and the unicorn, 1 of the goblins (Just Blix and Pox), and 1 of Ridley Scott.


Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store, Inc. has a LEGEND 1-sheet listed at http://moviematerials.com/catalog/l.html.

Dr. Z CINEMA POSTERS has a Legend poster listed at http://home.blarg.net/~dr_z/Movie/Posters/Reproductions/Legend_Rep.html.

Model Kits

According to Colby Blair : "I was just browsing the site, and was wondering if you knew about these model kits from Blix studios. I have attached two photos and a link to the site. I hope this info is useful. http://community-1.webtv.net/blixstudios/BLIXSTUDIOS/page2.html"


Check out these images of the new Darkness sculpture being put out my MacFarlane Toys. Thanks to Chris Deal for the info.

Legend is a Trademark and Copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. These images were originally found at http://www.spawn.com.


Swamp Witch mask found!

According to Laurie McDonagh (mcdonaghl@juno.com) :

"just today i was looking at halloween masks.....i came to a website and noticed in one of the mask sections that they had made an identical mask to the one meg mucklebones has.....i found this really cool.....if anyone is interested in getting one....go here.....the mask is named "Swamp Witch" (oddly enough...that's what meg is....)....anyway...i hope somebody looking for this mask is satisfied.....thank you.....later.....go here: http://www.deathstudios.com/swamp_witch_latex_halloween_mask.htm.


Monsters In Motion

A model kit (unpainted and unassembled) of Darkness can be found at a company called Monsters In Motion. Their phone number is (714)577-8863. Their web address is http://www.monstersinmotion.com. This information was discovered by John Guenther (JOHN2112@webtv.net)

To see a painted version of the Darkness statue, check out http://www.gremlins.com/jerry_buchanan/dark.jpg


Alternative Images

Image found at http://www.gremlins.com/servlet/Buildup?onView=1121.

Image found at http://www.gremlins.com/servlet/Buildup?onView=897.

"Darkness from LEGEND sculpted by John Cole. Limited to 50 kits. This 6 part 1/6th scale resin fantasy kit is $135.00."

To see the actual kit, check out the Alternative Images site at : http://www.gremlins.com/ai

Thanks to Chris Deal (nudeal@aol.com) for this information.


144 Nevins St.
Dunkirk, NY 14048
Catalog: $4.00

From: CCline9122@aol.com
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 15:50:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: legend models

There is another model on the market and I found it quite by accident. It's a 'Meg Mucklebones' model kit. Its made from resin materials and is a quality model kit. But it is a lot harder to assemble and paint than the Darkness kit. I highly reccomend it for fans of the film. It's produced by Dimensional Designs but the best way to order from them is through a company called Q-box. It's listed as 'Swamp Witch' on their kit list and runs for a whopping 150.00! But its worth it. Here's Q-Box's address. Q-Box 144 Nevins St. Dunkirk, NY 14048 Catalog: $4.00

There is a website called Dimensional Designs, located at http://www.dimensionaldesigns.com that has two different Swamp Witch (Meg Mucklebones) model kits. You can go to their web site and do a search on "Swamp Witch" or go to the following links for more information :

Swamp Witch painted by unknown, http://www.gremlins.com/servlet/Buildup?onView=206

Swamp Witch painted by Larry J. Brackney. http://www.gremlins.com/servlet/Buildup?onView=207

Thanks to Chris Deal (nudeal@aol.com) for this information.


Mooncrest Models

According to John Guenther (JOHN2112@webtv.net) :

"Here's that England based co. that carries the 1/3 scale darkness bust. The actual image is located at http://www.mooncrest-models.co.uk/darkness.htm.


Added a cool picture of two converted action figures that were turned into Jack and Darkness - can the person who sent this image resend the original e-mail so I have the rest of this information (mail to figment@figmentfly.com)? I seem to have deleted the original e-mail by accident.  


This image provided by Geoff (a.l.i.e.n@dial.pipex.com).

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