A Text based adventure game for  the Coco!
My Favorite CoCo game
Dedicated to all of us that needed help with this game and never found it anywhere!
Help is finally here!  I spent many nights trying to solve this game only to quit in utter frustration vowing to never EVER try it again.  After months of playing and saving to cassette, I finally managed to get 5 of the spells in one game and was on my way to solving the game when I died somehow.  Wow I had just saved it a few minutes before so I thought,hey no prob.. I will just load my save game.  How wrong I was!   I tried to load the game only to find out the save didn't take to the cassette! I was devastated.  The Heck with it I said.  Now here it is several years later and I am back to solve the game once again!  Now that there are emulators and reliable ways to save the game it shouldn't take too long.. I hope!  If any of you out there solve the game or can think of anything I haven't included, please drop me a email at Good luck!
You need to find areas where it says 'The Air Is Crackling With Enchantment'. To get the first spell VETAR you will need the Food and the Mushroom.  To get the second spell MITRA, you will need the Parchment and VETAR, the first spell.  I can't remember what you need to get for the other spells.

So far I have found the following items:
Lamp  Talisman  Mace  Sword  Shield  Urn  Spellbook  Rope  Food  Basket  Scepter  Crown  Ruby  Powerring  Lightring  Truthring  Parchment  Bottle  Diamond  Ax  Flute  Mushroom  Dagger  Pendant  Powder  Tablet  Scarab  Tiara  Goblet  Vial

(1)  Having a Map (one that you make) is a MUST!.  Navagating this place is insane without a map. Sometimes you get randomly teleported into another room so it helps to be familiar with the room descriptions.  So far I have mapped out most of the game.  Still have a few places to check.

(2) I got the Shield when I had the following items: Food, Bottle, Dagger, Flute, Mushroom, Lamp, VETAR.  I am not sure what the 'official' items are yet.

(3)The Bottle contains water that you can DRINK and then you can also FILL the bottle whenever you see a pool.  Drinking water will restore some of your health points.  Type SCORE to check your health points and total score

(4) If 'A Magical Force has pushed you out of this room', it deducts health points everytime you try and re-enter the room you were just in.  Best bet is to turn the lamp off if it is on, and wait until 'The Ground Is Shaking!'.  Sometimes you have to wait longer or start a new game!

(5) If you get lost in the maze, turn off your lamp and just wait while you check your map.  The lamp will run out of fuel if you use it too much.  If you find the URN you can REFILL the lamp.

(6) If any exits become BLOCKED, wait until 'The Ground Is Shaking!'  comes on the screen.  This sometimes clears the blocked passages.  The manual says if you have CROM you can unblock the passages OR type BACK to take you back to where you just were.  You have to type it pretty quick though.. it doesn't work after 15 seconds.

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NEWS: I am constantly trying to play the game here and there when I get time and I am constantly  getting new clues from the ORACLE so I have decided to put the clues on another page click ---> ASK ORACLE <---  to go there.  After playing this game a little bit here and there I am starting to understand my frustration back in the old days... it seems that when you have the items you need, the program recognizes this and you get nailed with different things right when it is the worst possible time.. FRUSTRATING!!!  Thank goodness for the save option with the emulator!  Also , whenever I run into any monsters the emulator will freeze and lock up the game and sometimes my pc.. Yikes!
Updated 09/05/04
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