What music did not appear on the Jerry Goldsmith LEGEND score released by Silva Screen?

The following information about several cues that were left off of the Jerry Goldsmith LEGEND CD was provided by Paul MacLean, author of the liner notes to the Jerry Goldsmith LEGEND CD (Read his liner notes in What are the liner notes found in the Jerry Goldsmith LEGEND CD? and read his article The Music of LEGEND By Paul Andrew MacLean)

This "lost" LEGEND music can now be heard if you can find this bootleg "The Complete Score Jerry Goldsmith's LEGEND" See What versions of the LEGEND score are available on CD, Record, or Cassette? for more information.

"As far as I can tell, Goldsmith wrote maybe 80-85 minutes of music for LEGEND (I haven't timed it), not including cues which were abridged and re-scored in order to fit some of the cut-down scenes. Although the radical reduction of the film's running time took-place after Goldsmith left, a few music cues were re-scored or abridged and then re-recorded to fit cuts in the film which were made while Goldsmith was still working on it. For example, the faerie "wine drinking" scene, the shot of Jack and Lili approaching the stream to see the unicorn, and the final kiss where Lili is revived -- all were partly re-scored to fit the reduced timings (you can hear the differences if you compare the CD to the film).

Yes, there are a few cues which did not make it onto the CD. There's a wonderfully dreamy but brooding variation on the "Dress Waltz" for when Lili is followed by Oona through the hall of columns (replaced by the main title in the film). There is also a terrific little cue for when Brown Tom defends Lili from the Goblins, which juxtaposes the goblin motif with the faerie violin theme. Enormously clever (but sadly not used, replaced by the dungeon fight music, which was too heavy and overpowering). There's also a brief cue which opens with ethereal women's voices, then segues into diabolical male chants. I'm unsure of its place but I suspect it goes in the "You lie! Here is dawn...Get the mare!" scene. There's a teeny bit of music in the film after Gump says "at your service" which is not on the CD or any tape I have. Some day I must look into that.

Scott used library music and PSYCHO II in the kitchen scene, but my assumption is that he and Goldsmith agreed initially that no music was needed there, only for Scott change his mind later and add the other music (which to my mind was worse than nothing at all).

Silva Screen's CD was mastered from a DAT dub Mike Ross had of the score (which was the only surviving tape of the entire session -- the production company lost the master tapes as well as all of Goldsmith's written score!). I believe I have heard all the music which was on that tape, and I've heard nothing on it which would seem to fit with that scene. Still, from the moment where the faeries cheer Jack, and they discover the shaft which leads to the top of the fortress, it does seem like a moment in need of music. Its really hard to tell on this one.

I assume those cues were left-out to save space. The choral chant cue was probably thought too brief to make it worth listening to. I do miss the cue for when Oona follows Lili into the throne room. It really is wonderful."

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