What versions of the LEGEND score are available on CD, Record, or Cassette?


[1] LEGEND - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack : Music By Tangerine Dream

1985 Varese Sarabande
Compact Disc: VSD-5645



[2] Bootleg LEGEND Soundtrack : Music By Tangerine Dream

19?? by ??
Compact Disc: ??



This cd was once rumored to have been issued in Tangerine Dream's native Germany but nothing concrete has ever surfaced to our knowledge until now (5/8/99).

A bootleg (similar to the "Blade Runner" and "Excalibur" bootlegs from 1994) was said to be coming out in December 1994. It was said to be basically the same as the tape version except that there would be an extended piece on "The Unicorns" that was recorded live and was broadcast on German radio. The copies of this bootleg would probably have been *extremely* limited.

We thought this bootleg would never surface since Varese Sarabande has released an official version of the CD but we were wrong. Please don't ask me where to get this bootleg - I don't know yet.

According to Jeff Stevenson (greymane@kc.rr.com) or ICQ number (312642) :

I have 3 pieces of info on this bootleg :

1) On February 1, 1998 a German Radio broadcast called Radio Eins Electrobeats had Jerome Froese on as a guest. As part of the unreleased music he presented that hour was a different version of the "Unicorn Theme" from the Legend soundtrack. Instead of Jon Anderson singing they had a singer named Susanne Pawlitzki. There is a boot of this floating around.

2) There was an actual boot of the Legend Soundtrack made and copies of it also are "floating around". The boot is essentially the same as the commercial release but also includes 4 additional tracks from the movie plus a remix of The Unicorn Theme. It also has "outdoor sounds" all thru the disc and between tracks.

3) If you are really diehard into the music, there are a couple other variations on the Legend music.


[3] Legend: 20th Anniversary Edition - Tangerine Dream Bootleg

2005(?) by Orange Records
Compact Disc: ORCD-20011986

I took the track listing from this bootleg release and compared it to the official Tangerine Dream release and the official song titles are in ( ) :

1 - Prologue - NEW! From the opening of the film.
2 - Main Titles - (Opening)
3 - Nell's Cottage - (Cottage)
4 - The Unicorns - (Unicorn Theme)
5 - Goblin's Theme - (Goblins)
6 - The Gump Appears / A Toast To Love - (Fairies)
7 - Entrance to the Underworld / Lily Charmed - (Blue Room)
8 - The Dance - (The Dance)
9 - The Lord of Darkness - (Darkness)
10 - Kitchen Fight - (The Kitchen/...)
11 - Jack the Champion - (.../Unicorn Theme)
12 - Jack Versus Darkness - I think this is someof the music found when Jack fights Darkness - can anyone confirm this?
13 - Unicorn Theme - Loved By the Sun and end credits without the Jon Anderson vocals
14 - Unicorn Saga - Extra Legend music but I'm not sure from where in the film
15 - United Goblin Parade - This sone has nothing to do with LEGEND and was from a 1996 Tangerine Dream CD release
16 - Loved by the Sun - (Loved By The Sun)
17 - The Unicorn Song - Sung by Susan Pawlitzki (see bootleg above)
18 - Is You Love Strong Enough? - (Is Your Love Strong Enough?)
19 - Princess Lily's Chant - This is from the Goldsmith LEGEND soundtrack and it is all of Lili's songs together in one piece and it segues into the end credits
20 - Autumn - This song has nothing to do with LEGEND - I don't know where this track is from. ORCD-20011986

You can order this CD from the following website - http://majestyx.com/index2.html

[4] LEGEND : The Music of Jerry Goldsmith

1986 UP-ART
Compact Disc: 86002
Time: 46:40
(International soundtrack)


This is the compact disc version of the above vinyl LP. It is the exact same in content and it's cover is the same. There are pictures on the back of the LP cover that are not contained in the CD packaging. This CD is very basic, cover and CD and it's not available domestically.

[5] Original Soundtrack Recording LEGEND : The Jerry Goldsmith Score

1992 Silva Screen Records America, Inc.
Compact Disc: FILMCD045
Time: 70:54
(International soundtrack)

Cover: A picture of the two unicorns galloping down the stream.


[6] BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY: Music From The Films Of Tom Cruise

1994 Silva Screen Records America, Inc.
Compact Disc: SSD 1038
Time : (See below)
(American and International Soundtrack)

Currently available on "Born On The Fourth Of July: Music From The Films Of Tom Cruise" is one track from the Goldsmith score and one track from the Tangerine Dream score. Although the Tangerine Dream cut is a newly orchestrated version and not the original composition, this is a very close rendition with a few varying musical instruments. If you are fond of this score then I suggest seeking out this music collection.

[7] LEGEND (The Jerry Goldsmith Score)

1987 Victor Musical Industries (JVC)
Compact Disc : VDP-1269
Time : 46:40

Different cover art (pretty nice, at that) which has a rather nice collage of photos, same tracks as the Jerry Goldsmith Filmtrax album. Contains Japanese liner notes. I picked this up in 1989 from STAR in Pennslyvania for $40, the high price (most likely) reflecting that this was the first appearance of the album on CD. This information was provided by Andy Dursin. 

[8] LEGEND Director's Cut Special Edition (The Jerry Goldsmith Score) - ANNOUNCED BUT NEVER RELEASED - See Silva America's Release below

According to the Varese Sarabande webite site (http://www.varesesarabande.com/upcoming.asp), they are going to be releasing the Jerry Goldsmith LEGEND score on 12/5/00 (This did not happen - Sean) :

Director's Cut Special Edition
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

November 21 will be a busy day in video stores across the nation. Not one but two lavish spectacles from director Ridley Scott appear in deluxe DVD editions ... the summer blockbuster GLADIATOR and the long awaited 1985 fantasy epic LEGEND!

LEGEND was an extravagant screen fairy tale in the mold of the brothers Grimm. Tom Cruise stars alongside FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF's Mia Sara! THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's Tim Currey plays the Legend of Darkeness and tries to cloak the world in an everlasting dark and freeze to its core the magical world of unicorns, dwarfs, fairies and elves.

Ridley Scott is the hugely successful director of fantastic array of modern classics - Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise, and now Gladiator. LEGEND was released in 1986 and was not a particular success. However, what the world saw, and heard, was not, in fact, Ridley Scott's intended vision of the picture. During post production there was executive intervention. The film was drastically re-cut. Not only did the picture lose some thirty minutes of footage but, in a failed and misguided attempt to make the film appeal to a teen audience, what had already been hailed as one of the greatest scores ever composed by film music legend Jerry Goldsmith, was replaced with an electronic score by Tangerine Dream. To coincide with the DVD release of GLADIATOR, Ridley Scott has gone back into the editing room and rebuilt LEGEND in the shape he always wanted. On top of restoring the missing footage, Scott has restored the original, epic and magical Jerry Goldsmith score. Goldsmith's fantastic musical tapestry includes a huge symphony orchestra, an array of synthesizers, a massive choir as well as a few wonderful songs and dances. This is the official soundtrack release for Ridley Scott's restoration of one of his grandest productions. It features what is truly one of the greatest and most wondrous scores ever composed. Featuring deluxe packaging and over seventy minutes of music, the release of Jerry Goldsmith's LEGEND is one of the most exciting events of the holiday season!

Catalog #: 302 066 203 2
Release Date: 12/5/00

This release did not happen - Sean

[9] LEGEND (Original Soundtrack Recording)

2002 Silva America (rerelease of the 1992 Silva Screen Records America, Inc.)
Compact Disc : SSD 1138
Time: 70:50


The following review of this new CD came from Doug's Archive May 2002 located at : http://www.intrada.com/doug/doug0502.htm#legend.

May 14, 2002
Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
National Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus
Silva America SSD 1138
Tracks: 14 Time = 70:50

Ridley Scott’s visionary look at a world of unicorns and goblins makes it to British theaters at the end of 1985. What started out as a movie running more than two hours becomes something running around an hour and a half.  No one is happy.

Except soundtrack fans.  Jerry Goldsmith spins a masterpiece.

But there’s molasses with the honey.

Filmtrax issues an LP with appalling quality.  Unattractive jacket artwork, incredibly noisy pressings.  Goldsmith’s intricate, mesmerizing music is sandwiched between layers of noise and neglect.

Neglect is a keyword here.  Not only is much of Goldsmith’s work truncated in the movie, much of it is truncated on the record, too.  Virtually no notes accompany the album’s release.  Making matters most unpleasant, Goldsmith’s entire score is dropped from the American release of the movie.  Mellow pop strains by Tangerine Dream are used instead.

Shining some light, a CD appears.  Filmtrax retains the dull artwork, continues without sleeve notes.  But the noisy vinyl is replaced with a pristine CD.  If only the truncated contents had been addressed.

Fast forward to 1993.  Silva Screen issues an expanded edition of the Goldsmith score in new packaging.  Better sound, better artwork.

But American listeners are still saddled with the Tangerine Dream score.  Goldsmith’s music is still only available to audiences outside of the U.S.

It’s 2002.  Silva America issues the Goldsmith score to local fans at last.  A “director’s cut” of the movie with Goldsmith’s music arrives on DVD.

What a tapestry for music.  Darkness vs. light, timeless conflicts, enchanted forests, goblins, faeries.And, two unicorns.

Goldsmith launches with one of the most quasi-mystical “main titles” ever.  Synthesizer and strings paint an enchanted forest.  The music is distant, minor-keyed.  The atmosphere is soon broken by a noodling motif from the synthesizer.  A brief, rapid flutter of tones shaped around an open fifth announces the presence of goblins.  We don’t know they’re intent yet but Goldsmith implies.  Don’t trust them.

A haunting melody for young princess Lili (Mia Sara) graces much of the score.  It’s introduced at the start of “My True Love’s Eyes” (with lyrics by John Bettis) as Lili appears, singing, strolling.  Goldsmith gives it purity and innocence by keeping harmony exclusively in major.

Goldsmith creates a variety of themes in the score, more than customary.  Next up is one for the unicorns.  Their tune’s introduced gently in woodwinds during “The Cottage”, unassuming, then treated in full during “The Unicorns”.  It’s a spright idea, fanfare-ish in manner.

“The Unicorns” is significant.  In addition to their theme are Lili’s tune, the noodling goblin motif, significant chordal passages for orchestra and chorus, an important melody linking the unicorn horns with world peace.

Footnote.  On this release, as with the previous Silva Screen issue, an editing flaw cuts out the French horn fanfare that announces the unicorn motif early in “The Unicorns”.  Only the opening note and traces of the last note are heard.  The properly assembled track does appear on the original Filmtrax CD and LP.  This is not a fatal flaw, but it’s an annoyance that could’ve been corrected.

Lili’s melody occurs again under the title “Living River” as she sings near one of the unicorns.  Goldsmith juxtaposes her tune with the unicorn’s music.  When the unicorn is threatened, Goldsmith invokes a ferocious cry of French horns using the evil goblin motif.  A gentle melody (“Bumps and Hollows”) follows, sung by Lili to Jack (Tom Cruise) follows.  Darkness assumes control, the world freezes, Jack and Lili are separated.

A new idea is introduced for the faeries, little woodlanders who help Jack.  A descending line is introduced during “The Riddle”, becomes a dance-like song that the faeries intone during “Sing The Wee”.

The unicorn/peace melody carries “Forgive Me’.  Jack accepts the role of world saviour.

Yet another new idea is heralded during “The Armour”.  Heroic trumpet helps Jack gird for his challenge.  A weaving tune, it alternates major with minor, always plays on brass or upper woodwinds.

 “Darkness Fails” is a highlight.  Jack’s heroic theme literally does battle with darkness.  Brass punch out jagged figures, strings rip, drums pound.  Seven minutes of orchestral aggression.

In fact, Darkness does fail.  The unicorns return, Jack and Lili reunite, the world is saved.

“Reunited” closes the score with a reprise of several ideas.  The actual finish warrants singling out.

After using most of his themes, Goldsmith closes everything with two tunes at once, yet neither Jack’s nor Lili’s.  The final bars combine the unicorn/peace melody with a fragment of the faerie theme.  It’s quiet, profound.  Perfect.

Artwork from the original British one sheet is used for the packaging.  It’s the most attractive cover yet.  Liner notes reprise earlier Silva Screen text.  Contents (including the inexplicable edit) are the same.

The score is – of course – the stuff from which legends are made.

[10] The Complete Score Jerry Goldsmith's LEGEND - Bootleg

Thanks to James for bringing these DVDs to my attention.

2002 ???
Compact Disc : ???
Disk 1 Time: 46:29
Disk 2 Time : 45:56
Total Time : 93:25

Disc 1

01 - Main Titles / The Goblins (5:50) -[Source - Silva Screen Release]
02 - Frying Pan Fight (:52) - UNRELEASED
03 - My True Love's Eyes / The Cottage(5:07) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
04 - The Unicorns (7:56) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
05 - The Unicorns (Alternate) (7:56) - [Source - UpArt Release]
06 - Living River / Bumps and Hollow / The Freeze (7:23)[Source - Silva Screen Release]
07 – Darkness Chant (:43) - UNRELEASED
08 - The Faeries / The Riddle (4:57) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
09 - The Riddle (Alternate) (3:44) - [Source - UpArt Release]
10 – Hall of Columns (2:00) - UNRELEASED (This music would have played when Oona was following Lili through the Hall of Columns)

Disc 2

01 - Sing The Wee (1:14) -[Source - Silva Screen Release]
02 - Forgive Me (5:15) - [Source - Silva Screen Release]
03 - Faerie Dance (1:54) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
04 - Fairy Dance (Alternate) (1:47) - UNRELEASED
05 - The Armour (2:21) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
06 – Hall of Columns (2:30) - UNRELEASED
07 - Oona / The Jewels (6:44) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
08 - The Dress Waltz (2:50) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
09 - The Dress Waltz (Alternate) (2:52) - UNRELEASED
10 - Darkness Fails (7:32) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
11 - The Ring (6:32) [Source - Silva Screen Release]
12 - Re- United (5:23) [Source - Silva Screen Release]

[11] Music from the Motion Picture LEGEND - Re-recorded Score


Music From The Motion Picture Legend

Music Composed by Tangerine Dream

Produced and Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett



1. Prologue (2:28)
2. Opening (3:41)
3. Cottage (4:15)
4. Unicorn Theme (4:48)
5. Goblins (4:48)
6. Fairies (2:58)
7. Blue Room (3:58)
8. The Dance (2:19)
9. Darkness (3:10)
10. Kitchen Fight (3:26)
11. Unicorn Theme Reprise (1:45)
12. Jack Versus Darkness (3:29)
13. Unicorn Saga (3:52)
14. Loved By the Sun (6:27) Music: Tangerine Dream, Lyrics: Jon Anderson, Performed by Katie Campbell
15. The Unicorn Song (3:19) Adapted from “The Angel” by William Blake, Performed by Katie Campbell
16. Is Your Love Strong Enough (5:31) Music: Tangerine Dream, Lyrics: Bryan Ferry, Performed by Katie Campbell
17. Cottage - Alternate (3:19)
18. Unicorn Theme Alternate (4:42)
19. Fairies - Alternate (2:50)
20.Unicorn Saga Alternate (4:33)

Total Time: 74:07

Information from the Buysoundtrax website (http://buysoundtrax.stores.yahoo.net/lemufrmopiby.html):

"BUYSOUNDTRAX Records is proud to present a new recording of the score for the 1985 fantasy film, LEGEND, featuring music composed by electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream (SORCERER, THIEF, RISKY BUSINESS) for the fantasy film directed by Ridley Scott (ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, THE DUELLISTS), written by William Hjortsberg and starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and Tim Curry.  Tangerine Dream’s electronic music for the film is presented here in a new recording produced and arranged by composer Brandon K. Verrett.  

LEGEND is a visually stunning fantasy/adventure that takes place in a mythical forest inhabited by fairies, goblins, unicorns and mortals, where an epic battle of Good versus Evil begins to unfold. Tom Cruise plays Jack, a peasant boy in love,  perhaps tragically, with the beautiful princess Lili (Mia Sara). Jack and Lili become pawns in a much larger game as the Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry) exploits their relationship to reveal the location of the remaining members of the purest race in the world, the last pair of Unicorns. He dispatches his goblins to kill the Unicorns and claim their horns, so that he may claim their mystical power and bring about an everlasting age of Darkness. Jack finds himself forced to undertake a quest, to save Lili, try to prevent the death of the last Unicorn and defeat the plans of the Lord Of Darkness, or the sun will rise no more.

The music for LEGEND was a subject of great controversy in 1985. Initially, Ridley Scott had turned to composer Jerry Goldsmith to score the film, which would reunite them after their great success on ALIEN in 1979. Goldsmith responded by writing an enchanting, organic symphonic score emphasizing strings, woodwinds and choir, a score that the composer, the director of the film and many others felt was among Goldsmith’s best work. After a disappointing test screening, studio executives encouraged Ridley Scott to replace the music with something that would be more commercially appealing to the film’s expected youth market. Tangerine Dream had realized great success with their score to RISKY BUSINESS in 1983, another film aimed at the youth market and so they were hired to compose a brand new score for the film.

Tangerine Dream ultimately composed 80 minutes of music for LEGEND, using 35 different synthesizers, yielding a score that many feel is the group’s finest musical endeavor for film. Despite inevitable comparison between the two scores, the music that Tangerine Dream composed for the film was extremely effective and remains their most lyrical and complex work for films, from the delicate melody for Nell’s Cottage, the hauntingly fragile melody for the Unicorns, the crackling percussive motif for the Goblins and and the pervasive dark synthetic pulses associated with Darkness.

In the spirit of BSX’s fondness for reinterpreting significant film scores new musical presentations, composer/arranger Brandon K. Verrett has created a new performance of Tangerine Dream’s music for LEGEND, keeping an eye toward respect for their original performances and ear toward the sounds of today’s technology. With this new performance of the LEGEND score, album producer Ford A. Thaxton wanted to bring out the many beautiful elements that existed within Tangerine Dream’s music but could not be realized with the gear used in 1985, taking into account how much technology has changed in 27 years since the music was first recorded and giving it a fresh face, utilizing the modern digital instruments of 2012.

To prepare for the project, composer Brandon K. Verrett thoroughly studied Tangerine Dream’s complete score. His intention for the new recording was to stay true to the familiar soundtrack performances of the original score but to do so while retaining the freedom to put his own musical stamp on the presentation. According to the composer, “Those who are familiar with the original score will find subtle changes in tempo, musical gestures and timbre. Some of the interpretations may be found to be fairly literal. Other tracks seem to invite more development and exploration and with those tracks, I allowed myself to explore Tangerine Dream’s material and to paraphrase using my own compositional vocabulary.” While the original score was composed largely on synthesizers, this new recording of LEGEND retains the original organic concept of the instrumentation, augmenting it with violin, erhu, piano, guitar, voice, cello and other exotic instruments, carefully molded to bring the music alive. This mindset extended to the songs featured in the film and this new recording of LEGEND also includes new presentations of the classic songs “Loved By The Sun” and “Is Your Love Strong Enough”, featuring the voice of singer Katie Campbell.

Brandon K. Verrett’s formal musical training began at age 11. After having discovered an interest in composing while in middle and high school, Verrett continued his studies at the University of Lousiana-Monroe, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in theory and composition. He also holds a graduate certificate in Scoring For Motion Pictures And Television from the University Of Southern California. Verrett’s scores have been featured in films for theatrical and television releases and have also premiered in both local and international festivals. In addition to composing, Verrett’s arrangements and orchestrations can be found in films such as PRIEST, DRAG ME TO HELL, UNTRACEABLE, THE INFORMERS and many other films.

BUYSOUNDTRAX proudly presents LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE, featuring a new exciting recording of music composed by Tangerine Dream, produced and arranged by Brandon K. Verrett, featuring vocal performances by Katie Campbell. LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE includes exclusive liner wrotes written by noted author Randall D. Larson, detailing the history of the film’s music and new comments from composer/arranger Brandon K. Verrett related to the development of the project. LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE also features striking front cover and rear tray artwork produced by noted artist and illustrator Jerry Bingham (BATMAN: SON OF THE DEMON, BEOWULF) that is exclusive to this release.

LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE is a limited edition release of 1500 units. The first 100 units ordered from our website will include a booklet signed by composer/arranger Brandon K. Verrett and singer Katie Campbell."


[1] LEGEND : The Music of Jerry Goldsmith

L.P. : MOMENT 100
(International Soundtrack)

Cover: Close-up of Darkness with a playful smile.



(I was told at the time when I purchased this LP (1987) that it was a very limited pressing by Goldsmith himself. - Tony)


[2] Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack LEGEND by Tangerine Dream.

Album : MCA-6165

(American Soundtrack)

Cover: Darkness standing posed with eyes closed, holding staff.



[3] Jerry Goldsmith Legend (Original Soundtrack) Vinyl DLP.

Legend Vinyl Cover Legend vinyl two disc

2015 Silva Screen (https://silvascreenmusic.greedbag.com/buy/legend-vinyl-dlp/)
Album : SILLP1492

(International Soundtrack)

Cover: Darkness holding the Alicorn

Ridley Scott’s 1985 cult fantasy film LEGEND famously starred a young Tom Cruise, had two soundtracks and was represented by one of the most iconic looking horror bad-guys in the history of cinema, known as “Darkness”. The original Jerry Goldsmith score was preferred by Scott and was used in the Director’s Cut (2002) including several songs: “My True Love’s Eyes”, “Living River”, Bumps and Hollows”, “Sing the Wee” and “Reunited”.

The extended version of the soundtrack makes its vinyl debut on this Special Edition release, using amazing original artwork by artist Vance Kelly, who has also designed a Limited Edition poster, released simultaneously and available from The Flood Gallery

Thanks to Gerald Müller-Bruhnke and Bryan Coleman for this information.




1. Faerie Dance   
2. The Armour   
3. Oona/The Jewels   
4. The Dress Waltz   


1. Darkness Fails   
2. The Ring   
3. Reunited


[1] Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack LEGEND by Tangerine Dream.

Tape : MCA-6165
(American Soundtrack)

Cover: Darkness standing posed with eyes closed, holding staff.



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