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Kojg Territory

(Author's Note : This is the first Tic story I wrote, I did this one to see how well I could write with him so that I could Role Play him. (the other one I did [The Fate of Tic] was so that Tic could be alive and not dead. LOL )

The enchanted forest glowed from the sunlight that came through the cracks of the leaves. Each tree and plant had their own space. It was early spring and many blossoms of the trees and plants were blooming.

A few trails were seen in the dirt of the ground. Many of the trails were caused by animals and people. Though not many went into the west territory of Kojg.

The place certainly wasn't a place for anyone or anything but nightmares. Kojg was nothing but the nightmares' land. A place they had created to suit their taste and keep them happy.

Of course, usually once in a while someone would travel onto the territory on accident. It was never a pretty sight for someone to march onto their land. The lucky one this time was a short goblin, standing at five feet.

The goblin was covered in dark armor, head from toe. A line of sharp, pointed spikes came from his helmet, making a type of weapon. Though he had a loose dark cloth belt around his waist with a cat fur pouch. In the pouch was mostly poisonous darts. Strapped to his back was a dark maple spear, made from the finest wood around. No doubt about it, he probably stole it.

Tic was the name of this goblin. Whether he ticked people off or acted like a tic, it wasn't very known. The only true souls that knew about him were his three companions, Blix, Pox, and Blunder.

Where were his companions? He wasn't sure. He had traveled off in deep thought of nothing, it was unimportant things. Why didn't he have his name start with a 'b' like Blix and Blunder? Or why didn't his name start with a 'p' like Pox? Was Pox's real name Small Pox? There were lots of other questions that he thought about to himself.

Tic stood out from the other goblins. The one thing could only be found if anyone were to have a conversation with him. Yes, he'd hesitate to answer and reply. Besides begging terrible at tag or sword fighting, that's the reason why he has a spear. There is one thing he can do best at and win. The silent game. Born a mute he was.

Being mute never was a disadvantage to him. It was an advantage! An advantage from being knocked on the head by Blix, to hold back his words, complaints. To add it all up his helmet shielded any faces he was to make at anyone.

More into Kojg he went. Then finally he stopped in his tracks. Glancing around, he had no idea what this place was. Nothing looked familiar. He kept walking. What was a little adventure going to do?

In the silent forest, his armor made soft clanking noises as he walked. A long shadow suddenly casted over him, blocking out the sun. Dark shadow covered almost everything around him.

With his armor on and how it was design it wasn't easy for him to look up. It could be a dragon lingering up in the sky, looking for a meal like him. He gulped as he stepped back to look upwards some.

It wasn't a dragon after all. A sigh of relief came from him. All that was up there was a mutated unicorn. Long black leather like wings stretched out from its sides. Its coat was pitch black, black as ebony. Horns emerged from its forehead, not one but at least three. Long fangs traveled from its mouth, probably as big as a large troll's hand.

Nothing to be worried of. Tic shrugged it off and began to walk on his way again, in shadow or not.

A loud swirling of wind was coming behind him. Like an owl swooping down to catch a mouse with its claws.

He turned around to meet whatever might be hind him. Nothing. There was nothing there! The large shadow had even disappeared. With his good hearing, he could have sworn that he had turned something behind him. Could it have been an elf? Like that HoneyThorn Gump that he had heard stories of?

Slowly, he turned back around to only find a huge mutated unicorn flying his way at top speed. His silence couldn't help him now, not even making faces underneath his helmet. Pivoting to the right, he bolted off. Swoosh! The mutated unicorn missed him be pure luck.

Tic began to run through out the forest. He started to believe that messed up unicorn was no unicorn at all. It had to be something else. He could hear sharp neighs around him but he couldn't see any of the mutated unicorns.

He slowed down to a jog, his armor clanking with each movement he made. He wasn't very afraid but a little. To keep himself calm he simply pretended to be following Blix, Pox, and Blunder, even though he was always last in line.

The loud swoop was heard again. It was headed right for him. Luckily for trees, that would slow down the nightmare some.

Suddenly he felt a heavy weight on his head as he flew to the ground face forward. A loud cry of pain came from the mutated unicorn as it flew back up into the sky. What had happened? He quickly stood up to look around. It was retreating! He started to jog once again. Even though it was retreating it could come back for its revenge on being defeated by something... He didn't even lift up a hand and it was retreating. This was amazing, only if he could tell his companions on what had happened. He's sure that they'd be secretively amazed and impressed. Maybe he had some of that power the elves had?

Grinning to himself, he kept walking. Up ahead he could see a little wooden shaft. He made his way to the shaft at a slow pace. Anything could be in there. He wasn't very worried at all since that mutated unicorn had retreated.

When he got to the shaft, he opened up the door. The shaft was a bare one room place. The only other exit was a large hole in the ground with a stair case leading somewhere. Bravely, he went to the hole and down the stairs.

The area down stairs was lighted up and looked like a little village! It seemed deserted though. Either the ones that claimed this village was in side the wooden huts, out for a stroll, or dead.

Tic walked over to one of the huts slowly, to maybe get a peep into one of the open windows. The window was pretty high up above his head. He couldn't see a darn thing into the hut but the ceiling of it. A few flower pots caught his eye. Quickly, he got the flower pots and stacked them up by the hut's side and got onto them. A nice view he got. Underneath him a small sound of something breaking alerted Tic.

The goblin grabbed a hold of the ledge of the window for support. It didn't help him any. The flower pots broke under his weight and he brought half of the hut done. He fell onto his back hard with the whole hut wall falling onto him, he wasn't stuck though. The window part had fallen where most of his body was. His legs and feet were under the wall. He had no trouble getting free from the wall.

Blinking a couple of times, he suddenly knew something he could do. If all these huts were light weighted as the first and not very sturdy...then he could have a little fun. Fun in trashing the village up! There was no one in the first hut and no one heard all the noise it was making. He went into the large entrance that he had made and began to explore. They had to be on a hunt or gone traveling for a short time. There was fresh food on a small counter near a long table for a family.
This is where the fun began for the goblin. Flipping over tables, sticking food into his pouch. Each hut was the same but some had more things to smash about.

There was only around thirty huts. Tic got to each one, successfully. There was nothing left standing when the short goblin got through. He laid down a stack of hay. It probably took him nearly a few hours to do all the stuff he did. Happy thoughts began to fill his mind as he tried to think of a way to explain this to his companions some how. Just lying there, more time passed.

Loud laughter filled the air though it was low. Tic sat up. He must have dozed off when he was in deep thought. He hopped off the hay stack when he saw very tall humans coming down the stairs. He ran towards a garden that was towards the back. The garden, just like everything else, was a wreck and mess! He hid behind an apple tree that had grown down there. The tree was still standing but it was wounded from marks by the goblin.

The humans all gasped in shock to see their village turn into pieces! "Who could have done this!?", one man shrieked. "No one knew of this village but us."

Tic only blinked at what the human said. They should have hid the village better if they didn't want anyone to trash it. He grinned to himself. Standing there, behind the tree, was interesting and amusing to the goblin. He got to listen to all the gasps, shrieks, and yells of the angered and sad humans.

Though, this amusement didn't last long. He was getting restless and needed to get out of this place and get back home. What if Blix, Pox, and Blunder went off onto some hunt that he was missing out on? He couldn't miss out on the hunt.

He grabbed up onto a branch and broke it off. If he disguised himself as a tree, maybe he could run off and get away with everything he had done! It was the chance now since everyone was beginning to rebuild.

Putting the branch before him, he braced himself and took off through the center of the humans. The branch didn't do any help but attract the humans to look at him. Fingers began to point at the running goblin with a branch in front of him and soon the humans ran after him! Their long legs moved much more quicker than Tic's legs could ever move, especially with the armor on.

They were gaining up onto him. He couldn't out run them, if he tried to they'd probably pull an attack on him quicker than a goose could take flight.

Swirling around as fast as he could, he threw his arms opened wide. The branch in one hand and the other going for the spear strapped to his back. Pointing the spear outward, he began to run with all his might. To give him a little courage on this attack he began to pretend that Pox, Blix, and Blunder were going to fight, too.

He put his head down, spikes going out and he zoomed right through the crowd. Wounding many as he made his way through with his spikes, spear, and tree branch. They all backed off for only a moment and lunged for him.

The humans piled up. Some how the goblin found his way through the crowd and up to the top. He stabbed the spear into the ground and used it to help him get across the pile of humans.

He didn't get very far. The staff broke in two and sent the goblin falling onto one of the humans. The humans were so busy trying to grab at Tic, who they thought was at the bottom, that they didn't know Tic was really up at the top. He grabbed onto his spear and yanked it out of the ground, hitting several humans, including himself.

Then he took off. Getting to the stairs, he didn't even glance back to laugh at the humans. He zoomed up the stairs as fast as he could. Out of the shaft he could with his broken spear and branch in his hands.

The goblin ran through the forest as fast as he could. Victory was his that day. He was proud of himself, though there was just one problem. Well two. First, his spear was broken and second how was he to explain to the others what had happened?

It didn't matter anyhow, maybe one day he'll be able to get his little adventure out. Though, nothing could really top anything when he went hunting with them.

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