Where can I find more information on Lili's ring, Lili's White Dress, Lili's Black Wedding dress, Jack's costume, Nell's dress, and Darkness' costume?

This is an excellent question. I have gotten several e-mail messages recently from people wanting to create a costume like Lili's Dress or Darkness' costume, or have a ring made like Lili's ring. This is what I know :

Lili's Ring :

What would be needed for a ring? A close up picture of the ring? Has anyone ever had the ring made? Does anyone know of a ring maker who would be good enough to make a copy of the ring from a picture?

Here is one picture I have of the ring that I found at Fate Ravenglass' LEGEND Page - (http://www.lightsauce.com/legend/) which has several other pictures of the ring. Fate Ravenglass is actively looking to get a copy of the ring made.


The following "best guess" information was provided by a Legend fan about Lili's ring :

"It's the Light and the Darkness/Sun and Moon. The symbol of the whole movie. The one half, which looks black like Jet or Black Onyx (either one could be used) has a sliver of the moon (the fingernail moon) caressing the one side. The other side, which looks like Moonstone (my pick) or quartz has the rays of the sun radiating from it.

The band is a plain, probably 14K, gold band. With your picture from Fate's site, plus these specs, I'm sure any custom jeweler could make this ring for a fairly reasonable cost. Jet, Black Onyx, Moonstone and Quartz (not perfectly clear now, or it won't match the ring) are all very reasonable semi-precious stones. I own an onyx and moonstone ring and that's what got me to thinking about this in more detail."


The following e-mail from Vincenzo Lucibello (vpl2m@virginia.edu) has a few questions about the above description of Lili's ring :

"I am just writing to comment on the desciption given by the Legend fan above concerning Lili's ring. I would invite everyone to pay closer attention to the pictures of the ring given on both Fate Ravenglass' web page and http://members.tripod.com/~Umbriel/L/leges2.html. These images show two interesting features of the ring which I would like clarified. First, the band is not plain, but has a herring bone design. Second, around the light/dark stone, there seems to be some sort of red material which does not resemble gold. I don't really understand the nature of this material myself, and would appreciate some clarification."

Nightsky Bluewyrm (mooncrow@ix.netcom.com) had the following to say :

"I would guess that this is enamel. Note that also the piece of half-moon shaped metal that covers the stone on the ring appears to be coated in blue enamel."

Lili's White Dress :

What sort of information is needed to make the dress? Materials? Amount of materials? Patterns? E-mail Sean with suggestions/information at figment@figmentfly.com and I'll add them to this page.

There is a new resource for information on Lili's White dress called Cillistas' Legend Costuming Resource - (http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~aslider/).

Here is a resource where you can purchase Lili's white dress at http://www.yosa.com/catalog/fantasy/lily.html.

According to Jeni Gibbs (darksoul@mindless.com), she had a dress made for her wedding to look just like the white one that Lili wore. You can see pictures of Jeni in the dress at :

http://www.angelfire.com/tn/whitefantom/images/dress3.gif and


Contact Jeni at (darksoul@mindless.com) to get in touch with her seamstress if you are interested in getting one made.

This version (below) of Lili's dress was made for Tara (Tarazoo@aol.com). If you'd like information on the person who made the dress, drop Tara an e-mail.




The original dress worn by Mia Sara in the film LEGEND :

This image was found on the The Legend Glen web site.

Lili's Black Wedding Dress :

There is a new resource for information on Lili's Black dress called Cillistas' Legend Costuming Resource - (http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~aslider/).

What sort of information is needed to make the dress? Materials? Amount of materials? Patterns? E-mail Sean with suggestions/information at figment@figmentfly.com and I'll add them to this page.

Samantha Lynn (jeremiasd@earthlink.net) has some thoughts on Lili's black dress :

"I've been considering making a "Black Lili" dress off and on for a while now, just thought something I've observed about it might be worth noting: it's not entirely apparent from the JPEGs, but the front of the dress is not actually open (something the unknown homebrewer seems to have missed). If you look VERY closely, you can see a faint line across Lili's chest that I presume is the top of a panel of netting or some other extremely sheer fabric. I had been grappling for some time with the mechanics of how to construct a version of this dress that wouldn't go south on me at an inconvenient moment, so it was something of a revelation when I noticed that line... I'm thinking that since this is sort of like the sheer panels in some ice-skating costumes, perhaps the skating community would be a place to look for materials sources? Anyway, this may help somebody out there.

I *think* that the triangular "collar" is matte black satin glued over something about the stiffness of shirt-cardboard. An art-supply store might have the right sort of cardboards -- posterboard might be about right, and rolled-up it's about the size of the collar... Same material for the shoulder-pieces. What I'm not clear on is how the collar stands up, although I'm guessing that it's got a "flap" that goes down the back of the neck...

And has anyone got any theories on the throat-jewel? My guess is it's stuck on with spirit-gum, but I haven't got freeze-frame to be able to see the specific design of it... Of course what we *really* need is to find somebody with access to the production sketches, if they still exist..." 

More information about Lili's Black wedding costume (i.e. what holds the front of it together) from Heather (heather@blueroses.net) :

"This is regards to the Black Wedding Dress costume.... The material is called illusion. It is available in all sorts of flesh tones from pale pale to dark. It is commonly used in skating costumes, but also in wedding gowns. So any fabric store that carries a good selection of wedding gown fabrics should have it or be able to order it with no problem. It is a stretchy material. I used to compete in skating and used it many times in costumes."


The following information about another version of Lili's black dress came from Cassia (kuma@shaw.wave.ca) :


The following image was found on the The Legend Glen web site (No longer on the web).

Does anyone know who the person in the picture is?
It appears that they created their own version of Lili's dress quite successfully.


The following three images of Lili in her black dress are from the Legend Gateway (http://members.tripod.com/~Umbriel/LEGEND). Hopefully these images will be of some help to those who are trying to create their own black dresses.




Jack's costume

Maren (ELVENLINK@aol.com) asks :

"I was wondering if you might have any info on the outfit Jack wore when Lili wore her white dress? It looks like it is made of Dragon scales. I am getting married and I am wearing a version of Lili's white dress and my mate wants the outfit jack wore. Any help would greatly be appreciated....thank you :) "

What sort of information is needed to make the dress? Materials? Amount of materials? Patterns? E-mail Sean with suggestions/information at figment@figmentfly.com and I'll add them to this page.

Nell's Dress

Beth Morley (bjmorley@ozemail.com.au) asks :

"I am very interested in recreating Nell's dress and head covering. Does anyone have any information about this character's costume and how to recreate it?"

What sort of information is needed to make the dress? Materials? Amount of materials? Patterns? E-mail Sean with suggestions/information at figment@figmentfly.com and I'll add them to this page.

Darkness Costume :

E-mail Sean with suggestions/information at figment@figmentfly.com and I'll add them to this page. Here is a better picture I have of Darkness' costume (notice the cloven hooves instead of feet) :


Rob Bottin did the original makeup effects for LEGEND and designed the Darkness costume seen in the film. There is always the chance that he kept the original plans and/or some version of the makeup but we'd have to get in touch with him for information on that and the chance of that seems pretty slim. The only other thing I could suggest is getting one of the Darkness models which you could use as a basis for designing a costume.

I received the following information about the original Darkness costume from Jeff White (jawz68@yahoo.com) :

"I just thought I would give you some information to update your site. One of the questions asked was where is the Darkness costume from Legend.

Last week I purchased the original Darkness costume worn by Tim Curry in Legend. The Darkness came from a source overseas at a cost of almost $7000.00.The entire wardrobe,Facial prosthetics,hands,horns, and Tim Curry lifecasts were included.

It is my intention to offer Legend fans a full size accurate replica of the Darkness character in the near future. I'll keep you informed of any further details. Thank You."


Around the same time I received the following information from Fran (dfolic@icanect.net) about where it is possible to purchase a Darkness mask :

"Hi! I came across your site and thought I'd let you know that I have seen a "Darkness" mask head (very large) at our local Halloween Haunt called Annies' Costumes in Plantation, Florida. Area code here is (954) in case anyone is interested in following up. Cheers!" 

Updated information about the Darkness Mask from Chris Deal (Nudeal@aol.com) :

"In the question concerning a Darkness costume, the lady who said to try Annies Costumes and Magic in Plantation Florida, gave the area code and said to look up the number. I called (they have a website also).

The mask was in their window YEARS ago. It's not in production anymore obviously. I've been in contact with at least 20 costume shops, everyone says they remember the mask because it was so big(and cool) but they don't have it anymore. I'm still searching. I have friends searching in manhattan now. Its got to be there. Ill keep you updated if anyone has a stock of them."


The following image is an amazing fan created Darkness costume by Andy (war1@jps.net).

This is Andy (war1@jps.net) who sent the following e-mail about the Darkness costume that he and another person made :

"This Halloween (October, 1998) I will be dressed up as "Darkness" and I thought that this might be something for the FAQ.

In fact - pretty much the whole process has been documented and as soon as I get the pieces together. I will be posting this information on the web. Here is a sample of what it looks like - this was taken on October 2nd of this year."


According to Adrienne (GraceFalls@aol.com) :

Hello. I am a fan of your web site, and have visited many times. I just wanted to let you know that I saw the 'Darkness' mask from Universal Studios up on eBay. I am not actually affiliated with that auction, I just thought you might be interested. The auction ends in only 16 hours, so you might want to take a look, soon. *smile* Thanks for your wonderful web site.

LEGEND Lord of Darkness Halloween Mask Item #363940697

And this is what was found on Ebay incase the link above goes bad :

LEGEND Lord of Darkness Halloween Mask
Item #363940697
Collectibles:Holiday, Seasonal:Halloween
Currently$100.00 First bid $100.00


Big beautiful "limited edition" collectors Halloween Mask from the movie "Legend" starring Tom Cruise! This is a full over the head mask. It is the "Lord of Darkness" character played by Tim Curry! It was produced by Illusive Concepts for Universal Studio City in 1991. This is marked on the mask itself. It is no longer available. It is huge! The horns measure 3 1/2 feet across from tip to tip! The mask is in very good codition. No Tears or rips, a few nicks in the rubber here and there, slight fraying around the bottom, but otherwise in excellent condition. I have been told by collectors that the mask is worth $300, because it was a limited edition and of course no longer made, so I will open the bidding at $100, which is below the original price paid! Buyer can pay by money order or personal check (will need to clear). Shipping cost will be $15.00."


According to Sergio Guerra (michaelmeyers666@yahoo.com) :

"Hello, i was looking through the section in your faq About the darkness costume a while ago because i have Wanted to dress up like that for halloween for a Couple of years now. Seeing how i couldn't find a Mask/costume to buy, and the guy on your faq Unfortunately doesn't describe the actual construction Of his costume i thought i would give it a try. These Pics were taking with a very cheap logitech video Camera so please excuse the grainyness of the pics. I Still have some detail work to do (ex.. Eyes and ears) But still this was my rough draft to see if i could Get the face right.i had to make the horns smaller Because the sculpture wouldn't fit in the kiln when it Came time to bake it if i made them right. Anyway, the Reason i send these was because i have two friends That liked it and wanted to make them a mask so I Figured maybe somebody reading your faq might want to Also. If anybody wants to e-mail me with comments I Would really appreciate it even if you say it sux!!(I Will make the horns like the ones he has on the movie On the next one though and i will have to find out About licensing and other crap like that or how i can Avoid it)


 I received the following e-mail from (CCline9122@aol.com) about a Darkness costume sighting.

"I live in Florida and was at the '97 October Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando. They now have this Mardi Gras type theme going on during the shows where they have a monster parade with floats. To my shock, at the tail end of the parade was a float with an actor in full Darkness costume, make-up and all. The only difference was that his horns were shorter. Probably because of weight restrictions on the head. He was throwing beaded necklaces into the crowd! Beads! I coulddn't believe it. What was also more unbelievable was that there were four, yes four Blix goblins in complete make-up. I am absolutely positive on this, we took pictures but our camera was crap so they hardly came out. But they were all in complete make-up and costume, the goblins were all wearing different colored outfits and the color of the make-up varied from green to red but it was the real deal.

My suggestion is if one could they might try and e-mail or write, or even call Universal to find out if they can spare a few tips for your site. I don't know if that helped you but its worth a shot. Keep up the good work!"

If anyone does get in touch with Universal, let me know!


I received the following e-mail from (stormblix@juno.com) about another Darkness costume sighting.

"Sometime last Halloween I was just looking through the newspaper. I quite by accident found a picture of two girls in a costume shop. Now the thing that stood out was that one girl was wearing a Lord of Darkness mask. And indeed the caption read ,"-wearing a mask from the movie Legend". I visited that costume shop a few months ago (never did have the free time before) but the mask was gone. The clerk simply told me either they had sold the mask or it was out on rent. As soon as I get my ricketly scanner fixed, I'd be glad to send you a scanned version of the newspaper picture."

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