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The Fate of Tic

[Author's Note : This is the second short story I wrote about Tic. It is continued from the March 10th Script, where Blix, Pox, Blunder, and Tic are all walking through the bog where Meg Mucklebones is....]

Blix heard Blunder begin to babble as they walked on a large root through a bog. He whirled around to look at Blunder and he put his finger to his lips, "Shh!"

Blunder turned around and repeated the same gesture to Pox, whom was behind him, "Shh!"
Pox did the same to Tic. He turned around, putting a finger to his lips, "Shh!"

Tic had to do the same thing. He turned around, "Shh!" The four goblins made their way on a large root path in silence. A few ripples were made in the water by something unknown, which the goblins didn't see since it was dark and they were looking straight ahead on where they were going.

They had no idea that under the water was Meg Mucklebones, the bog hag that lived there. When they knew it was her in the water it was too late! She rose out of the dark water. Slimy green was the color of her skin and her black stringy hair was cluttered up and dripping from the bog water. She was like a monster to the goblins, a real enemy and something to stay clear of. The towering hag didn't waist time. Her long arms and claws stretched out, grabbing the nearest goblin, Tic. She went back under, bringing the goblin with her.

Tic uttered a loud cry of fright and help before he went under. His cry echoed in the dark night.

Under the deep water he went to become a meal for the hag. He frantically punched at the hag, which did no good.

Meg ignored the punches as her fangs and claws ripped into the goblin's armor and flesh.

Tic was losing air and fast! His spear was no match for the hag, whom was stronger than he. The pointed spikes on his head only helped a little. They didn't keep the hang from biting into his helmet though. He wished Blix, Blunder, and Pox were helping me. Maybe they were? Maybe she pulled them down too? He didn't see anything but darkness.

The goblin began to struggle more than ever as he felt something bite hard into his side, crushing into his ribs. He got his left arm free! Grabbing up to anything, he reached out and grabbed onto a root.

Meg saw this and clawed at his hand, hitting the root. The water began to get thick. Very thick.

Tic wondered if it was his blood? Was he going to die? He couldn't die like this! He clenched his teeth when he heard a loud screech under the water.

All of the goblin's thinking made him not notice that the hag's grip around him was very lose. He thrashed his almost limp body around and got free! Quickly, he swam up to the surface. His body ached with unbearable pain that whiskey could never make numb.

He surfaced with much luck on his side. He grabbed onto a root and pulled himself up. What had happened to Meg? What was that screech? He wasn't going to stay and find out. Limping, grunting, running, and panicking, he ran across a root to the shore. Which was he was going he wasn't sure. He only needed to get out of the bog!

Something coming out of the water was heard behind him. The hag let out a shrill cry at the sight of her prey getting away, this hardly ever happened! She wouldn't let that goblin get away. She dove back into the water and went for him. She was as fast as lightning streaking through the sky. She had no trouble on gaining onto the half limp goblin. She rose up again to take her rightful prey and eat it! This time he would be her.

Tic had reached to the solid ground. All he had to do was step a foot onto the ground. A clawed hand grabbed him around the ankle. He was being pulled back to the water. Her force, her grip was so strong.

The goblin reached out for anything and grabbed onto a low hanging tree branch for his life! Meg was grabbing for his other foot. He brought his right foot up, the one that was free and brought it down into the hag's face.

Meg swayed back and rose her left claw up into the air to drive into the goblin's waist to get him free.

Tic wished he could cry out for his three companions. He kept kicking his right foot as he felt his left leg about to be ripped out from its socket. He let go of the branch with his right hand and grabbed for his spear. He looked to Meg and smacked her as hard as she could with his spear and then drove the pointed end into her arm. The vision of the moth, that he had eaten before coming to the bog, came to his mind.

The hag was come down and bite him. His tongue flew from his helmet and smacked the hag in the eye when she got close enough.

Giving a growl of anger she swayed back with great force, letting go of the goblin.

Tic brought up his spear and brought it down onto her arms as she dropped him. He pulled him self to the land.

A loud blowing of a horn filled the dark air with an unholy sound to it. Tic got on knees and hands and began to crawl away from the bog. He had gotten away from being lunch but where was Blix, Pox, and Blunder? Were they eaten too? The goblin could only give a sniffle for his companions. He stopped crawling when he got far from the bog as he could get, which wasn't really that far. The blowing of the horn filled his mind, they were off to see Lord Darkness about a unicorn hair.
That had to be Blix, Pox, and Blunder. Tic gave a weak grin to himself as he stood up as best as he could. He leaned against a near by tree. His body ached even more than it did but it felt good to be free. He made his way slowly towards where the goblins had come from. A blur came to him as he walked in the dark forest. His legs could hardly lift, especially his left.

A low grunt came from him. Straightening up, he tried to walk straight and as if he wasn't hurt. If anyone found him like this it would be an easy attack. His body hurt so much he fell to his side and right into a big bush.

Light shined over the bloody, wounded goblin in the bush. This woke him up along with a loud munching noise. It couldn't be Meg! His body shivered with fear. Then he jerked up to find a reign deer eating the leaves from the bush.

The reign deer snorted loudly, turned, and ran off with fright. Tic gave a snort, too, as he got up. His body still ached from last night and his stomach grumbled with hunger. He started to walk again, limping on his way.

He had to have at least limped a mile until he stopped at a river. There he began to strip off his crushed, bloody armor. The weight of his armor being lifted off of him brought him a little comfort.

After he bathed from the water of the river, he just picked up his armor and dragged it away from the river and to his secret little hide out that wasn't too far away. None of the other goblins knew about this, since he did like to have some privacy once in a while and to get away from others. Actually, he never wanted to go away from Blix, Blunder, or Pox since that was where all the fun was at.

To his hidden place he went and got refreshed up. He put on the other set of armor that he had, just in case if anything happens to the armor he was wearing.

Soon he was dressed up in his fresh armor and was ready to go. He hardly dressed his wounds but that didn't matter. He went off towards where the four goblins usually gathered up at for a drink. The only reason why he went there was to go and meet up with the others.

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