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(8) If you try and JUMP the Great Pit , you will die unless your health points are 255.  If you have too many objects and you JUMP anything, you will always drop one or more of them.  Sometimes it will say ' You have stumbled and fallen. ' which takes away health points.  If you RUN anywhere you usually will drop one item also.  The lower your health points, the less you can carry.
(9) Use the ROPE to TIE HYDRA.  You can KILL NYMPH, but I can't remember how.  You can also PLAY FLUTE.  The PARCHMENT has a musical score on it.  You can EAT the mushroom but don't do it until after you get VETAR.  I don't think the items re-spawn in this game so be careful with the items and use them only when you need them.
(10) Most of the pits in the game can be JUMPed.  Try these if you get stuck:
      (a) JUMP PIT  (b)  JUMP  (c)  JUMP UP
I have used all of these and they work
(11) If 'The walls of this room are a strange color!', turn the LAMP OFF and then LOOK.  You will be given a random item.  Usually you get a treasure when you do this.
(12) If 'A powerful gust of wind has blown the lamp from your grasp!' happens to you don't panic.  Save your game right away and then look on your map to see what the surrounding rooms are.  The lamp will always be one room away.  GET LAMP in the different rooms until you get it and then turn it back on.  You may need to reload a time or two as walking around in the dark in this game tends to kill you quite easily
It has been a long time since I have been able to get in here and update this page.  Thanks to all of you have written about Minotaur!  I have included a few more pages that list the info I have collected.  SPECIAL THANKS to David Nothnagle who provided maps, hints, etc.

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